CBS News Promotes Anti-Black Bigotry, Caves To Hispanic Supremacy Group

In their march toward ethnicity-based domination, a Hispanic supremacy group recently won its battle and forced media giant CBS News to remove all blacks, Asians and others from consideration for a key position with the company.

In a showdown that’s become common among the bigoted and identity-obsessed American left, Hispanic supremacy group NHMC (National Hispanic Media Coalition) demanded that CBS ignore merit and make the critical hiring decision based first and foremost on race/ethnicity.

Eager to comply despite the clearly bigoted and regressive implications, the decision makers at CBS met NHMC’s demands and happily ignored thousands of qualified black, white, and Asian candidates.

In a bid to justify his group’s aggressive pursuit of implicit ethnic segregation and explicit Hispanic supremacy, NHMC CEO Alex Nogales proudly noted that “Latinos make up 18.9% of the U.S. population and are the largest and fastest growing minority in the nation.” Some observers have wondered what impact if any Nogales’ observation might have on the emerging social phenomenon that shows many white, Asian, and black couples waiting until their 30s to have 1-2 or kids because it’s so expensive, while many Hispanic illegal immigrants are having 4-5 kids as fast as possible because it’s so lucrative for them and enables access to so many taxpayer funded benefits.

Critics elsewhere note that Hispanics, like all people, are created equally and do not have any special qualities that other races or ethnicities lack. Critics also note that endorsing the idea that Hispanics need to be treated differently, or deserve unique considerations, or should be celebrated for their skin color and ethnicity, is a uniquely regressive and divisive position that will only contribute to greater discord and disunity.

It’s unclear what additional plans the group has to further present Latinos as being somehow inherently different from the rest of the population, and/or more deserving of special consideration and opportunities.

Similarly-focused black, white, and Asian supremacy groups have not yet responded to this latest “win” for their Hispanic competitors in the identity supremacy arena. We expect outcry from each however as the media-driven and Democrat-sponsored battle for identity supremacy, under the poorly-conceived guise of “progress,” doesn’t show any signs of letting up any time soon.

The race for identity supremacy in America was first popularized by white supremacist Democrats in the 1800s. Uneasy with the evil and divisive endeavor, the Republican party was formed and fought in 1863 and again in 1964 to expose and ultimately end such racist interests. But the identity supremacy overtures made a resounding comeback in the late 1960s when Democrats — now with truly unwavering support from academia, Hollywood, and the mainstream political news media — demanded that all races and ethnicities begin focusing on why their respective groups deserve more opportunities and consideration than others. It was a marked shift for the historically-consistent bigots in the Democrat party. Having lost their battle to promote white supremacy based on hatred alone, the Democrats moved to pit all identities against each other and task each with proving it’s better and also more deserving of pity than the others.

Republicans, who have long promoted judging each other based on character and ignoring skin color/identity, are today being called “racist” for asserting that perspective. Consistent with their demand for a constant and laser-like focus on skin color and identity, the mainstream political news media and Democrat party say such Republican ideas can be ignored because they are often made by people who were born with white skin.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The above news story offers a teachable moment about the state of journalism in 2019. We at LBA took an otherwise unremarkable news item and put our own sensational spin on it in an effort to highlight what we think is most important. CBS News didn’t specifically target blacks in any way, but because they did so indirectly, we highlighted it as a key component to the narrative. CNN, NBC, NYT, WaPo, ABC and yes CBS too, all do this every minute of every day on every story. The fact of the story might be that Trump visited Michigan. The spin they put out is that his trip to Michigan clearly means he hates all the other states. That’s how they operate. So we took a page out of their book not to endorse the malpractice, but to highlight and expose it. 


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