To Defeat The Media, Stop Playing Their Game

Having recently realized that the feckless Democrat party would cease to exist without the powerful media’s support, I’m now thinking about how to animate that realization with action.

I’ve written several times recently that we on the right must start saying it out loud…

The mainstream political news media are more than just biased. They are the most dishonest and powerful political force in our nation, and we must stop wasting our time on Democrats and start focusing 100% of our time and energy on the media.

As I continued over the months refining and trying to articulate the point, I grew frustrated that no one beyond the grassroots seemed to hear it or care. But yesterday I finally got a bite when Mollie Hemingway tweeted out my latest piece on the subject.

As expected there was solid support from many who said they feel the exact same way: The media is much more powerful than the Democrats, and as such deserve a lot more of our focus and firepower than they’re currently getting.

President Trump is taking it to them, and that’s great because before him we just had wimps like Romney and Sasse who would scold us every time we brought up media bias.

The typical refrain…

The media isn’t biased. They are wonderful people doing important work and we should all be thanking them for that. But even if they were biased, no one likes a crybaby. So we shouldn’t talk about that.

The truth was, the Romneys and Sasses of the world were too afraid to actually call the media out. Even though ink today is effectively free and has been for nearly two decades, these establishment GOP swamp types still operate in fear of “those who buy ink by the barrel.”

So it’s great that President Trump is leading by example and not only not backing down to the media’s attacks, but calling them out for their partisanship and dishonesty. But President Trump isn’t the person who needs to lead this charge. He has to work with and respond to Democrats. It’s the nature of his job.

This war that focuses solely on the media must be waged by the grassroots along with our own conservative media, with only tangential support from those in the GOP who have the courage and foresight to help.

What I’ve called for in previous pieces is a sea-change shift in focus. I’ve said we should stop dignifying the notion that the Democrat party deserves to be taken seriously, and instead put all of our time and energy into calling out the media who support them while attacking us. I’ve also noted that the most critical aspect of this endeavor is to put the media on notice: to make sure they understand that we see them, and we’re done playing their games, and will now contribute nothing to the conversation other than exposing them for their bias and dishonesty.

An enormous part of this push is to make sure everyone in the media knows that it’s happening. Every person at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, the Jeanne Cummings wing of the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, USA Today, TIME, NPR and the rest — every reporter, host, producer, editor, columnist, journalist, advertising executive, social media team and marketing manager — the entire institution must be made aware that we no longer take the Democrat party seriously because we know if not for the flagrantly partisan media that supports them, nobody else would either. The entire institution must be made aware that it’s no longer Republicans versus Democrats. The full force of the American right, starting today, will ignore the Democrat party entirely and instead focus all of our energy and resources on calling out the media for their partisanship and dishonesty.

If someone read that paragraph out loud in any newsroom in America, you’d hear a pin drop for a solid 5-count afterwards. The fear would be palpable because they know they deserve it and some have even been expecting this day for some time now.

That’s the gist of what I’ve spent months trying to hammer home. And again, thanks to Mollie Hemingway tweeting one of my pieces out yesterday, at least one iteration of it finally hit the conservative ethos. But there’s more to be done than just articulating and then amplifying the point.

If we all took this tact, our job in the grassroots is pretty easy. All we have to do is stop talking to and about the Democrats, and instead talk only to and about the media. (And for anyone interested in improving their skills when it comes to exposing media bias in 2019, please read this: Critics Of Media Bias Must Get Better At Defining & Exposing It.)

The much harder role would be for conservative media. They need content — and a lot of it — to keep their lights on and stay in business. And it pains me to say it, but many of the most powerful people in charge of conservative media couldn’t care less about the actual cause. It’s all business for a lot of them. But if there were any heavy hitters in conservative media out there who truly care about winning the same way their audiences do, they might consider this as a blueprint for reorganizing the focus…


One team — consisting of writers and video editors — committed solely to monitoring the news networks. They would work in shifts. So one writer/video editor team would monitor two hours of news, and then document all the dishonesty and partisanship in an easy-to-digest write-up with a 3-5 minute video mash-up. While they were preparing their write-up and video, another writer/video editor team would be monitoring the next two-hour block. Rinse and repeat. You’d want teams monitoring both CNN and MSNBC. You’d also need teams doing the same for the network news broadcasts (AM and PM). At the end of a 12 hour day you’d have a full accounting of all the dishonesty and partisanship that happened across every news outlet. And it could be further compressed as one final wrap-up piece or newsletter, easily shared so the media know we’re watching and capturing not just one-off hits — but their every transgression.


Another team — your investigative-minded people — will, for example, chase down media figures and challenge them on their partisanship and dishonesty. They’ll get it all on camera. They’ll find them on their way to work, or when they’re at lunch, and they’ll “speak truth to power” while soliciting accountability and/or comment on documented transgressions. They’ll chase down anything they can to expose the media’s chummy relationship(s) with the left. You’d get undercover interns or budding new hires actually in those newsrooms to bring back evidence of bias. You’d dig in to family ties and out-of-office friendships between media figures and those they report on. You’d do prominent profiles in drip-drip-drip series on the media’s biggest names to document their lifetime of commitment to leftist endeavors.


Your core team of journalists and writers will do more prominent spreads on the greatest hits bubbled up by your writer/video editor teams who are monitoring and documenting televised media. This team will also track print media and document/expose bias and dishonesty from media figures on social networks. They will also, sometimes in tandem with the investigative team, take on the social networks themselves when those opportunities manifest in meaningful ways.


