CNN’s Most Insane Chyron Yet?

The people who work at CNN want you to fear and hate your family, friends, and neighbors who support President Trump. And in any given hour of their programming I can show you no less than 50 examples of dishonest, unfair and inflammatory fake news being broadcast from their traphouse studios.

But here’s just one example from this morning that’s particularly galling in its desperate overreach, all predicated on efforts to create hatred and division in America.

The people at CNN are literally trying to convince their audiences that mental health actually has nothing to do with mass shootings.



It should be obvious, but just in case: They’re doing this because they don’t want any distractions from their years-long “Hate Trump / Ban Guns” campaign. And any conversations that aren’t about racism or banning guns — including conversations about mental health — hurt the political interests of CNN and their bigoted peers in the Democrat party.

Yesterday I did a piece mocking CNN for the way they manufacture their fake news narratives. And I included a line or two about “experts say,” just because that’s such a key ingredient to their recipe for creating fake news. Spoiler alert: You can find “experts” who will say pretty much anything. And it gets even easier if you’re looking for people from academia to speak ill of President Trump! Why? We’ll get to that in a minute.

Also a few days ago I lamented that some Republicans were blaming mental health exclusively for the shooting in El Paso. We all know what truly twisted, mentally unstable people sound like in their screeds. The shooter in El Paso wasn’t one of them. He was many things, but ultimately lucid. But it should go without saying that, even if ultimately lucid, anyone who would go slaughter a bunch of people is absolutely sick in the head to a pretty significant degree. They may have their own unique triggers and evils that motivate them, but none of those people can truly be called “stable.” And the only reason CNN is so badly overreaching here is to create hatred for, and fear of, not only President Trump but far more destructively, every one of his supporters.

And did you notice something else kind of glaring in that chyron?


If President Trump can’t use the word “invasion” because it’s supposedly too dangerous and inflammatory, what the hell is CNN doing with “AMERICA UNDER ASSAULT” splashed across their screen?

They’re trying, as they do every day, to make American citizens hate their family, friends, and neighbors who would dare support President Trump. They’re not putting a target on Trump’s back. That ship has sailed. At this point, heading into year 3 of their 24×7 misinformation campaign designed to stoke division, hatred, fear, and violence — they’re putting targets on the backs of Trump supporters. They’re telling good American citizens that only evil people or idiots could possibly support this monster they invest virtually every second of their air-time demonizing.

They’re doing just what their Democrat peers have done since they lost the Civil Rights battle in 1964: They’re trying to divide us. And today they’re doing so by claiming “AMERICA IS UNDER ASSAULT” because President Trump used the word “invasion,” and even going so far as to say mental health has nothing to do with the twisted minds of people who commit mass shootings.

I don’t know if CNN’s behavior here is more desperate or destructive, but I know it was worth documenting. If you don’t support President Trump, please do a little research before relying on CNN for your “news.”


If I told people a bunch of lies that made you look like a bad person, and people believed those lies — are you really a bad person? Or am I the bad one for creating and spreading those lies? In Charlottesville, Donald Trump never said that some Nazis/racists are “very fine people.” To the contrary, when he said there were “very fine people on both sides” he also said very clearly, “And I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis or white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” He further qualified that he was talking about people “other than the neo-Nazis and white nationalists.” But the media have lied about him, and in turn people like me who support him, and made many of you believe he actually called Nazis “very fine people.” And they made you believe that I’d support someone who said Nazis are very fine people. He never said “all Mexicans are rapists,” or anything close to it. He said that many of the people who come to our country illegally are more prone to crime than those who come legally. And it’s been reported by both the left-leaning Fusion and Huffington Post that around 80% of women are sexually assaulted while doing what the media and Democrats have spent decades telling them they should do: trying to immigrate to our country illegally. If the numbers are even half that high it suggests that there are some very bad elements among the men who are making that journey with them. But the media don’t want to talk about that. Instead, they want to lie to you about the person who told you the truth about what they and their Democrat allies have done to yet another group of brown people who they see an opportunity to exploit. So who’s the real bad actor here? Trump, or the media who lie about him in an effort to make you hate him, and any of your friends, family and neighbors who support him?

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