Will Hurd Retires & GOP Still Flat-Footed As Media Play More ‘Count The Colors’

I’m not sure why CNN regular and occasional Congressman Will Hurd isn’t seeking re-election, but I’m happy to see him go. Given multiple opportunities to defend President Trump’s policies and supporters, Hurd more often than not chose to appease the biased media and take their side in the clear and present battle for the future of our nation.

Like other soft and scared Republicans, Hurd was an intellectually lazy blight on social progress and political evolution. And at a time when Republicans should be pushing back on demands by the media and Democrats that everyone always view the world exclusively through racial lenses, Hurd eagerly fed that divisive and losing narrative. He talked often about the “importance” skin color plays, and never found a dishonest narrative about President Trump that he didn’t enthusiastically support.

Today, the media are celebrating because Hurd announced he won’t seek re-election to the House of Representatives. They’re excited because Hurd was the only Republican in the Congressional House who was born with brown skin.

Think about that just for a minute…

Think about the assault on racial unity and equality that occurs when the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans invest virtually all of their social and often political energy on what skin color someone was born with.

I’ve written about this so many times before, and the ideas never get any real traction. So I don’t expect today will be any different. But I’m going to keep trying because as I’ve said so many times before, exposing the plain-sight bigotry and racism of the media and Democrats isn’t just politically expedient — it’s also a dire need because they are destroying our nation from within, and leaving generations of shattered lives in their wake. Just like they always have throughout the history of the Democrat party.

I’ve written about how we should call the media out when they play count the colors.

I’ve written about how we should respond when they ask stupid questions like “Does President Trump respect women?”

I’ve written — perhaps my most important and sadly least read piece ever — about what Republicans can “do for” black people in 2019.

And today I’m reinforcing all of those points. And I’m encouraging the GOP and its supporters/voters not to indulge the media’s “count the colors” game with respect to Hurd’s retirement.

If they ever asked me to comment on the only black GOP member in the House retiring, here’s what I’d say…

I have a hard time even dignifying that question because I think questions like that are the only reason there’s still a large and often damaging focus on skin color in America. Black people aren’t different from white people. And Hispanic people aren’t different from Asian people. But you in the media and your allies in the Democrat party just can’t let our nation move on. You insist on keeping us all focused like a laser on what skin color someone was born with. This is literally the anti-thesis of what a forward-looking, progress-minded, socially evolved and equality-driven society should do. You’re actually teaching our children that if they have white skin, they need to knock themselves down a few pegs and extend pity to their peers who have brown skin. And you’re teaching brown kids that they can’t get a fair shake in this nation, and deserve pity! This isn’t progressive. This isn’t so-called ‘social justice.’ It’s regressive and it’s bigoted and it does exponentially more to crush individual liberty than to promote it. And while I respected Congressman Hurd as a duly-elected member of the House, I couldn’t care less what color he is, or what color, gender, or sexual orientation anyone else is. And if you do — if you think someone’s skin color matters more than their character and that’s what we should be focusing on — I’ve got news for you Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd and Dana Bash and Gayle King and all the rest: You’re the one promoting bigotry, and you’re the reason it persists. You’re the one ignoring the reality that nothing creates disparity more than broken homes, and 72% of Americans who happen to be black grow up in broken homes. Instead you look at the disparity that black Americans disproportionately endure and you just yell ‘RACISM!’ Your misappropriation of blame and total dismissal of the real issue, in the end, only creates more division, disparity and destruction. And here you are now proudly looking at the division you’ve created on behalf of your Democrat allies, and trying to drive more of it by putting fully 100% of your focus on skin color. Our nation has already rejected racism in all its forms. There isn’t any courage in that. It’s baked in. We all agree. So when our nation eventually does move forward in a more united way, and we start to see less disparity that disproportionately impacts blacks more than others, it will be because we rejected your perhaps well-intended but definitely wildly-wrong insistence that skin color is more important than character. It will be because while you in the media and your Democrat allies demanded we all look at skin color, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation before anything else — our nation started pushing back, and telling you to stop dividing us by identity. And I’m happy to be one of the first. So what do I think about Hurd retiring? Good for him. More time to go fishing. What do I think about his skin color, or mine, or the skin color of others in Congress? I think it doesn’t matter, and anyone who thinks it does is a bigot, and a blight on our nation’s progress and unity.

That’s off the top of my head and with no edits. But granted, as noted, I’ve been writing about this for a long time so I have a head start compared to many others on the right who simply shout “BUT CHICAGO!” or “BUT ROBERT BYRD!” when confronted with questions about race.

As the media line up to spend the next 18 months forcing every Republican in the country to talk about the party’s alleged “lack of diversity,” I hope and pray there are a few leaders among our team who have the courage, intellectual honesty, and social foresight to issue a similar response.


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  1. Very detailed and reasoned answer to any a$$hat that would be stupid enough to ask such a question. You hit the nail right on the head and sunk it squarely in the center. A wholehearted “AMEN”.


  2. Good riddance you double dealing lying POS. Leave Texas also, we don’t need traitors like you. You think you stand on principle but you actually stand on treachery. Be with your illegals you seem to admire so much.


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