Conservatives Will Help Make ‘Transcript Gate’ A Months-Long Story

Our most powerful voices in conservative media are about to spend the next several months insisting that the release of the transcript should be enough, while the far more powerful mainstream media will say we still don’t know anything about that phone call because the whistleblower’s actual complaint was never released.

The whistleblower will testify in a closed session and virtually every element of his/her testimony that could be viewed as damaging to President Trump, will be leaked.

That still won’t be enough.

The media will insist that because the whistleblower’s full complaint wasn’t released, the American public still don’t have any idea what actually happened — and we’re at risk of losing our nation to Russian Ukrainian influence.

And then the whistleblower complaint will be released…

…and it will reveal nothing new…

and the media will pretend none of this ever happened.

It will have been a solid 6-12 months of sewing doubt in the minds of the recreationally-engaged American electorate with respect to President Trump’s integrity and behavior in office.

It will have consumed the overwhelming majority of their broadcasts and headlines.

It will be literally the only thing that allows the Democrats to continue panting and heaving in their bad faith investigations that amount to nothing more than a series of abuses of power aimed at weaponizing their authority to hurt a political opponent.

And it will all just go away whenever the media decide they want to let it go away.

Most depressingly, Republicans along with the conservative media will spend the entire time playing catch-up and dignifying every new, pathetic twist and turn.

Because none of them get it.

None of them get that the media control the national dialogue and narrative attached to it, and/or the enormity of that power and degree of our focus it merits.

And having tried 5 times now to help them understand, I’m done explaining and will just refer you back to this piece…

Our Real War Is With The Media, Not The Pathetic Democrats

Read that piece. And get your head around this reality: It’s less about changing the way you think or what you do, and more about letting the US political news media know that we now recognize them as the true source of opposition to the Republican party, and the true source of strength for the Democrat party. It’s about aiming our fire and ferocity where it belongs, and no longer pretending that the Democrats would have any power at all if it weren’t for the media who prop them up while attacking the GOP. This is what we must do right now if we want to win the war for our nation’s future. If we don’t do this, then all we’re doing is banging our heads against the wall and playing catch-up. You’ll never win the Superbowl by staying home on Sundays while dutifully showing up every Wednesday afternoon to scrimmage with NFL practice teams. But that’s exactly what the GOP and conservative media are doing every minute they continue pretending that the media as an institution isn’t the sole source of the Democrat party’s power in 2019.


I really wish President Trump held off on releasing the transcript. He should’ve let the media and Democrats stew in yet another bad faith investigation predicated on nothing more than their childish inability to cope with the results of the 2016 election. And then after a few months of letting the media and Democrats whip their base into a pearl-clutching frenzy over their hilarious conspiracy theories and daily panic attacks — then and only then release the transcript like a giant vat of rancid eggs all over their smugly faces.

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  1. This impeachment business and the fact that Brexit wasn’t allowed to happen is evidence that electoral democracy has failed to produce real freedom, and that since we’re ruled by unelected bureaucrats anyway, we may as well opt for a benevolent dictator who has our best interests at heart instead of wasting time voting when our votes are nullified anyway


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