If Slavery Made America Exceptional, Why Aren’t African Nations *Where Slavery Thrives Still Today* All Superpowers?


This is a rebuttal to The New York Times’ America-hating “1619 Project,” which claims that all of America’s strength and prosperity came from slavery.


It’s a ridiculous claim that’s so easily shot down, I didn’t need more than the title of this piece to do it.


So from here I’ll wait for them to respond.


They won’t. Because they can’t. Because their claim is a lie meant to keep brown people literally segregated and metaphorically enslaved. Because exploiting brown people is the only way the Democrat party has ever been able to amass power.



And while we wait (because it’ll be a while), here’s the truth for anyone who cares: Nothing creates disparity more than broken homes. Every time? No. Not every time. But generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to parenting. And 72% of black children grow up in broken homes. (Compared to 53% of Hispanics, 29% of whites and 17% of Asians.) Those black children eventually become adults. And the disparity they endured as children follows them into adulthood. That is why Americans who happen to be black endure disproportionate disparity as adults. And the less we talk about that, the worse the problem will get. Which is exactly why the bigoted media and Democrats don’t want to talk about it. They want it to get worse, because they thrive off of black and brown peoples’ pain. And they always have. That’s also why they misappropriate blame and scream “RACISM!”, thus doing nothing to solve the real problem but doing plenty to create brand new problems — like brand new hatred and division to supplement the inter-generational social destruction they’ve spent decades manufacturing.

When they’re not claiming that slavery is what made America exceptional, the bigoted media and Democrats will say — like Obama so often did — that “America’s promise” is steeped in government guarantees that undefined “hard work” will net an arbitrarily-defined “fair share.” Nothing could be further from the truth. To the contrary, what enabled so much American exceptionalism was a founding principle that allowed individuals to enable themselves despite a still-necessary government. Not by, because of, or thanks to that government. Despite it.

Socially codifying Individual Liberty made America exceptional. “Liberty” is effectively free will, minus the right to infringe on others’. And when the bigoted media and Democrats shackle black and brown people with manufactured grievance based on their skin color, they crush their individual liberty. Those people are no longer strong individuals responsible for their own fate. They’re now perpetually aggrieved victims who don’t stand a chance against their far more socially, emotionally and psychologically healthy peers. And it’s by design. And it hurts us all.

Below in the “RELATED” section is just about everything I’ve ever written, from just about every angle, on race in America. In fact this entire website — Love Breeds Accountability — is predicated on the value of committed, 2-parent homes and the accountability that love inspires in young people as they become adults. (Contrary to what many people infer, the name of this website has nothing to do with being nice to people and everything to do with parents honoring their commitments and showing their kids that example of love, thus inspiring value and accountability in them as they enter adulthood.) You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more intellectually honest, original, substantive, largely uncharted and forward-looking collection of insights with respect to racial disparity and bigotry in America — along with indictments of the media and Democrats who perpetuate each, and the Republicans who fail to effectively recognize and/or call them out for it.

P.S. If you’re a parent who is divorced, nothing I ever write is in any way an attack on you personally. But when I say “Two parent homes are good,” the left — media and Democrats — tell me that makes me racist. And we must be able to say out loud that 2-parent homes are in fact a good thing. Because even if you and your spouse didn’t stick it out, I’m guessing you hope your kids and their spouses do. And the more we talk about that and the importance of it, the more it will happen. Alternatively, the less we talk about it, the less it will happen. Moreover, the absence of two-parent homes is very much at the core of why Americans who happen to be black endure disproportionate disparity. But instead of acknowledging that, the media and Democrats are teaching your kids that if they’re white they need to knock themselves down a few pegs and pity their black/brown peers — and if they’re black/brown they need to feel bad for themselves and blame their white classmates for their pain and suffering. This is what’s actually happening under the guise of “progress” in classrooms all across America. And things are getting worse, obviously, as a result. Among other things, they’re creating a whole new generation of white supremacists. All because I can’t say “Two parents are better than one” without being called a Nazi and hate-monger for it. We need to change that, and my social and political life’s work is geared toward doing so.

Sadly, that work is nowhere even close to being complete. 


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  1. i have said this for years. the root is johnson’s (linden johnson hated blacks) great society stuff. before that, black families married and stayed together. but once the shame was taken from the “dole” and it became more widely available, the only thing the black man was good for was as a sperm donor. and that is the root of the huge “illegitimate parent” problem of today: no father in the house. johnson made sure they got back on a plantation: the welfare plantation.


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