Democrats & Media Think Hispanics Are Inherently Stupid & Dishonest

It’s disgusting and racist that Democrats and the news media (CNN, NBC, NYT, WaPo, etc) think Hispanics are too stupid, dishonest or both to immigrate legally. And they therefore must be allowed to do so illegally, and be given passes when they get caught.

And that those same Democrats and media call me racist for rejecting their implied bigotry, is dangerous and destructive.

I know most Democrats in the grassroots truly think they’re doing good.

They truly think our nation is a racist hellhole and that — simultaneously and thus demonstrating a total lack of self-awareness — brown people need their pity in order to succeed.

But however well-intended they may be, they’re still wildly wrong and are doing exponentially more to crush liberty and create hatred/division, than they’ll ever do to inspire the former or quell the latter.

The media and Democrats have conditioned Hispanic illegal immigrants to eat, sleep and breathe unhealthy entitlement and unsafe lawlessness. And those who support the Democrats and media have been taught to believe that people with brown skin need lower bars, and passes that other people don’t get.

It’s a lot of things.

But “progressive” surely isn’t one of them.


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