CNN Hosts Are Terrorists; Refuse To Report That Dayton Shooter Was Liberal Activist & Democrat

The domestic terrorists at CNN who pretend to be impartial journalists refuse to tell the American people that the Dayton, OH shooter was one of their own; a left wing activist and Democrat who hatred Trump and all of his supporters. (And you can read more about that here, which includes a link documenting his social media and enthusiastic support for the same people and causes that CNN promotes all day, every day.)

There are many reasons for Team CNN — Poppy Harlow, Jim Sciutto, Kate Bolduan, Brooke Baldwin, Chris Cuomo, Jake Tapper, etc — to suppress this information from public view. Chief among those at this particular moment is they don’t want to distract from the terror they’re inflicting on our nation as they blame both shootings (El Paso and Dayton) on President Trump and his supporters.

It’s with a heavy conscience that I use the word “terrorists” when describing CNN’s race-hustling, bigoted, Democrat propagandists…but it’s the second time I’m doing it, and each is beset by a degree of frustration that has me unable to find any other words for them.

They know they’re lying. They know their lies are stoking very real hatred and anger and division and even violence. They sensationalize that violence any time they can blame it on Trump and his supporters, and they downplay or ignore it entirely when their handy work comes to fruition and the violence is enacted by their own faithful viewers.

The CNN hosts, producers, and fully 95% of their analysts and panelists have spent more than 2 years stoking fear and hatred with respect to the duly-elected President.

They have not only ignored, but actually inspired and even enabled violence against anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

Want proof?

Virtually everyone in America “knows” that a group of teenagers wearing MAGA hats had a run-in with an elderly Native American man several months back in Washington DC. (A small percentage of those people also know that, contrary to the widespread initial reporting, the teens said/did nothing racist — and the old man was actually the clear instigator.)

But how many people know that a man of Indian descent was recently beaten to a pulp by a pack of angry teenagers in NYC, because he was wearing a MAGA hat?

The first story that everyone knows about was ultimately billed by the media, with CNN leading the charge, as an act of racism because people on one side of the incident were wearing MAGA hats. That story turned out to be hoax, and the MAGA-hatted teens were actually the ones who were attacked, and given the tense and awkward situation handled themselves exceedingly well. The second story that nobody knows about involves a group of the media’s faithful viewers and listeners literally beating a brown man to a pulp because he was wearing a MAGA hat, and none of you know about it.

When it’s a story that they can use to make you hate President Trump and his supporters, the national media will be all over it: “RACIST TEENS IN MAGA HATS ATTACK OLD NATIVE AMERICAN MAN!” And when it’s revealed to be a hoax, the media quietly change the subject offering barely a mention of their wrongdoing. But the damage is already done. And now yet more people in our nation have yet more reason to think anyone wearing a MAGA hat deserves to be assaulted.

And when that story actually happens and the media’s faithful viewers respond to free speech (a MAGA hat) with violence, the national media don’t say a word about it. And this happens all the time. The most recent story is a little unique only because the victim is clearly himself a minority.

The media are complicit in the violence and anger at literally every stage: They created the environment where even seeing a MAGA hat makes some people become unglued, and they’ve enabled the environment where those people can attack their fellow American citizens without repercussion from the national media — because the national media condone it.

As noted in another recent piece on this same topic…

They will point to rare instances where they denounce violence against Trump supporters as proof that I’m wrong. What they forget is that we still have access to the 99.9999999999928% of the other content they’ve produced.

I had written just yesterday that as a long-time and staunch Trump supporter, I’d been given some pause in recent days because in the wake of El Paso I needed him to come out more forcefully and clearly against white supremacy. (And notably, though still not to the degree I would’ve really liked, he did so today.) But now, watching the terrorists at CNN conflate the shooting by a racist in El Paso with the shooting by a card-carrying AntiFa Leftist in Dayton, my guard is back up and my heels are dug back in entirely for President Trump and his movement/agenda.

These disgusting animals at CNN — which I monitor daily to expose their bias, dishonesty, and what today is clearly to me very real terrorism — will never in a million years tell you that the Dayton shooter was in fact a liberal activist and Democrat. And if they do, they’d say it once just so they could claim they didn’t withhold it. But they’ll never give it the same angry, constant drumbeat that they’re giving the El Paso shooter’s warped thinking. They simply can’t risk missing the opportunity to terrorize our nation with their lies as they conflate El Paso with Dayton, even though the shooters in each case were diametrically opposed both socially and politically.

One was a terrorist on the right.

The other was a terrorist on the left.

And the terrorists at CNN pretending to be impartial journalists — who, like their bigoted Democrat brethren thrive off of racial and identity-based division, disparity and destruction — can’t bring themselves to be honest with their literally tens of viewers, because it will hurt their chances of further hurting our nation, and with it our President and all who support him.

I don’t care why they do it. I don’t care if they’re diehard liberal activists, or they’re just doing what their bosses tell them to do for what they hope will be better ratings. The people on CNN’s air and behind their cameras and in their studios are all, from where I’m sitting right now today as an intellectually honest but still emotionally-charged observer, terrorists. And while as a free speech-loving American I would never endorse or condone violence as a response to others’ speech, I couldn’t be happier that their jobs are all going away and they’re all being laughed off the stage. The problem is, they’re doing real damage in the meantime. Just like their Democrat bedfellows, the US political news media — most egregiously led by CNN, NBC, NYT and WaPo — have created a whole new generation of white supremacists, are purposefully trying to start a race war, and are lying about it every step of the way while blaming Trump and his supporters for hatred and violence that the terrorists at CNN not only condone, but inspire and enable.


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