Mollie Hemingway Drops An Elbow From The Top Rope On Sexist NBC News Employees

The great Mollie Hemingway took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to expose and denounce yet more bigotry and sexism that was being promoted by NBC News’ supposedly “woke” employees.


The modern American Left, represented most emphatically by the allegedly impartial political news media (NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, etc), place their bigotry on display every day in plain sight.

With racist shades of “Don’t let them read!” all over it, the media and left suggest in plain sight that black people uniquely lack the ability to get and/or keep an ID.

They suggest in plain sight that Hispanics uniquely lack the integrity and/or intellect to immigrate to our nation legally.

They suggest in plain sight that all white people are racists who create a ubiquitous lack of opportunity for all brown people.

They suggest in plain sight that all women in America are “without choice” unless they can be absolved the many, many choices they freely make before getting pregnant.

They work just as diligently to shackle with manufactured grievance Muslims and Americans who identify as LGBTQ in a plain-sight effort to literally segregate and metaphorically enslave each.

And when they’re not calling you a bigot for recognizing that both male and female genders do in fact exist, they assert the same kind of plain-sight bigotry with gender more broadly. It’s often under the guise of celebrating and empowering women, but it’s bigoted and sexist all the same. Because for those of us who truly are awake when it comes to seeing and exposing bigotry (which in 2019 more often stems from pity rather than simple hatred), we know it doesn’t matter if you’re saying “White people are better than everyone!” or “Black people are better than everyone!” or “Women are better than everyone!” — it’s all bigotry. And it all divides us. And it all crushes the individual liberty of those they’re purporting to “help.” And it all moves us further away from judging by people character, because it all celebrates and promotes judging people instead by their identity.


So went the entire panel on NBC’s “Meet The Press” when they laughed and nodded along with NBC News’ Kasie Hunt who suggested, in plain sight, that women inherently have more character than men do.


It sounds nice. Right?

“She’s just saying something nice about women!”

Well many of us, particularly the more truly progressive and forward-thinking, don’t see it that way. From our seat, she’s saying something bigoted about women. And she’s saying something discriminatory about men. She’s assigning a sweeping character generalization that suggests men are inherently “less” than women, and therefore should be treated and viewed and discriminated against as such.

That’s a lot of things, but “progressive” or “woke” aren’t any of them.

And Mollie Hemingway was there to drop the hammer on Kasie Hunt for suggesting such a thing, and Chuck Todd for lacking the courage to call her out for it.

Hemingway from the top rope! Totally uncharacteristic for this usually very reserved, right-minded rock star. She almost never takes it directly to them and when she does, it’s rarely with a direct shot right in their ugly mugs including with the direct Twitter tag.


Mollie might not share our disdain for the battery of plain sight bigotry that we see and expose with regularity here at Love Breeds Accountability. Or maybe she does, and we just haven’t heard about it yet. (She’s agreed with us on other issues, mostly relating to media bias.) But we agree with just about everything Mollie says in the public domain and it has nothing to do with her gender. She’s one of the most fair-minded and intellectually honest voices you’ll find anywhere in or around the political news media — and this was just yet another example of her torching the left’s divisive and dishonest “journalism” until all that remained was a smoldering pile of pro-Democrat propagandist bigotry masquerading as impartial journalism.

Because if you think all white people are better than black people, or all black people are better than Hispanics, or all straight people are better than gay people, or all Jews are better than Muslims, or all Christians are better than atheists, or all women are better than men, or any similarly identity-over-character assertion, then this author — a straight, white, Christian, male — has a name for you…

…you’re a bigot. Because you judge yourself and/or others based on their identity, rather than the content of their individual character.

Of course such identity-based bigotry is at the heart of the media and Democrats’ entire 2020 platform, so we can unfortunately expect a lot more of it — along with the division, disparity, destruction, and hatred it inspires — in the months to come.


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