Convincing The Trump Train’s Dead Weight To Start Fueling It

While many of the useless grifters attached to the conservative movement have already been spit out the bottom of the swamp’s drain (Stuart Stevens, Ana Navarro, Rick Wilson, Charlie Sykes, Jonah Goldberg, Jeff Flake, Justin Amash, etc), the vast majority of those who remain aren’t doing us many favors as they continue spending more time celebrating each other rather than actually crafting effective strategy and engaging in the fight where and how it matters most.

I once painted a pretty helpful picture to describe how I and many other Trump supporters often feel while watching the most amplified voices on “our side” use their massive platforms…

Imagine the question is “What’s 1+1?” and none of the supposedly smartest people on your team can hear you shout “2!” because they’re all too busy congratulating each other for saying “Banana.”

Welcome to our hell.

This entire post is setting aside what should be the four pillars of right-minded messaging and efficacy…

1). Sustain a united right
2). Attract disaffected or otherwise recreationally-engaged Democrat voters
3). Disarm the biased media
4). Put Democrats so far on defense that they’re forced to re-package their entire platform

Only President Trump is making a concerted effort at doing all four. For the most part, the rest of the conservative movement (media, politicians, and the parasitic “strategists, advisers and consultants”) focus exclusively on the first one: All they do, all day, every day, is preach to the already-faithful with the hopes of elevating their own brands among those who already agree with them.

This entire post is also setting aside our their total dereliction of duty with respect to prosecuting the media and Democrats’ plain-sight bigotry and identity-based divisiveness — something I’ve even called out Team Trump for. (More on the media and Left’s plain-sight bigotry in this piece, and the related pieces at the bottom.)

So setting those very important elements aside, this post is more simply and narrowly about one thing: The phrase “partisan characterization” and the failure on the part of our most amplified messengers for it not being a household phrase as prominent (albeit far more substantive and effective) as the phrase “fake news.”

Without further adieu, here’s the note I fired off this morning to virtually every right-minded media member and Trump advocate I have an email address for…

SUBJECT: Kudlow’s Failure On CNN Is Your Fault

I’m watching Larry Kudlow squirm in his chair and struggle to find the right words when criticizing how Brianna Keilar “portrays” the substance of her questioning.

It’s a tremendous failure on the part of our amplified messengers and thought leaders that the phrase “partisan characterization” isn’t on the lips of every Trump Cabinet member, Administration official, and surrogate. Every single question that anyone who supports Trump is asked on our television screens should be followed by an immediate indictment of the partisan characterization with which the question was formed. There are three ways that interviewers can approach a question: From the left, from the right, or from the center. Responsible journalists should come at questions from the center. In 2019, virtually all but for a few voices on Fox News approach questions, navigate the discussions, and complete the segments from flagrantly left-minded perspectives. It’s the partisan characterizations in the questioning that evoke far more actionable bias than any absence of fact or under-reported incident. And everyone should know this by now and be experts at articulating it. But instead, you have guys like Kudlow out there who look like deer in the headlights because they know there’s something wrong but they don’t know how to define or expose it.

I’ve written about it a million times. Here are the first and, nearly two years later, more comprehensive and matured iterations…

Early version: Media Bias In 2017 Is About ‘Characterization,’ Not Fact

Recent, more complete version: Critics Of Media Bias Must Get Better At Defining & Exposing It

And more recently, meaning yesterday, I wrote about the power of the media…

Conservative America’s Deluded Hope For Honesty From The Media

If you consider yourself an advocate for Liberty, an enemy of identity-based disparity and disunity, and an arbiter of effective thought, messaging and strategy with respect to both — you are failing at your job because you are failing to effectively indict the media and assign them the gravity they are due.


A former C student beholden to a regular day job and for whom this is a duty, not a career

Hrand Tookman

At least a few of us have been yelling this from the rooftops for years now. It’s wholly unacceptable that a) Our entire movement hasn’t discredited the Democrats by acknowledging that the real fight needs to be with the mainstream media, aka the Democrats’ only potent weapon and reason for still existing, and b) We don’t know how to wage that fight with the media in an effective way even if our most amplified messengers were forward-thinking enough to aim the bulk of their firepower in that direction.

So I’m going to keep trying to call it out. And when appropriate and I’m able to, I’m going to share that thinking and those efforts on these pages. And now back to my Sunday with my family, until a little later tonight when everyone is asleep and I can finish watching the remaining 6 Sunday shows on my DVR. And I can almost guarantee that I’ll have plenty more to say/write about at that time. And I can further guarantee that what I have say at that time will have virtually nothing to do with the predictably partisan and dishonest Democrat guests, and everything to do with the allegedly impartial media who champion them.

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