You might even have a team that tracks advertisers for all the legacy print and television media, and publishes contact information for those advertisers so your own audience can share their feedback.


Finally, you’ll have a news team whose number one objective is not to be swayed by “what’s trending.” This team will have blinders on with respect to what the rest of the media is talking about. They will select stories that have actual merit, instead of chasing the stories that the massively powerful and enormous liberal media want everyone focused on. And the vast majority of the time, this team’s work will be secondary to the rest of your teams’.

Why will the team focused on politics be secondary to the rest, you ask?

Because what’s in the headlines isn’t actually the most important story of our time, and hasn’t been for decades. The most important story is that the people who write the headlines are liberal propagandists who — consistent with their leftist bedfellows — do exponentially more to divide and destroy our nation than they do to unite and empower it.

And they need to be exposed and held accountable for that.

And we need to start saying it out loud.

And after we say it out loud, we in the grassroots need to follow it up with a disciplined commitment to ignoring the increasingly ridiculous “stories” they foist on our nation. No more playing their game. No more chasing their shiny objects. No more pretending we need the full weight of our conservative media to refute accusations that Donald Trump is a Russian spy. No more furious debating about the criminality of phrases like “I need a favor.” No more weeks-long outrage over their insistence that 30-year-old hearsay by a bad-faith adversary amounts to a “credible accusation.”

We have to learn to ignore what they’re trying to push on us. And once we have a handle on that, we have to continuously improve at calling out the media for their bias. So when Resistance Jake Tapper tweets “BREAKING NEWS: 174% of Americans believe Donald Trump is a racist!” — you say, “Nobody believes you anymore. Because you characterize every story from an anti-Trump perspective. And you’re hurting our nation. You’re the threat now. We don’t care about Democrats anymore.” The tact must deliberately ignore whatever their headline is, and turn the ire/focus directly on the media.

And then, if we’re lucky, maybe some of our conservative media heavy hitters will follow suit. And maybe President Trump will hear about and endorse the effort even though he personally does still have to engage with Democrats, because it’s just the nature of his job.

But as for we in the grassroots — and the handful of conservative media outlets we like and respect — it’s not our job. In fact, to the contrary, our job now will be to ignore the Democrats and focus instead on the only thing that keeps them viable: The mainstream political news media.

I’d been ringing that bell for several months. This was my first attempt at carving out what it might look like in action. If we pulled this off, then eventually we would become the story. This would become the story. If the largest and most dedicated political movement in our nation turned its every waking effort on ignoring the Democrats and focusing instead on the massively powerful mainstream media who support and enable them, that would be the story. And it wouldn’t go away until the media fixed it by draining their swamp and restoring objectivity, fairness and honesty to the still important yet currently discredited Fourth Estate.


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  1. OK, what do you propose to do about it. We are all in violent agree with what you propose and want to help, but give us a way to deal with it. I don’t see any ideas to go after them . We need to go after their money stream, Their adverting seems like a good place to start. Give us a list and a form letter for us to attack. Otherwise it is just another “brilliant” idea without any teeth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is the best way forward for our country. We will need to volunteer and organize regional/local groups and form a communication stream between the groups. A central group should be built to collate and direct releases and actions to expose the biased reporting and the impetus for each instance. This is initial brainstorming, and the effort will not be small.
      I am not a professional journalist, nor legal or government expert. I can offer logic, but due to my limited knowledge of processes, political/media/gov I am only valuable for formulating solutions based on input.

      If someone can come up with a central communication device that does not utilize left wing social media resources we can start moving forward with a concerted effort that is not banned or shut down.

      Any ideas are welcome, all concerned citizens need to be involved in this or we will be crushed and our country lost.

      Think of the efforts the left is using and the little we do as we rely on single “heros” to uphold our liberty.

      In essence we bring a knife to a gun fight if we don’t fight for our liberty.

      Perhaps coded messages in Craigslist or a similar message board could be used. Perhaps someone with money could anonymously build out a useable platform for exchanging information by leveraging a corporation name registered in a state/country that has adequate secrecy of board member identity.

      I’ll watch this thread for responses. Share this article far and wide as if your life depended on it.

      And last but certainly not least, we need to remember that God is in control. If we are succesful or unsuccessful, it is God that will require justice and our love of that justice will provide adequate petition for our Lord and Savior to act in our defense.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The part in your reponce about somebody willing to finance this endeavor with some over sight, would certainly be a starting point. A 501c possibly. We need to reach out to our own wealthy donors who love this country as much as we do. Yes I am speaking about confidently agreements and scope of work laid out. Produce a mission statement we can deliver to the wealthy. Yes the foot soldier should be paid. Just some thoughts. Thank you for sharing your vision on this all important crisis facing God loving Americans. The MSM is evil indeed!


  2. While I agree with your foundational sentiments wholeheartedly, I wonder if the proposed tactics address the real problem, i.e., the willingness of the majority of the population to swallow the tripe shoved down their throats. More than willingness, it’s a pathological need to constantly check one’s phone, to leave the 24 hr “news” shows running, to spend an inordinate amount of one’s life scrabbling to “be informed.” To paraphrase Voltaire, “It is hard to free fools from the chains which they revere.” I wonder if it isn’t impossible.


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