The Democrat Party Is A Joke That Would Cease To Exist Without The Media’s Support

Republican insiders and activists have often asked me why I focus more on the media than on the Democrats. It’s simple: The Democrats are a total joke and without the media they’d be a distant and ugly memory from our nation’s past. Consider the wide open secret that Democrats have to lie about literally every policy aspiration they have…

On healthcare they claim they simply want to “help the poor,” but every single one of them wants a total government takeover of our healthcare system because they know that’s the best way to control people. Some believe they can get away with doing it faster than others, but in the end that’s all any of them actually want.

On immigration they also claim they simply want to “help the poor,” but every single one of them wants wide open borders so they can exploit yet another group of brown people in yet another benefits-for-loyalty scam that does nothing more than keep those brown people literally segregated and metaphorically enslaved; beholden to the Democrat party, shackled by manufactured grievance, and with nothing but identity-based pain and hatred where their patriotism and individual liberty would’ve otherwise been. Exploiting brown people has always been the Democrat party’s go-to strategy for amassing power, and “immigration” is just the 2019 version of it.

On “gun control” they claim they want to reduce violence, but every single one of them ultimately wants to abolish the Second Amendment and confiscate all guns. They think the masses are idiots who would be much better off if we were all defenseless and relied on them to “protect” us — whether we like it or not.

On abortion they claim they want to empower women, but every single one of them wants only to shackle women with manufactured grievance while diluting the gravity of pregnancy and, subsequently, family. While Planned Parenthood was founded to “solve the negro problem” with a goal of exterminating black people, today their mission is twofold: Destroy the family (which makes all people, regardless of race, much poorer and thus easier to control) and convince women that they’re not healthy and strong individuals but rather perpetually aggrieved victims who should always be furious and desperate for Democrats to save them.

On climate change — which mind you always has been and always will be infinitely ubiquitous — they claim they want to “save the planet” but in reality they simply want to control the one commodity that the entire human race most relies on: Energy.

On literally every issue, the Democrats are social psychopaths whose goals are so far out-of-touch with reality that they have to lie in order to pitch them. There isn’t a single thing the Democrats want and/or fight for that they’re honest about. Every single issue gets packaged in a hilarious euphemism that’s designed to help make their goals more palatable, because their ultimate objectives are so totally insane that nobody would ever in a million years be okay with them.

And that’s where the media comes in.

The media’s job is to be a marketing arm for the Democrats. All day, every day, in virtually every political news media vehicle except a few voices on Fox News and a few others on AM talk radio — the entirety of the mainstream political news media runs cover for the Democrats while attacking and demonizing Republicans. All they do is lie. They lie about the subject matter and the people involved. Some of the lies are flagrant, while other lies are more subtle. Some of the liars are aggressive, while others are more nuanced. But it’s always lies, and it’s always on behalf of Democrats and at the expense of Republicans.

While feigning deference to forces allegedly beyond their control, they decide exactly what stories will be covered and exactly what spin will be attached to those stories.

The media is, and for decades has been, nothing more than a propaganda machine to help the Democrats lie about their true objectives. And because the media is so powerful, our Republican “leaders” had spent decades balled up in fetal positions trying to tell us that our perceptions about media bias were imaginary, and that we really couldn’t do anything about it and shouldn’t bother trying.

The swamp worked like this: The Democrats ran the show, the Republicans pretended to fight them, and the media told our nation that it was a real horserace while slowly but steadily ensuring everything always shifted only to the left. Shame on those Republicans who just a few short years ago dared to lecture us about the media AKSHUALLY being pretty honest and fair. It was never the case, and that’s never been more obvious than right now as they try to take down the one person who finally stood up to them on our behalf: Donald J. Trump.

The media abandoned impartiality and objectivity decades ago but they still at least tried to fake it. Today, as Trump repeatedly batters them with the truth they should’ve been pummeled by for decades, they’ve also abandoned even the impression of impartiality and objectivity. And the only people left who will even pretend to dispute that are the avowed members of the media’s increasingly violent army, also known as The Resistance.

We are in an all-out war for the future of the United States of America. And the greatest domestic threat to our nation’s future surely isn’t the weak, toothless Democrats or their feckless establishment Republican whipping boys. The greatest domestic threat to our nation’s future is the tremendously powerful mainstream political news media — with a pathetically attempted assist from the pajama boys in the entertainment media (Hollywood) who eagerly surf their coattails. (Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Alyssa Milano, Mark Ruffalo, Patricia Arquette, Robert DeWeirdo, etc.)

This is why we must stop focusing on the laughably impotent Democrats and instead take our fight directly to their most potent weapon: The mainstream political news media, most notably CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, AP, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

And that’s exactly what I, and increasingly many others, are focused on. The Democrats are a joke. The flagrantly partisan and incredibly powerful political news media whose sole job is to promote and defend the Democrats, are the real threat to a united and progress-minded America.

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One comment

  1. I remember joe biden did a smear campaign on judge Bork.
    Later the democrats involved with the smear apologized to his wife, but biden didn’t. They said biden lied, and others lied about judge Bork on his nomination
    to the Supreme Court.


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