Did Liberal Dayton Shooter Target Trump Supporters In Retaliation For El Paso?

Triggered by CNN’s ongoing misinformation campaign to inspire and enable violence against American citizens who support the duly-elected President of the United States, I’m going to reciprocate their bad behavior with some of my own and speculate about the Dayton shooter’s motives…

As more information is revealed about the liberal and progressive leanings of the Dayton shooter — namely, he posted just hours before his killing spree in support of the violent terrorist organization, AntiFa — some are speculating that it’s entirely possible his killing spree was a retaliation for the terrorism committed earlier that day by a white supremacist in El Paso.

The area that the Dayton shooter targeted was reported initially to be a highly affluent one.

To a member of the AntiFa terrorist organization, that means it’s an area where someone could, for example, wear a MAGA hat without getting assaulted by a mob of faithful CNN viewers and Democrat voters, all of whom have been conditioned to believe it’s okay to use violence as a response to a Trump supporter’s free speech.

Analysts and concerned citizens say it’s entirely possible that the twisted leftist went to an area where “rich people” hang out and eagerly just started firing, indiscriminately, as an act of poorly-conceived retaliation for the white supremacy the nation witnessed just hours before in El Paso.

As for the killing of his own sister, some say it’s possible that it was incidental/accidental, but it’s also possible that she was a Trump supporter. Or at least not a sufficiently-militant supporter of her brother’s violent, far left tendencies and beliefs.

Behavioral science experts have long said that such retaliation is a natural reaction when an individual feels attacked by something they perceive to be a threat, indirect or otherwise, to their own well-being and/or the world around them.

While partisan actors want to deflect blame by pointing to decade-old components from the shooter’s history, many security and terrorism experts note that the hours-old social media posts that came after the El Paso shooting — promoting the terror group AntiFa and other factions that celebrate hatred for President Trump and his supporters — are far more germane to understanding his motivations and goals.

Of course I can’t fully corroborate any of this, so I’m just doing what CNN does: I’m putting it out there as though it’s very likely true, but without explicitly stating as much. As Resistance Jake Tapper or NeverTrump Brooke Baldwin might say, “I’m just asking questions with the hopes of uncovering the truth. If those questions are uncomfortable for you, I’m sorry.”

Sure, my questions are entirely loaded and could incite more anger and division while promoting misinformation and inspiring yet more retaliation. But that’s where we are today.

These aren’t my rules. These are the rules of CNN, NBC, WaPo, NYT and the rest.

At any rate, we’ll find out soon enough. And if it turns out that this speculation is inaccurate, I’ll be sure to add that revelation as a footnote to this piece in a few months after the damage is done and nobody is paying attention.

Just like CNN does.




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