CNN Thinks You’re An Idiot: ‘Family Separation’ Edition

CNN demonstrated again on Friday morning that they think their viewers are idiots, as they bemoaned “family separations” that follow the arrest of parents who break the law.

The terrorists who produce and host CNN’s programming have worked hard to inspire hatred for your friends, family and neighbors who support President Trump. Their attacks are no longer about the President himself. They have moved completely past that and now want to make sure all of their viewers hate, and hopefully find and assault, anyone who supports President Trump.

CNN is, in that way, a terrorist organization. They know they’re lying. They know they’re creating hatred and fear and division. They know they’re encouraging violence, and either ignoring or defending it when it happens. And they don’t stop even briefly to think about the damage they’re doing. To the contrary, with each passing news cycle they step on the gas even more.

The good news is that virtually nobody watches CNN anymore and even fewer trust CNN. They’re completely exposed as a marketing arm for the anti-Trump, pro-swamp, socialist and communist left. But that’s what makes their continued terrorizing of our nation through lies and distortions all the more egregious. It’d be one thing if they thought anyone still confused them for being a legitimate news organization. But that ship has sailed and they know it. And now they’re proudly pushing ahead as the propagandist terrorist network they are, stoking flames of hatred and fear and violence all in the name of putting targets on the backs of your family and friends who support President Trump.

Today their weapon of choice is pushing the “family separation” narrative. Incredibly, the terrorists at CNN want their viewers to believe that only Hispanic families are separated when a parent is arrested, and that this is something new that only started happening because — as any regular CNN viewer will tell you — the Trump Administration is what happens if Hitler and Satan had a lovechild that was too evil for them to control.

And for any reading who actually are idiots: If someone in the United States gets caught breaking a law, there’s a decent chance that they will be detained pending initial adjudication as part of their legal due process. And being detained means…

…wait for it…

they will be separated from their families and children.

It’s a terrific reason for people in America to avoid breaking the law. And it’s not new.

But the bigoted propagandists at CNN who enjoy terrorizing our nation — most often and specifically brown people who they love to segregate and exploit as part of an ongoing effort to make them dependent and loyal and easier to control — want their viewers to believe that before Trump came along, you could only be detained if you didn’t have any children. And anyone who does have children would automatically be given a pass. But that’s just not how it works.

Here are a few screenshots just from one hour of CNN’s programming this morning…


To be clear, the people arrested came to our country illegally and then stole your grandmother’s identity so they could defraud employers and steal jobs from legal immigrants and American citizens. (As noted many times on these pages, many of the people who come illegally aren’t bad people. But they were seduced here by bigoted liberals and greedy Republicans, and now believe they’re entitled to break our laws at-will. And that’s not okay. And it’s not good for them. And it’s not good for our nation. And it is good that someone is finally trying to put a stop to it instead of just perpetuating the problem.)

Just because CNN and their Democrat allies pity brown people and see them as charity cases who deserve special treatment and lower bars, doesn’t actually mean skin color is or should be used as a gauge by which to judge people.

Do not follow their terrible, regressive, bigoted example.

I don’t care if you hate white people, fear black people, or pity brown people. If you judge anyone (yourself or others) based on skin color, then you’re a racist and a blight on our nation’s progress and unity. And at least the dirtbag racists who are inspired by hate give their targets a clear signal of what’s coming. The terrorists at CNN who are racist because they pity brown people are arguably far more destructive because they claim to be helping while in reality they’ve committed genocide on the individual liberty of generations of brown and black people in America. They’ve told them they’re defined by their skin color. They’ve told them to celebrate and embrace that debilitating perspective. They’ve told them not to view themselves as individuals, but to first and always view themselves based on what color skin they were born with. They’ve told them their skin color makes them inherently different, and that it means they have different needs than everyone else. They’ve told them they’re all victims, and all white people are the reason why. They’ve taught hatred and pity as the two most important lessons anyone in America can ever learn, and in the process have worked hard to utterly crush any semblance of individual liberty those otherwise happy and productive and hopeful people might have had.

It’s disgusting and it’s bigoted. And the terrorists at CNN, and the liberals and SJWs and Democrats and progressives and socialists who love them, create more division and disparity and destruction in one single day than President Trump and every one of his supporters ever will in their entire lifetimes.


CNN is exploiting fear in order to create hatred, and today they’re banking their efforts on the hope that you’re too stupid to know that parents who break the law are separated from their kids all the time.  Just another day at CNN as they try to create so much hatred for and violence against people who support President Trump, that you’re unable to see their ongoing effort to terrorize our nation and destroy the lives and liberty of brown and black people who they quite obviously think are incapable of living full and meaningful lives without their busybody liberal “help.”


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