CNN Terrorists Promote & Defend Assassination Of Trump Supporters [VIDEO]

Despite spending literally the entire last week blaming President Trump’s “heated rhetoric” for real world violence, CNN’s Oliver Darcy and Brooke Baldwin defend and promote assassination porn that depicts Trump supporters being summarily hunted and murdered by “elites.”

Not only do these two CNN terrorists* think there’s nothing wrong with Hollywood turning out a blockbuster movie that encourages the Left to do the media’s bidding and literally start hunting and killing your friends, family and neighbors who support President Trump — but they think anyone who does take issue with it is just being overly sensitive.

Not only do these two CNN terrorists think it’s perfectly fine to create murder porn that shows your friends and family who support Trump being slaughtered — but they think anyone who objects to it needs to toughen up.

File the whole thing in “You just can’t make this trash up.”


Let’s be absolutely clear: You can’t produce 119 minutes of content that glorifies the bloodthirsty murder of Trump supporters, and then say “But that last minute actually makes them out to be the good guy, so it’s all good.”

Nobody is that stupid.

This movie was designed for psychotic, Democrat dirtbags — like Oliver Darcy, Brooke Baldwin, and the other terrorists at CNN who have spent 3 years putting targets on the backs of anyone who dares to support President Trump — to satiate their murderous rage for Trump supporters by watching them be hunted and slaughtered in a Hollywood-produced blockbuster movie.

And as if it’s not bad enough that these CNN terrorists pretend there’s nothing wrong with this type of “satire,” they go on to mock and deride Trump supporters and other peace-loving Americans who do take issue with it.

It’s truly shocking. I keep waiting to not be shocked by CNN’s endless promotion of violence aimed at your friends, family and neighbors who support President Trump — but they just keep turning the dial up and getting worse, and worse, and worse.

I’d say “someday” these animals are going to get people hurt, but it’s already happening. There are endless stories of innocent American citizens being violently attacked for simply exercising their First Amendment right to free speech (e.g. wearing a MAGA hat). Thankfully, the vast majority of us promote non-violence and can take a snowflake punch from pansies like Oliver Darcy. But God save the liberals if we start fighting back.

Keep pushing, CNN. See how it works out for you.

*terrorists: I noted last week that I use that phrase with a heavy conscience. But man…they’re really working hard to earn it, and it’s unfortunately and increasingly clearly a fair description of who they are and what they’re doing to our nation.

UPDATE, 5:35PM ET — CNN’s Oliver Darcy is actually bragging about his perspective on Twitter. This is where we are now. Because the assassination porn of Trump supporters being summarily hunted and slaughtered is “satirical,” it’s supposedly perfectly fine. (But Trump uses the word “invasion” and he’s literally Hitler and may as well have pulled the trigger himself in El Paso. FML.)


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  1. They’ve almost opened “Pandora’s Box” several times now. Apparently they will push their luck until it’s too late, and there’s no turning back. We hate to see that, but that’s their true desire anyway.

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  2. Since we have been threatened by these CNN terrorists, is it not time to arrest them, or do we need to take the law into our own hands? These idiots forget they are out armed, many millions to 1. It is time the DOJ gets involved with the implied threats from this SO CALLED news source.


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