The New York Times Is A Decomposing Corpse That’s Gassing America

The once-respected New York Times has completed its death spiral and can now be described, at best, as a glue-and-plastics narrative manufacturing factory that sells its products at bargain basement prices to the lowest and most desperate common denominator of consumers who lack any meaningful power or intellect.

When they’re not defending the racists among their ranks and turning their flaccid ire on those who would expose those racists, they’re stitching together lazy yarns that are as easily debunked as they are plainly partisan.

It’s not a legitimate let alone serious journalism and reporting vehicle.

Some of its employees still try to make it so.

And most of its readers, deluded by their media-enabled Trump Derangement Psychosis, still believe it is.

But after years of descent amid increasingly flagrant partisanship, the last several months have proven beyond doubt that the only influence the New York Times still has is imposing the stench of its decomposing corpse on a world that’s sadly grown used to its smell.

The most decisively clear slice of the jugular came when the paper’s most powerful voices proudly admitted that their mission was not to report the news, but to create politically-biased narratives and then tell stories that support those narratives. The first among those was that Donald Trump was a Russian spy who, with the help of Vladimir Putin, infiltrated the highest levels of the United States government and in fact stole the 2016 election. Supported by their equally unserious and dishonest mainstream media peers — The Washington Post, NBC, CNN, Shepard Smith, ABC, CBS, the Jeanne Cummings wing of The Wall Street Journal, to name a few — they managed to hijack the national conversation with that insane conspiracy theory for nearly 3 years. Nobody actually believed it. Nobody actually took it seriously. But these media outlets still control our nation’s largest amplification systems, and were thus able to convince each other that the volume and frequency meant people took them seriously.

Nobody did.

And, ultimately, their insane conspiracy theory was conclusively debunked.

And so the failed New York Times proudly announced its next mission: They would do everything they could to paint President Trump, and all of his supporters, as racist.

Their executive editor, Dean Baquet, actually admitted this out loud to the entire organization and the only pushback he got for it was from employees who were concerned they weren’t going far enough in their glue-and-plastics narrative manufacturing.

Despite the cut, no blood flowed from the long-dead paper because it had already coagulated. But the stench was undeniable. And with it came a wave of equally noxious fumes that their readers and media peers now seem to bathe in with delight.

One such wave that was wildly overlooked by critics who still pretend the national political media will redeem itself was the Times’ response to accusations that they had many Jew-hating racists on their payroll.

Rather than deny that they had a very real strain of anti-Semitism among their ranks, as had been alleged, the New York Times’ employees banded together against anyone who would dare to expose them for it. It was a fantastically shameful and disgusting move but one the Times and its employees navigated with casual ease and even pride.

A few short weeks before that, the paper was caught literally re-writing headlines that were deemed not biased enough by the useful idiots who still pretend what they’re reading is actual journalism. As if trying to prove they’re not a legitimate news organization, the Times responded like any flailing politician would when confronted with pushback from their base: they abandoned any semblance of a core, and caved to keep their voters happy.

Yes, the stench of the New York Times’ badly decomposing corpse has engulfed our sick-of-it and smarter-than-they-realize nation to the delight of their ghoulish readers and media peers in countless ways as of late.

But the most recent gassing came just days ago as they pushed, with a straight face mind you, the laughable contention that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is probably a rapist because a guy who hates him says he is even though the person that guy claims Kavanaugh raped denies the guy’s story. And because the corrupt powers-that-be at Twitter made the story and its related hashtags trend for a few days, the deluded Resistance and their media allies truly believe the paraplegic accusation has legs. (To be clear, Twitter dot com is nothing more than an information sewer where the media and Resistance all giddily swim together. And its only redeeming quality is giving Donald Trump a platform where he can frequently curbstomp all of them at the same time.)

There is nothing left of The New York Times. There is no path to redemption for them. President Trump will win 2020 in a landslide and when the 2024 election cycle comes along and they briefly pretend they’re going to treat the GOP without prejudice, nobody will buy it. They, along with the rest of the mainstream media, had cratered for years. The 2016 election was bad, but the fallout after their Trump-Russia conspiracy theory was debunked has been downright deadly for any semblance of hope that they might ever again be treated with even a modicum of respect or seriousness. Had at least a few of their employees stood up and said something in recent months about the paper’s egregiously postmortem flaws, there may have been a glimmer of resurgent hope.

But none did. And now it’s over.

The New York Times-is-over-party has commenced. And all that remains is the paper’s decomposing corpse which is lugged around by the sickly deluded has-beens who enjoy breathing the dusty fumes that emanate from it.


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