Media & Democrats Work Hard To Keep Blacks Intellectually Enslaved

While many Americans who happen to be black absolutely endure disproportionate disparity, the real culprit for this racist reality are the Democrats and media who most vocally purport to “help.”

The media and Democrats have spent 50 years shackling black people in America with manufactured grievance. They’ve spent 50 years celebrating single moms and broken homes as evidence of tremendous social progress. They’ve spent 50 years promising black people that everyone who isn’t black secretly hates them, and they’ll never get a fair shake in America. And over the course of that 50 years, things have only got far worse for black people who lag behind all other races and ethnicities in staggering numbers.

In the last 20 years, the media and Democrats have begun scapegoating “whiteness” as a disease that needs to be eradicated. They’ve insisted that asking for an ID is racist because the person you ask might be black, and apparently — per the media and Democrats, emphatically, mind you — black people lack the fundamental human capacity to get and keep an ID. They’ve literally started teaching children in schools that if you’re white, you need to knock yourself down a few pegs. And if you’re black, you need special treatment in order to keep up with those who enjoy so-called “white privilege.”

They’re teaching this racist, regressive, bigoted garbage to children in schools and they call it progress.

The media and Democrats, more than anyone or anything else, are the arbiters of racism and bigotry that result in Americans who happen to be black falling behind everyone else.

Many of their grassroots supporters truly are well-intended. They, like many of the intellectually enslaved black people who are victims of the media and Democrat conditioning, truly believe that our nation is inherently racist and that is why blacks endure disproportionate disparity.

But it’s a flagrant lie, and one that only exacerbates division, disparity, racism, and ultimately destruction. By blaming “racism” for the disparity too many blacks endure, the media and Democrats are purposefully misappropriating blame and making everything worse. They’re teaching black people to hate white people. And they’re teaching white people to become defensive about their own skin color. The media and Democrats are purposefully creating a whole new generation of white supremacists, something I wrote about that in the past.

The reason Americans who happen to be black endure disproportionate disparity is because 72% of them grow up in broken homes. Consider that number compared to 53% of Hispanics, 29% of whites and 17% of Asians. The media and Democrats — with plenty of help from Hollywood and academia — want people to roll their eyes when someone says broken homes, not racism, create disparities for black people. They’ve taken the one thing that’s the most true with respect to black disparity, and marginalized it to reduce or eliminate its potency. But it’s the absolute, unbridled, indisputable truth.

Nothing creates more disparity more than broken homes, and blacks in America lag behind everyone else because 72% of them grow in broken homes where time, energy, resources, love, and the example of a mom and dad who honor their commitments even and especially in the face of adversity, are all depleted. (People often ask what the name of this website — Love Breeds Accountability — actually means. That’s what it means! More on that here.)

So as I watch the media’s bigoted blights on progress and unity accuse President Trump and his supporters of racism, and as I hear them talk about how terrible things are for black people and how “RACISM!” is the culprit — I need to keep trying, despite few if any on either side of the aisle actually hearing me (take your pick from any of these pieces), to make this case.


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  1. I applaud the effort. But, the idea is deeply embedded in both blacks and others. You might have read Thinking: Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann. If not, it will explain how such ideas become set and why it goes against human nature for a person to change their mind. Minds have to be shaped early and often.


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