It’s Hilarious, Not Racist, To Call Elizabeth ‘Running Joke’ Warren Names Like ‘Pocahontas’

There’s nothing racist about calling Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren names like Pocahontas, or my preferred version: Fauxcahontas.

The media, of course, claim otherwise. In a feeble attempt to defend the transracial presidential candidate, the media insist that President Trump’s nickname “Pocahontas” is clearly a racist attack on Native Americans.

The Twitter version of Stephen Miller (not to be confused with the White House version) is predicting — probably accurately — the following…

Miller — who I’ve described in the past as the right-minded Alec Baldwin; a colossal douchebag at times who I want to quit but can’t because when he’s good, he’s great  — goes on to press: Show me what’s racist about calling her “Pocahontas.”

Nothing wrong with that. “Prove it,” despite the media and Left’s recent attempts to enshrine “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” as the standard, still holds up perfectly well on its own.

But racism, in this case, is also much easier to disprove than I think most people realize.

If Elizabeth Warren actually were Native American, then calling her Pocahontas could indeed be considered at best a racial slur and at worst flat-out racism.

But it’s precisely because she’s not Native American in any even remotely meaningful way that the name Pocahontas is so effective. And hilarious. And not racist.

It would be like me calling you “Einstein” when you say something really stupid that you think is really smart. I don’t actually think you’re Einstein, nor am I attacking Albert Einstein. I’m being sarcastic, because you’re not at all the thing you claim to be.

I’ve called out the media’s lies about President Trump many times, including with a great deal of specificity on their accusations of racism. A few examples…

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But I needed to do this piece because I hadn’t really heard anyone yet explain why calling Warren “Pocahontas” is not racist. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s not racist. I’ve heard a lot of people ask how it’s racist. But I haven’t heard anyone actually explain, using the painfully obvious plain-sight truth as their guide, why it’s not racist.

If she were Native American, it could be considered racist or at least a racial slur.

But she’s not Native American. So nobody is making fun of Native Americans. We’re making fun of identity thieves like Warren who claim to be races/ethnicities that they’re not.

She was just another iteration of Rachel Dolezal; a white woman pretending to be a different race in order to advance her career. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And while I reject the bigoted practice of elevating people professionally or socially based on their skin color, that practice is not only accepted but in fact celebrated in the regressive annals of academia where Warren lived professionally for so long before entering politics. She claimed to be Native American in order to diversify her background and advance her career. (Just like former President Obama claimed he was born in Kenya in a cheap effort to make himself a more attractive author and sell more books.) And Warren’s claims of Native American heritage were celebrated by her superiors and documented across her entire professional profile.

I mean you just gotta love these Democrats who lie about their race, ethnicity and heritage to advance their careers haha. This, despite their uniform claims that America institutionally hates and rejects anyone who isn’t white and American!

I don’t care what kind of academic psychobabble they couch it in: The media and so-called “social justice warriors” will never convince me that judging people based on skin color is a good thing. But that’s what they’ve all convinced each other and are (sadly, with great success) teaching children. Spoiler alert: Promoting racial division will only inspire racial division.

But the race-obsessed media and their Democrat spawns will just keep trying. And they’ll scream “RACISM!” where none exists. And the mindless dolts who pretend to believe…

1) the media are impartial and
2) the Democrats just want to help people

….will eat it up and believe them. And their faith in these regressive bigots who pretend to be impartial journalists and progress-minded Democrats will only inspire more division, and then more disparity, and then more destruction and more violence.

And they don’t care.

Because Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren wasn’t wrong when she lied about her race and eagerly took the mantle as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color” in 1995. No. That, per the idiots in the media, is perfectly fine. But Donald Trump making fun of her for that is, according to them, “racist.” And anyone who supports him must also be a racist, or at least very tolerant of racism. And they all need targets on their backs for their evil ways. That’s what the media is pushing in their desperate attempts to protect the swamp they’ve survived in for so long as parasites attached to their Democrat and establishment Republican hosts.

And they wonder why nobody believes them anymore, and why so many of us are so happy watching Trump curbstomp their entire industry!

I hope all the deadbeats at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Jeanne Cummings wing of The Wall Street Journal have fun learning to code! Because when Trump wins 2020 in a landslide, the bottom will completely fall out for all of them and their heads will roll by the thousands.


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  1. Pocahontas was a heroic Native American woman. Referring to Warren as Pocahontas is not only not racism, it isn’t an insult, nor is it funny. Frankly President Trump gives her too much honor by calling her Pocahontas …. Media needs to learn how to do research and apply facts.


  2. Until “Forked Tounge” Warren “makes good” on her sin she should STFU.
    Apologies are CHEAP. Warren has to repay all the money she stole, with interest, under the guise of being Indian, and then “make good” to those whose “space” she stole.
    Just ponder, a 99.99% WHITE “liberal” who spouts off about the mythical “White Privilege” stole spots reserved to repay Indians harmed by those “AWFUL, Racist, Bigoted” White People …………………………. who stole Indians’ spots.


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