Watch NBC News Turn Comey From Villain To Hero [VIDEO]

I caught this earlier this morning but am just now getting around to writing it up. And I’m not gonna do a bunch of diligence on it. I’ve spent almost 4 years trying to establish a decent readership to no avail, and am gonna stop working so hard on pieces that maybe a few hundred people even end up seeing.

For this piece that means I’m not gonna go dig up all the earlier guests on MSNBC who branded Comey as a dirtbag for the indiscretions revealed in the recently-released IG report. You can go find them if you want. Today is August 29, 2019 and they were on in the 30 minutes or so before some guy named Matt Miller came on and gave his take, which I captured in a video below.

So who’s Matt Miller? No one important. Just another anti-Trump Democrat who NBC News dishonestly claims is an impartial expert on all things related to national security.

What was Matt’s take? Basically that Comey is a hero for abusing his power and doing a bunch of shady stuff, because he did it all to stop Trump.

How do we know that was a decidedly different take than the earlier guests had shared? Because the host, Hallie Jackson, said as much.

And how do we know Miller’s pro-Comey take was eagerly picked up by the following guests? Because a guest who came on shortly after Miller told us so. He said he was “torn” because he originally was ready to go after Comey, but then he heard Miller’s take and now he kinda agrees that Comey is probably a hero to some degree.

The quick recap…

Unable to spin the IG report on Comey as good news for the former FBI Director, the guests on NBC News uniformly lamented Leaking James’ bad behavior.

Matt Miller — an anti-Trump hack who NBC News wants you to believe is an impartial expert — comes on and gives them the positive spin they were looking for.

The host, Hallie Jackson, acknowledges that Miller’s pro-Comey perspective is the first of its kind since the report came out.

The very next “expert” they have on admits he was ready to come down on Comey, but then he heard Miller’s pro-Comey take and now he kinda sorta mostly agrees with that instead.

The pro-Comey narrative is born and quickly disseminated as a talking point throughout the media and amid their unhinged base, aka The Resistance.

And that, children, is all it takes for these allegedly impartial media professionals to 1). manufacture, 2). amplify, and 3). quickly recalibrate a perspective that fits their anti-Trump, pro-anybody-who-hates-him narrative.


A few quick points…

First, they didn’t need to spin anything. This was a major victory for the corrupt Comey, Brennan, Clapper wing of the intelligence community. As was the case with the Mueller report for President Trump — the report writers can whine all they want about how terrible they think someone is, but in the end they weren’t able to lean into any actionable crime.

It was the same thing for Comey today. It was just under 100 pages detailing how unscrupulously he acted and how he should have known better and how gull darn mad a bunch of people are about what Comey did…

…and how that’s the end of it, and nobody’s gonna do a damn thing about it.

As President Trump might wisely note, factually and with respect to the legal goings-on: “Total and complete and exoneration.”

So while virtually everyone on Fox News is trying to spin this as a win for us, it wasn’t. It’s just more evidence that none of these dirtbags will ever be held accountable for anything they do. And for any readers who are new here…I’m one of Trump’s earliest and staunchest supporters. So it brings me no joy to say that. But let’s just call it what it is, and that’s a giant win for Comey and the coup-happy swamp monsters he’s friends with.

And I’ll tell you something else. This, to me, is evidence that not a damn thing will come of the larger matter on the origin of the Trump/Russia investigation. The FISA abusers and other bad actors will all get some kind of verbal slap on the wrist, the media will compare them to the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy, and that’ll be that. Because nobody in the swamp has the balls to actually prosecute anyone else in the swamp, unless the accused are or ever had been supporters of President Trump.

Last point. Here’s the obvious flaw for the media/Democrats if they want to adopt Miller’s assertion that Comey should be praised because he was dealing with really unique circumstances and thus had to take extraordinary action: You could say the exact same thing about Trump’s handling of this whole insane escapade. If Comey is a hero for acting unscrupulously because he thought Trump was secretly a Russian spy and needed to be brought down, then Trump must be a hero for doing whatever he needed to in order to thwart those who were dishonestly calling him a Russian spy and thus hobbling our entire nation with their insane conspiracy theory.

Comey was wrong. And he knew he was wrong. But he did it anyway because he and his dirtbag friends are the security force for the swamp, and need to protect it from the guy who promised to drain it.

And Trump was right. Because he isn’t a Russian spy, and didn’t actually do anything — unscrupulous or otherwise — to stop the investigation.

So Comey was lying and did bad stuff. And Trump was telling the truth, while being lied about, and didn’t do any bad stuff.

That said, if you want to argue that Comey was a hero for acting aggressively in the face of an extraordinary circumstance, you have to afford Trump the same status. But only one was actually justified in his outrage. Because only one had the truth on his side. And of course that’s President Trump — who everyone except CNN and MSNBC now knows is not a Russian spy.

So what’s that make James Comey? Well that’s simple: He’s a liar and a leaker. But he’s one who’s free as a bird despite helping manufacture an attempted coup on the duly-elected President of the United States, and who will be celebrated by the left (ie, media and Democrats) because guys like Matt Miller are there to help show them how to do it.


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  1. Did you say ‘ decent readership ‘ well to do that you have to churn out entertainment with the occasional sprinkling of news and plenty of pictures. Have a look at the Daily Mail on line they have perfected the art.


  2. NBC hates American Taxpayers… They Love murdering Islamic extremist and Antifa. What does that tell you? Chinese Collusion.


  3. Welcome to the dictatorship that was in hiding. Thanks to our President, the gov. has reared its ugly head.
    There is NO LAW for our “public servants” and we must tow the line or we are thrown in jail.

    We pay our taxes, allow our kids to be thrown in jail for a non narcotic to satisfy the Booze/Oil/Pharma industry and carefully avoid violating ANY statutes.

    Its a dictatorship, plain and simple.


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