Open Letter To Neil Cavuto: Stop Giving Dishonest Fodder To Dishonest, Anti-Trump Media

Neil Cavuto used his Fox News platform to launch an unfair and dishonest attack on President Trump that is now being weaponized by Neil’s more consistently unfair and dishonest media peers.

As many of you already know, President Trump recently tweeted that “Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

Of course the Democrat propagandists masquerading as impartial journalists — NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, Associated Press, to name a few — mischaracterized that statement to suggest President Trump thinks Fox News should “work for him” the same way NBC, CNN, etc work for the anti-Trump Resistance: So diligently that they might as well be on the payroll.

You can disagree with it if you want to, but the exceedingly more fair and honest reading of President Trump’s comment is that Fox News was once a place that his supporters could turn to for more reliable reporting, and he feels that’s no longer the case.

That Cavuto — like his friends in the mainstream media with whom he’s just had a one-night stand and must now depart via a walk of shame — chose to respond to that complaint with yet more unfair and dishonest fodder, lends unfortunate credence to President Trump’s assessment.

And so I emailed Neil, who I was and still am a fan of, to ask that he correct his lazy, sloppy or otherwise ill-conceived mistake. And that he speak out against those who eagerly amplified it. And that he be more careful in the future. Because, in part, the dishonest media he’s helping fuel has worked hard not just to attack President Trump, but to put targets on the backs of every American who supports President Trump. And when their faithful audiences buy into their hysterical and hyperbolic outrage, and lash out violently against a Trump supporter (perhaps, for example, for expressing their right to free speech by wearing a MAGA hat in public), the media absolve that increasingly now-normalized violence by either downplaying it or, in most cases, ignoring it entirely.

So I’m sharing the email I sent to Neil. I also sent him a few screenshots of what I saw on Twitter that compelled me to get in touch with him. (Those are posted below the email.) And I also copied a few other heavy hitters (Shannon Bream, Bret Baier, Mollie Hemingway, Chris Ruddy, Vince Coglianese, Ben Shapiro) because often times extra eyeballs from people who matter can inspire a more thoughtful sense of accountability.


I’m a fan, have been for a long time, and of course still very much am. But this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you go at Trump hard in what I can only assume is an attempt to show the allegedly woke media who persistently trash Fox News that you’re “one of the good ones.”

But it’s entirely intellectually dishonest for you to tell President Trump that Fox News doesn’t work for him. Because the context in which your statement was made is entirely separate from the context of President Trump’s.

And Neil, you know this! And that makes it even worse. Candidly, Neil, if you can’t defend Fox News honestly then you might not be the person to be defending Fox News.

When someone says “this or that isn’t working for me,” they don’t actually mean that individual or entity is supposed to be proactively making efforts on that individual’s behalf. The old as the hills expression, as you well know, is far more nuanced and implies not a function of employment on the defendant’s part but a function of dissatisfaction on the plaintiff’s.

For example: “The statement you made and that is now being celebrated across the entire dishonest, partisan media landscape, doesn’t work for me because it was cheap and intellectually dishonest.”

See how that “works?”

You don’t have to like President Trump. You don’t have to be nice to or about him. But Neil the entirety of the fourth estate but for a few voices on Fox News and AM talk radio has decided to forego intellectual honesty in favor of partisan attacks on President Trump and anyone who dares stand up for or support him. This morning, per their headlines and thanks entirely to your laziness or sloppiness or both, you joined them. Please use your platform to correct this mistake and indict those who eagerly amplified it.

Thank you otherwise for all you do,

Hrand Tookman

P.S. An importantly related, recent piece that I wrote. And I should note also that just because the media has put targets on the backs of virtually every Trump supporter and insists that we’re all either racist or stupid, doesn’t make it true. So even though I’m just a lowly grassroots guy and worse than that, thanks to the media’s hard-fought efforts, a Trump supporter, I still hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this piece and understand more of where I and others are coming from. And then be exceedingly more careful before putting something out there that can be weaponized by the media who work so hard to put targets on our backs and absolve if not enable and inspire what is becoming now-normalized violence against us.


I don’t know why Neil sometimes does this. Maybe it’s the same reason Jake Tapper sometimes throws scraps to the right: To ward off critics’ claims that they’re partisan actors promoting their political views instead of reporting the straight news. The difference is, nobody expects Neil to be an impartial journalist. He’s not. He’s an opinion and commentary guy who focuses on the news. So his forays into anti-Trump provocations like this just don’t make much sense, unless all he’s really trying to do is impress others in the media who frankly don’t deserve his concern and surely don’t need his help mischaracterizing the president to push their partisan narratives.

If you want to share your own feedback and thoughts with Neil, you can find him on Twitter by clicking here. And if he doesn’t get back to you right away, give it a few minutes. He might be in Shepard Smith’s dressing room fishing for compliments.

UPDATE, 12:51PM ET: Nearly 3 hours later and Cavuto’s intellectually dishonest mischaracterization of what President Trump said and meant is still trending solidly across the entire social media universe. That one line — “We don’t work for you” — is all anyone cares about or is focused on. And it’s completely dishonest and lazily out-of-context with respect to what any intellectually honest person would infer that President Trump meant. Nice work, Neil. If your goal was to respond to criticisms about your network’s reliability by mischaracterizing what President Trump actually said and giving rocket fuel to the partisan media who constantly lie about him and try to marginalize and bring harm to anyone who supports him — you nailed it, guy.



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