Disgraced Political News Media Totally Out Of Anti-Trump Ammo

The two big headlines from today were hilarious, and the media’s attempts at weaponizing them were pathetic.

Both MSNBC and CNN spent the entire day on Friday pushing two hilariously innocuous “bombshells” designed, as usual, to discredit President Trump and disenfranchise anyone who supports him. (Some good news: At least today they’re only trying to disenfranchise his supporters, instead of putting targets on our backs like they’ve started doing with some unfortunate regularity in recent months.)

I only have a few minutes to bang this out so it’ll be quick. Here are the two headlines they’ve been pushing…


The Wall Street Journal recently reported that President Trump expressed interest in actually buying Greenland. The country is a tremendously strategic geopolitical and geographic asset that every leader on the world stage would love to have exclusive ownership over. And while it’s news that President Trump had set his sights on it in such a conclusive way, the media has reacted like they always do: Pretending not to truly understand the broader context, and instead diving headfirst into unadulterated mockery. The general story line courtesy of the hosts and guests on MSNBC and CNN is…

“Trump is such an idiot. What kind of idiot thinks he can buy Greenland? What a total idiot. He’s so stupid. What an idiot. He’s an idiot. Only an idiot would think such a thing.”

As I told Michael Bender, one of the WSJ authors who wrote the story and whose “work” is consistently designed to mock and otherwise generate negativity for President Trump, the intellectually honest truth is that it would be a far more impressive dereliction of duty if a U.S. President didn’t explore all options with respect to that uniquely strategic interest. That’s the intellectually honest truth. But completely out of ammunition with which to attack him, the mainstream political news media — our nation’s greatest domestic threat to a united and progress-minded American future — yet again abandoned any semblance of intellectual honesty, and instead pretended that this is news because it reveals, per them, what an idiot our POTUS is.

It’s news for a few reasons. But revealing President Trump to be an idiot or anything close to it isn’t one of them.


The second major headline of the day was — hold onto your hats — the incumbent President of the United States is aware that if the economy tanks for some reason, it could hurt his chances politically.

Again…this is not actually news.

It’s the single most obvious and innocuous headline that might have ever been written, but the hosts and guests on MSNBC and CNN (and probably Shep Smith’s show, which I didn’t check in on) are all pretending that it’s a huge story.

“He knows he’s toast if we have a recession. He knows it. He even signaled it at his rally last night. Remember when he said, ‘The economy is great so you should vote for me’? That was obviously his attempt at convincing people the good economy is actually good. Because if it ever becomes not good…whoa nellie. Watch out. He might be toast and, per some really well-placed insider anonymous sources, he knows it!”

They’re not just reporting this as actual “news” (it’s not), but they’re doing it with giddy enthusiasm and incitement.

That’s their story. That’s their headline: “President Worries Bad Economy Will Hurt Him.”

It’s of course a nothingburger but, again, devoid of any other stories they can use to bludgeon him, that’s what they went with today. And it was hilarious.


I remember Resistance Jake Tapper not long ago pretending that the media have nothing to do with writing the headlines. (Let that sink in.) Not to overstate the obvious but the media literally write the headlines. And it was hilarious today to watch them lean on not one but two pathetic attempts to bludgeon President Trump, disenfranchise his supporters, and embolden those who oppose him.

What the mainstream political news media turns out isn’t news. And it hasn’t been for a very long time. It’s propaganda. And today’s propaganda shows, like their pajama boy entertainment media brethren in Hollywood, they’re totally out of ideas and are now just hoping consumers are too stupid and lazy to notice. The good news for them as far as their base goes (ie, The Resistance), is that they’re largely right.


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  1. You missed another really good one.. just yesterday our feckless Fake News Networks were desperately trying to ‘prove’ their failed ‘Russian Collusion’ Conspiracy Theory by equating the fact that President Trump ‘likes hamburgers’ with the spurious claim that ‘the Russians’ also like hamburgers. Never mind that hamburgers are a quintessential American fast food favorite! I guess someone with a brain must have pointed out how completely stupid they sound! LOL


  2. Ha ha! These boobs want a recession SO BADLY that they’d CAUSE one if they could! How very sad a life one must live to CONSTANTLY root for diaster to befall your country and countrymen JUST so you can attack the president.


  3. Don M, they are not rooting for a disaster so they can attack Trump. The are attacking Trump so they can bring a successful America to a disastrous end. It is we the people they fear–for daring to go outside Washington for our leaders. That…neither worthless political party can handle.


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