Arthur Schwartz Has Dedicated Much Of His Life To Fighting Racism

The piece below — while true in the main because Arthur is a much nicer guy than his public persona allows, and he’s very much opposed to racism and supportive of a fair and free press — was written to augment a separate piece meant to enrage the dishonest, anti-Trump mainstream media. In that other piece I wrote “Arthur Schwartz has dedicated much of his life to fighting racism” and, in order to support that claim, I wrote this one. To me it was kind of hilarious. I wanted Jake Tapper and Maggie Haberman’s blood to boil when they read that line, and then clicked through to see my “evidence” was a glowing opinion piece that I wrote just a few minutes earlier. Anyway, if you landed on this piece and are wondering what it’s about, now you know.

Arthur Schwartz is an attorney and grassroots political activist who has dedicated much of his life to fighting racism.

Known also over the course of his life for helping the elderly and orphans, Schwartz — who is Jewish and has personally and horrifically been the target of countless anti-Semitic attacks — never let the fight be about himself personally.

For Mr. Schwartz, the goal has always been to help bring justice and peace throughout our nation and world in a progress-minded and equality-driven way that promotes individual liberty and the freedom for all people to love and worship as they so choose.

Arthur Schwartz, while leading a quiet life privately, has become a humble but strong pillar in the grassroots community who stands tall as both an example and advocate thanks to his tireless efforts on behalf of oppressed and under-represented groups and individuals.

He is considered by many to be one of our nation’s greatest, most humble, charitable and compassionate grassroots and civil rights activists.


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