Prominent Journalists Angrily Defend Jew Hatred While Viciously Attacking Peace Protesters Who Combat It

I wanted the piece below to be as obnoxious as those written by the so-called “journalists” it targets. And it feels like I failed miserably because, unlike the anti-Trump media, I’m just not that great at taking myself super seriously while also being hyperbolic and purposefully divisive. So if you’re gonna read this piece, please do so with that in mind. Thanks.

Taking their direction from the openly racist New York Times, several prominent American media figures spent the weekend angrily defending their anti-Semitic colleagues and viciously attacking peaceful protesters who courageously exposed that bigotry.

Contrary to what educated readers might infer, this piece is not about the plain-sight bigotry that the U.S. media and their Democrat allies engage in every day as they work hard to literally segregate and metaphorically enslave brown people, gays, women and Muslims. That particular brand of bigotry is predicated on the Democrats’ latest iteration of exploiting people based on identity, and ultimately diluting or outright destroying their individual liberty thus making them easier to control. It’s the type of bigotry we see most often in 2019 courtesy of the media, Democrats, Hollywood and academia — and it’s branded to their audiences as a function of pity (as opposed to hatred).

But the bigotry we’re focusing on today is the older and more patently vicious brand of Democrat racism that is based purely on hatred.

Many of us thought, perhaps foolishly, that that particular brand of racism was universally marginalized to the fringes. Many of us thought that everyone knew it’s not okay to hate people based on their skin color. Or that it’s not okay to hold, let alone proudly and publicly express, rabid anti-Semitism — aka hatred for Jewish people.

But sadly, we were wrong.

Perhaps even more sadly, some of us should have seen this coming — particularly after the New York Times eagerly defended a vile, racist monster named Sarah Jeong. As many readers will remember, the racist Jeong was able to keep her job at the New York Times — a well-known marketing arm for the bigoted Democrat party — despite explicit proof of her hatred for people found guilty by Jeong of being born with white skin.

But even as the New York Times and their peer Democrat propagandists (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Associated Press and Washington Post, to name a few) eagerly exacerbate identity-based division, disparity and destruction all across our nation — what we saw in recent days was still an utterly disgraceful shock to the conscience for all Americans who work to promote unity and combat bigotry and racism.


Several days ago yet another of the New York Times’ employees was caught asserting disgusting, explicit racism. This time around it included, among other things, hatred for Jews. The employee, Tom Wright-Piersanti, had openly and proudly revealed his bigotry in recently unearthed tweets. Here was just one example…

Sadly, the revelation itself was only somewhat staggering. We see anti-Semitism and unhinged hatred for Israel as a whole fast becoming central to the Democrat party platform. (Some of the most well-documented examples involve entirely unchecked words and actions by Democrat House Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.) And since the New York Times is nothing more than a marketing arm for the Democrat party, it’s unfortunately unsurprising that their employees, too, openly harbor such hatred for Jewish people.

But the far more troubling setback for national equality, progress and unity came when, rather than condemn the explicit anti-Semitism and racism, the New York Times defended it.

No repercussion, as of this writing, was publicly handed down to Wright-Piersanti.


In fact, not only did they defend-with-silence the latest proudly racist member of their staff, but they organized a coordinated media attack and began targeting the peace protesters and anti-racism advocates who brought Wright-Piersanti’s racism to the fore.

When Arthur Schwartz, a private citizen who has dedicated much of his life to fighting racism, generously advised the New York Times that they have many more racists and anti-Semites on their payroll, the paper’s editors and staff pounced.

They put together a hit piece attacking Schwartz and dishonestly naming him as a central figure in what the paper deceitfully implied was a plot to bring the Gray Lady down.

To the contrary, Schwartz — a staunch advocate for a fair and free press — was purportedly only the messenger regarding efforts to help the Times rid itself of their many racist elements, abandon their flagrant partisanship and loyalty to the bigoted Democrat party, and return to greatness as an impartial and respected part of the Fourth Estate.

Schwartz’s rather obvious point in that tweet was that a simple (and possibly now-deleted) tweet from Wright-Piersanti acknowledging his racist past, wasn’t good enough. They should, in the name of progress and unity and equality, do more to account for existing racism on their staff and tamp down on future permissiveness of it.

And for his peaceful efforts to help expose and combat racism, Schwartz — himself a Jew who has been targeted for years by the Left’s anti-Semitic adherents — was made a target yet again for yet more hatred and physical assaults by the Democrat and media’s increasingly violent base.

