Today I Accused A CNN Employee Of Wanting To Bring Violence To Trump Supporters, And She Responded By Doxing Me To Her Violent Followers

Elaina Plott wore her CNN badge with pride today as she put targets on the backs of Trump supporters while claiming, without evidence, to be an impartial journalist.

It started as it so often does: A flagrantly partisan anti-Trump activist goes on CNN under the guise of being an impartial journalist, and does everything in their power to characterize every detail from every story in the most negative light possible for President Trump and his supporters. (That partisan characterization, far more than any one-off incident of a misreported fact, is at the heart of real media bias and “fake news” in 2019.)

The focus was on what CNN hopes their viewers will believe is a cratering economy and — as many of us laughed at last week — their hard-hitting, “bombshell” observation that a bad economy might negatively impact an incumbent President’s re-election chances.

Simply earth-shattering stuff. I know.

If memory serves and without the benefit of playback or luxury of digging it up due to time constraints (you can find it I’m sure), Plott said something to the effect of “I don’t have any sources in the Trump campaign who can confirm that [X] is part of an actual strategy for Trump.” Again, I’m very much paraphrasing there because the content escapes me. But the context was the same as it always is on CNN: An allegedly impartial “journalist” fomenting the notion that Trump is
a rapist
literally insane
a Russian spy
an idiot and, by default, anyone who supports him must also be an idiot.

It was the more subtle brand of CNN’s anti-Trump propagandizing, but anti-Trump propagandizing all the same. (Lest there be any doubt about the validity of my claim, very simply: I promise you nothing Plott said could’ve been viewed as even remotely positive for Trump. Every utterance, as always on CNN, was designed to denigrate him.)

The part that stuck with me immediately was “I don’t have any sources in the Trump campaign” because I’m guessing she could’ve just stopped the sentence right there and been more honest and accurate than she was by the time she completed the rest of it. I took a look on Twitter and she had an email address listed, so I decided to drop her a line telling her as much. But rarely one to ping someone with an ultimately substance-free jab, I included some additional substance with respect to what I think of her and her anti-Trump ilk who have destroyed the media’s credibility for a generation or more. The email is below…

Hi Elaina,

You could (and should) have stopped at “I have no sources on the campaign.”

You and your dirtbag friends in the media — rabid pro-swamp partisans who claim to be impartial journalists — have spent nearly 3 years putting targets on the backs of anyone who supports President Trump.

Your lazy, regressive, incredibly bigoted insistence is that anyone who supports Trump is either a racist or an idiot, with the vast majority being the former.

You’re an utter disgrace and while unlike you and your terrorist friends who dismiss, downplay, promote and/or enable violence against Trump supporters, I wish you no actual physical malady.

But I’m laughing with tremendous enjoyment as your entire industry goes down the toilet, and you and your friends’ are fired by the hundreds. And when Trump wins 2020 in a landslide, the bottom will fall out and you’ll be fired by the thousands. And it’ll be hilarious. And I won’t lose a wink of sleep enjoying it. Because you’re the deadbeats who did more to inspire racial and identity-based disunity, disparity and destruction in a single day than President Trump and literally all of his supporters ever will in their entire lifetimes…combined. You’re the disgrace who claimed to be an impartial journalist and thought/hoped nobody would notice as you approached, navigated, and ended literally every story from decidedly anti-Trump perspectives that enraged your anti-Trump base while making Trump’s supporters sitting ducks for whom violence was an appropriate response that would go not only unchecked but entirely uncovered by the media.

You’re fucking disgusting and I don’t know or care how you sleep at night. I just know that for the first time in my life, I honestly have zero sympathy or empathy for a specific group of people in pain. And those people are you; the media and journalists without whose support the historically-consistent Democrat party would be a distant and ugly, racist memory in our nation’s past.

Have fun learning to code,

Hrand Tookman

Cutting? Sure. But remember: I’m the guy in the grassroots who can’t even wear a MAGA hat in public unless I get a conceal/carry to go with it, because the media have successfully enraged their liberal base while normalizing their violence and running cover for them when they physically assault Trump supporters.

And with respect to the wide array of dishonesty and destruction cast on our entire nation by the political news media who are greater blights on progress and unity than literally any other domestic force or element, that’s just the most recent iteration of their terrifying dereliction and incitement.

So there I was, firing off a pissed off but ultimately non-controversial screed to an allegedly impartial journalist — chiding her, among other things, for promoting hatred of and violence toward Trump supporters.

And how does she respond?

She doxes me to her 45,000+ Twitter followers, inviting her entire universe with all of its scarily lucid social psychopaths to track me down and bring me harm.


You’ll notice she not only revealed my identity with the intent of bringing me harm, but just like a good Democrat propagandist molesting the once-sacred Fourth Estate to promote their hatred and violence — she included only one portion of my email that, on its own, could be construed as permissively viewing her and her peers in physical “pain.”

My quick reply to her upon seeing this, is below…

And as if desperate to make my point about your eagerness to bring harm to Trump supporters, you effectively “dox” me to your 45,000 followers and entire Twitter community by sharing what you (wrongly) perceive to be the most cutting portion of my email.

I’m a husband and father, and you just invited your entire world to track me down and make my life miserable. Way to go, asshole.

P.S. “Love Breeds Accountability” has nothing to do with me being nice to you. It’s a statement about the importance of family and 2 parents honoring their commitments to each and their families even and especially in the face of adversity. It’s about how that act of committed love, more than anything else, inspires accountability in children as they become adults.

I wish I could say it’s a sad day when someone with Plott’s platform uses it to invite harm — be it personal, professional, or violent — to those who criticize them for doing that very thing. But it’s not. It’s a day that ends in “y.”

And they wonder why they’re the only ones who still trust each other, and the rest of us are enjoying the show as their entire industry goes down the toilet!

Anyway if anything happens to me or my family, I hope the authorities will check Elaina Plott’s Twitter following for their first set of suspects. Because when I called her out for dishonestly abusing her massive platform in an effort to put targets on the backs of Trump supporters, her reaction was to — you guessed it — dishonestly use her massive platform in an effort to put targets on the backs of Trump supporters. This time with a great deal of specificity: Me.


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  1. I wear my Trump hats on a daily basis, and have not had any attacks, or even verbal assaults in doing so. However, although older, I stay in very good shape, and project a “don’t mess with me” image. Additionally, I live in a CC state, where live and let live is the best course of action. No antifa thugs around here, as they would very soon attack the wrong person and pay the price.


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