Using Taxation & Guns To Force Charity: God’s Law vs. Man’s Law

God’s law says murder is wrong because it’s bad to have hatred in your heart. America’s law says murder is wrong because individuals have a right to life.

God’s law says theft is wrong because it’s a permissive manifestation of greed and envy. America’s law says theft is wrong because individuals have a right to property.

God’s law is about promoting morality within your own spirit. America’s law is about protecting individual rights.

Be wary of anyone — right or left — who wants you to believe the government’s job is to legislate morality and dictate charitable acts and good works. Not only is that not how true morality and charity work, but forcing either one through government compulsion serves only to negate virtually all the merit and likely organic manifestations of each.

This goes for everything from abortion and marriage, to healthcare and immigration.

As a wise person once said, and then another less wise but still well-intended person later incorrectly attributed to Mother Teresa: “If you want to make the world a better place, go home and love your family.”

But stop pretending to be some beacon of moral integrity because you’re real loud about wanting the government to force the rest of us to do what you never have and probably never will as an individual when nobody is watching.

The above is the latest iteration of a years-long spiritual and intellectual exploration about the confluence of morality and law, inspired largely by do-gooder liberals who demand morality and charity be forced with guns and taxation primarily because they’re too lazy and amoral to do anything for or from their own homes.


ABORTION: Abortion is wrong legally not because “YOU’LL BURN IN HELL!!!1!”, but because those babies, like you and I, have a right to life. It’s wrong socially and culturally — which is a completely separate structure from legally — because the casual attitude toward abortion (e.g. #ShoutYourAbortion! and other celebratory postures that the media and Left take as they move from “Safe, legal and rare” to simply “Safe and legal”) devalues the gravity of pregnancy and with it the importance of family. This is part of the media and Left’s design as the more pain and suffering people have, the more they’ll need the government, and the easier it becomes to lord over rubes like us who by their estimation can’t possibly do anything of substance or value without guidance and support from our government and media betters.

MARRIAGE: If you’re a Christian and think God needs you to defend marriage, perhaps the best place to start might not be investing all of your time and energy into stopping gay people who want to recreationally dabble in it…but rather focusing on your own friends and family who you’ve casually supported as they get divorced. I for one, as a Christian, couldn’t care less about the government’s role in my marriage. And I’m not keen on judging the people I love around me, either. My wife and did it legally because that’s what everyone does, but as far as I’m concerned it’s between me, my wife, and God. (And yes I realize the push for gay marriage is, for many on the Left, like abortion, yet another attempt to devalue intact families that breed accountability and turn out adults who don’t need the government and aren’t shackled by liberal grievances. I still stand by my original point: Stop dragging morality into the conversation. It’s a legal contract at the government level and if you really have a bone to pick in defense of marriage, I think the staggering rate of divorce might be an equally or even more productive place to start.)

IMMIGRATION: Lowering the bar for brown people in the name of “charity” presumably because you quietly assume they’re incapable of doing things honestly and legally isn’t nearly as helpful or progressive as you think. Take a few steps back and find another way to help the poor that doesn’t involve doing nothing except calling me a racist because I think we should have and enforce our borders, and because I don’t trust the Democrats and media who have a long history of exploiting brown people under the guise of “help.”

HEALTHCARE: When’s the last time you asked your insurer about putting your uninsured friends and neighbors on your policy? And if you never even bothered to ask, stop calling me a hateful death monger who revels in human carnage simply because I’m able to decouple health “care” from health “insurance.”


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  1. I suggest telling your children the TRUTH. I am amazed by how much came back to me after 60 years from things I was taught in Bible study/
    Do not expect immediate results …….. but plant the seeds.
    What you call “conservatives” used to be called LIBERALS.
    Betraying Christ by groveling to the Temple Priests.
    Expanding government and running huge deficits.
    I just watched the most awful segment on local news. “proudly” showing innocent White kids singing “Lean on Me” … a song of subservience.
    The Saturday morning children’s shows are a direct application of communist indoctrination. I really am not exaggerating how overt the indoctrination is. The parents who are letting the TV entertain their children are allowing the wolf directly into their home to sow the poisonous agenda. If you wonder where the social justice warrior snowflakes are coming from wonder no more; they are being turned out from under age 5 onward right through their public indoctrinated education through high school.
    “Our granddaughter is here today and after playing for a while we put her in front of a television show while we clean up. I was listening to the show she was watching and it is literally an indoctrination clip on how she is a citizen of the world and a steward of the environment and that we are destroying the world. Unbelievable. ”
    Quit drinking the Kool Aid You,,your children, are being programmed to be docile SERVANTS.
    —– Do not “question authority” ….. be AFRAID to “offend” anybody at all……grovel & bow. Tolerate those who DO NOT Tolerate you or your culture. You are ordered to not be judgemental …. but They are judgemental as all get out about you and everything you do or think.
    Paying it forward,Giving back, spend your vacation “helping others” spend 9/11 GIVING …….
    All pushed by RICH people & politicians who sacrifice NOTHING. The Rich write off their time, the politicians are getting you to fix THEIR problems and take pressure off them.
    parting thought …. how have Americans been seduced into training their own children to be SERVANTS. “pay it forward/back” work for others on your vacation, give this, donate that, yield YOUR culture and beliefs to any failed trash that comes along becuse for some unexplained reason You are “inferior” ………….. ”
    It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.” Ayn Rand


    • Taxes on wages and salaries is “involuntary servitude” which was banned along with slavery by the 13th Amendment. There was NO taxes upon them until an “emergency measure” was passed during WWII to pay for the war. The measure had a “sunset clause” that demanded its end two years after the war ended,

      If Trump REALLY wanted to upset Democrats, he’d sign an EO FORCING the sunset clause; you know, as he’s allowed to do to ENFORCE laws already on the books.

      Not holding my breath on that one.


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