Our Real War Is With The Media, Not The Pathetic Democrats

If you believe that in America we should judge people by content of their character rather than by the diversity of their identity, and that our government should put America first, then you must recalibrate your ferocity so it’s directed at the media instead of the Democrats.

The Democrats are a joke. And they have been for decades. Ever since they lost the ability to literally enslave (1863) and segregate (1964) black people, the Democrats have had to lie about their platform in an effort to recoup their power.

Today, most often, that means they’re working hard to metaphorically enslave and segregate those black people. And more recently brown people (Hispanics), women, gays, and now Muslims as well.

But no matter who they’re targeting, the Democrats have to lie about virtually everything they want: From environmentalism, to the Second Amendment, to equity in the tax code, to healthcare, social progress, racial parity, and immigration — on literally every issue the Democrats have wildly out-of-touch and anti-American beliefs that they’ll never admit out loud, and instead couch them in feel-good packaging that their often well-intended but incredibly gullible base believe to be sincere goals. (We outlined in a previous article some of the reality versus the packaging in greater detail, and you can read that here.)

And since this is our fourth attempt at getting amplified voices on the right — conservative media, Team Trump, the GOP, etc — to embrace and assert this sea change shift in focus, this time we’re going to keep it very simple.

Without the mainstream political news media promoting them and attacking their opposition — the feckless, pathetic, and persistently-bigoted Democrat party would be a distant memory. As such, we must stop pretending that the Democrats are the real threat to our nation’s progress and unity.

They aren’t.

The Democrats are a joke.

The media who promote and defend them are the real threat.

And we need every voice on the right to start saying this out loud. And we need them to keep saying it for months if not longer until everyone, including and especially the media, know that it’s our position. We need everyone in our nation to know that we’re not interested in a correction from NBC News. We need everyone to know that we couldn’t care less about one racist at a time being fired from The New York Times. We need the people of America to know that we’re not impressed when CNN does a 30-second segment about how it’s wrong to violently attack someone just because they’re wearing a MAGA hat.

None of these stupid, tiny, one-off spats matter even a little bit when compared to the larger issue at hand.

And that issue, in just a few words, is this…

The modern American Left is working diligently to metaphorically enslave and segregate our nation based on identity (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc). They are literally teaching your children in our schools that it’s a virtue to judge everyone — themselves and others — first and foremost based on the color of their skin. Moreover, they hate our nation with a passion. They hate everything about us. They hate our founding. They hate our history. They hate our present. (If you think “Black Lives Matter” must be stipulated to start a conversation in America, and at the same time claim to love our nation, then you’re a liar and a coward.)

They are dividing our nation in the most hateful and destructive ways possible, and successfully painting those who oppose them as the real purveyors of our nation’s division and despair.

And how are these idiots and liars able to pull off such an impressive feat?

Because, but for a few voices on Fox News and AM talk radio, they’re getting 24×7 cover from the massively powerful mainstream political news media.

We must stop pretending the Democrats are strong. We must stop dignifying the idea that the Democrats are capable, or that the true objectives behind their bigoted and dishonest platforms are in any way attractive to the American electorate.

Our fight isn’t with the Democrats and it frankly hasn’t been in most of our lifetimes.

Our fight is with the mainstream political news media who use every shred of their air time, bandwidth, and print real estate to defend the Democrats while attacking those who oppose them.

It’s not good enough to read this piece and nod along. And it sure as hell isn’t good enough to go after one dirtbag at Politico, or The Washington Post, or ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the Jeanne Cummings wing of the Wall Street Journal, the AP or any of the others for their one-off transgressions.

The entirety of the media institution merits the entirety of our ferocity.

And we need our most amplified voices to start saying it out loud.

We have to start saying out loud that the Democrats are a joke, and the real fight is with the media. That has to be the first sentence to our new beginning in winning the future of America. And we have to repeat it for several months if not longer until everyone — especially the media who currently escape the scrutiny and shame they deserve — understands that that’s our position.

And anyone who doesn’t do this might as well do nothing at all. Because as long as we pretend that the Democrats have a fighting chance in hell without the media who enable and support them, they will. And while we won the White House in 2016 and likely will again in 2020, don’t be fooled. We’re still ultimately getting crushed where it matters most: socially and culturally, downstream from politics, where real and lasting change begins. And the media is the reason why. And it’s time we start being honest about that and saying it out loud.

The Democrats are a joke. Our real fight is with the media who enable and promote them. Stop anything else you’re doing right now. Stop fueling any other narrative. If you care at all about winning this fight then start punching at the right target with the ferocity and focus it deserves.


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  1. Because of a very bad experience with media lying 35 years ago. I was and am a follower of Rev. Moon’s teachings. And Like President Trump they attacked him relentlessly. I began watching them very closely. What I’ve learned is if they want to bring you down their trumpet is incredibly loud and shrill. Thank God President Trump has a great strangeness that all the media’s garbage rolls off him like water on a ducks back. It would cripple most people. And would shut up most people. I felt like they successfully quieted George W. But our great President–just wants to fight back harder and tweet more. This article hits the nail on the head. The Democrats are a big joke. But their mouthpiece does have incredible power. How do we keep them honest?


  2. I love that you have provided some food for thought viewpoints in this article. It reads well and makes a lot of sense, even if I might question some of the things you have written, on the whole it makes me want to bookmark your site and come back to read more.
    Thank you so much for calling out the truth of the media and the dumbocrats, democraps, or whatever other name fits.


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