We are including only a screen shot to the New York Times’ pro-racist propaganda because we will not enable such vile promotion of, and defense for, hateful speech with actual links. But as you can plainly see, the pro-racist Democrat propagandists at the New York Times tried to frame the efforts to combat racism as a “new front in the war on the press.” And while they’ve since changed the accompanying photo, the original — shown below — sought to put a target directly on Schwartz’s back, along with (even more inexplicably) his long-time friend Richard Grenell — a gay man who serves honorably as the United States’ Ambassador to Germany.


Let’s be clear: This is not how progress is supposed to work. This is not how a socially just, equality-minded nation in pursuit of unity and opposed to bigotry is supposed to function. But in these scary and turbulent times, this is exactly where we are. And there was no shortage of prominent media members there to promote the poorly-aimed hit piece on Schwartz and others who would dare expose the rampant racism and bigotry that permeates all across the U.S. political news media today.

Below are just a few examples of those prominent media members expressing outrage and promoting hatred not for the racists in their own ranks, but for people like Schwartz who would dare expose them.


Adam Serwer, a staff writer for The Atlantic, doesn’t see anything wrong with anti-Semitism permeating throughout the mainstream U.S. political news media. To the contrary, he opposes and admonishes any efforts to expose racism as a mere “strategy” asserted by “bad faith actors.” I wonder how he’d describe the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy? Perhaps he’d call them violent thugs who rudely interrupted the Holocaust.

The Editor In Chief at The Huffington Post, Lydia Polgreen, finds peaceful efforts to expose and combat racism “extremely alarming.”

This very likely anti-Semitic New York Times employee, Ceylan Yeginsu, claims that exposing racism and bigotry rampant among the New York Times’ staff is how the Armenian genocide began. Spoiler alert: She’s wrong. Very, very, very wrong.

Even the Chief White House Correspondent for the New York Times, Peter Baker, dismisses explicit racism and anti-Semitic behavior as nothing more than “publicly damaging information about journalists.” This is nothing short of an appalling effort to dilute and normalize hatred for Jews and others based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

And of course Julie Davis, who is a regular on CNN where the more implicit promotion of American racism and bigotry is on display every day, completely ignores the damage done by her explicitly racist peers — defending them with the same fire and passion that she attacks those peaceful protesters and anti-racism advocates who would dare expose them.

And this Twitter-elevated, blue check-marked individual believes calling out racism is “authoritarianism.” An odd choice, but one that’s clearly accepted and embraced by virtually all members of the mainstream U.S. political news media — evidenced best by virtually all of them defending the bigots among them, while attacking those who would expose them.

The media’s astonishingly shameful and desperate defense of bigotry, and eagerness to attack those who work courageously to combat it, reveals the tragic and ugly state of the mainstream political news media today as they foment hatred for our President, violence aimed at those who support him, and racism and bigotry both explicit and implicit across every aspect of American life.

And this all comes just a week after a triumvirate of scandal at CNN, another propaganda wing for the Democrat party, was swept under the rug by the New York Times and others. You’d be forgiven for not even knowing that CNN’s Don Lemon has been credibly accused of gross sexual imposition and assault, and Chris Cuomo was caught on video responding to free speech with unhinged threats of violence, and April Ryan was caught paying people to violently attack journalists whose reporting she viewed as a threat to her own financial interests. But it all happened. And it was all swept under the rug by the mainstream media who claim to be our nation’s arbiters of truth and justice in the public square.

Still, increasingly common bad behavior like that — with the exception perhaps of Lemon’s violent sexual assault on a blue collar bartender — pales in comparison to the New York Times’ and other media members’ promotion of explicit racism, and the vicious and dishonest attacks they carry out on those who seek to combat it. We’re unfortunately accustomed to the media and Democrats’ now-normalized implicit racism. And we’re unfortunately accustomed to the media and Democrats’ now-normalized promotion of violent attacks on anyone who dares to support President Trump.

But what we saw in recent days was something new that Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike will all pray does not become normalized. We saw prominent members of the media defend bigotry and racism when it happens among their own ranks, and turn their massive fire power on the peaceful, anti-racism advocates who had the courage to expose it.

And that’s more than just “not okay.”

It’s terrifying.

UPDATE, 8/26/19 at 11:37PM ET: Two brave souls from the left’s media echo chamber — Jonathan Swan from Axios, and Elaina Plott from The Atlantic — have, on this rare occasion, gotten on the right side of history…


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