Debunking The Media’s Top 6 Lies About President Trump

Below is a guide to help debunk many of the dishonest narratives pushed by the disgraced and discredited political news media as part of their effort to destroy the duly-elected President of the United States, and disenfranchise his tens of millions of supporters. We’ll make light work of the following divisive, dishonest and destructive media-driven claims…


Feel free to skip ahead to the sections that interest you most.


I already debunked what were, at the time, the media’s “Top 7” lies about President Trump being a racist. In it I addressed the media’s lazy and divisive lies about Charlottesville, the birther movement, “all Mexicans are rapists,” etc. You can read that piece by clicking here.

Since writing that one, the media have manufactured additional dishonest narratives to bolster the tried-and-true Democrat tactic of screaming “RACIST!” at anyone with whom they disagree. Most recently they began claiming that if someone with brown skin hates America, it’s racist to tell them they should leave. The most simple rebuttal for that: If you’re asking me about the guy who says “If you think America is so terrible, then leave” versus the one who says “You can’t say that to someone with brown skin” — I’m telling you right now, the second person is the racist in that conversation.

The most effective way to debunk the media’s lazy and dishonest lies about President Trump being a racist, is to turn the tables on them. The media, along with their Democrat and establishment GOP allies, believe that black and brown people need pity and to be propped up — while white people deserve scorn and to be knocked down. There’s no getting around it. There’s no academic mumbo jumbo that can justify it, or explain it away. This is what they are literally teaching our children, and what they brag about and promote every day on your television screens. They insist that black and brown people need to be treated differently, and that they need special attention and programs and help that’s just for them, and that “whiteness” is a disease that needs to be eradicated. They use “white” as a pejorative while promoting brown identity supremacy as a virtuous and progressive leap forward. It’s in plain sight. It happens all day, every day, across virtually every plane of the mainstream news media, entertainment, and academia.

Whether it’s The Central Park Five or Ilhan Omar, Donald Trump isn’t a racist for not pulling punches when he goes after someone who happens to have brown skin. The media and Democrats who say he should pull his punches based on skin color, while they simultaneously promote metaphoric slavery and literal segregation, are 2019’s most dangerous and effective bigots and racists. (And that point is a solid 50% of what I’ve written about at this website, so just click around if you want to read more about it.)


It’s absolutely true that Donald Trump takes tremendous liberties when engaging in adversarial political spin. But so does virtually every other politician in America. The difference is, Trump is a lot better at it than most because he’s so effective at disposing of those who oppose him. The other difference is that Donald Trump isn’t playing the game the way the media have for decades scared Republicans into doing. Most Trump supporters have spent their lives watching the media lie to and about us, while the feckless and scared GOP told us it wasn’t okay to attack the media for their flagrant bias. The GOP, before Trump, was very much “go along to get along” when it came to the media. In what should be humiliating hindsight for Lindsey Graham, he and John McCain used to sit there side-by-side seemingly every Sunday morning on a variety of programs telling the hosts how terrible the GOP base was for thinking the media is biased.

But because President Trump finally stood up for us and went after the media, they need to pretend that his political spin, embellishments, and attempts at turning subjective opinions into generally accepted principles is somehow wildly unique. It’s unique only in that he’s better at it than most, and he’s giving the mainstream political news media a long overdue butt-kicking in the process.

And how about that constantly-updated list of “lies” that The Washington Post keeps and the rest of the media love to reference, or more recently the 61 “lies” that CNN’s newest Democrat hack (Daniel Dale) complied? The vast majority of what they call “lies” are nothing more than political spin and/or embellishment. A large chunk are also subjective opinion. Only a very small fraction of what the media and discredited “fact checkers” call lies, truly are. And I promise that if you look at everything these fact-checkers have said, and the Democrats and swamp parasites they work so hard to protect, they’ve told just as many if not more.

President Trump is not a liar. He’s just better at the game than the media, Democrats and establishment GOP combined. And so they must do everything they can do destroy him and his supporters.


Another ongoing narrative pushed by the media is that President Trump is a serial sexual predator who, they claim, admitted as much on tape. This, like the racism charge, is particularly damaging because it’s such a toxic and dishonest claim that in addition to stoking very real division, fear, anger and hatred — also dilutes the gravity of real sexual assault, and the plight of real victims. (Like, for example, the 80% of women who are raped while doing what the media and Democrats have spent decades seducing them into doing: Trying to make a life in America by coming here illegally.)

On the infamous Access Hollywood tape that the media point to as “evidence” of admitted sexual assault, President Trump said “they let you do it.” The word “let” confers consent. Had he said, “When you’re a star they say ‘No!’ but you can do it anyway,” then yes…you could make the claim that he admitted to sexual assault. But that’s not what he said. And while many of President Trump’s foaming-at-the-mouth enemies will roll their eyes at the “”let’ implies consent” distinction, let’s not forget that many of those same perpetual pearl clutchers are on CNN every day taking turns having panic attacks because “WORDS MATTER!” and “FACTS FIRST!” It’s a fact that he said “they let you do it,” and it’s a fact that the word “let” implies consent, and it’s a fact that those words matter.

Has President Trump engaged in extramarital affairs and been with his fair share of women? Probably. Are beautiful women a real weakness for President Trump? Probably. Is there any evidence that President Trump has ever sexually assaulted a woman, let alone many women? No. Not a shred. There’s just a collection of women who magically appeared right before an election, with no contemporaneous or other supporting evidence, and were propped up by a media desperate to protect itself from the man who promised to knee-cap them while draining the swamp they depend on for survival.


This one is always hilarious to me. Every day, sometimes many times each day, you can find allegedly impartial journalists on CNN and elsewhere whining that…

“President Trump has never met a murderous dictator he didn’t love!”

No need to re-invent the wheel while debunking this one. It’s very simple. The disgraced and discredited U.S. political news media are collectively pretending they’ve never heard the expression “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

It’s mostly true that President Trump sets higher expectations for our allies while stepping more lightly when it comes to our adversaries. But it’s also true that this is the most natural posture in the history of mankind when it comes to navigating relationships of any kind. And there’s a real expectation among many Americans for our allies to step up when it comes to our mostly one-sided relationships with them. And we all know that if we want to get anywhere with North Korea or Russia, for example, trashing their leaders will only hurt those efforts. President Trump took the tough guy tact initially with Chariman Kim of North Korea, but it was a painfully obvious strategy to start at a very adversarial and threatening position and then lure him in by pretending to be best friends. Putin, who is far less isolated and far more savvy, would’ve never fallen for that tact. But the media’s alleged belief that if we just trash Putin and talk really mean then he’ll stop doing things we don’t like, is hilarious. And I say “alleged belief” because the media don’t truly think this would work. And their obsession with the “Why won’t Trump pick a fight with Putin!?” narrative is strategically aimed at accomplishing two goals:

1) Force Trump to tacitly admit that he didn’t win fair-and-square in 2016

2) Ensure he can’t actually get anything meaningful done with a critically important global force like Russia

The media’s “Trump hates our allies and loves our enemies” narrative is a joke.


I’ve stipulated in the past that I doubt President Trump is worth nearly as much as he says he is, and that’s likely why he doesn’t want his taxes made public. He says he’s worth around ten billion dollars. I’m guessing the number, if he sold everything and just cashed out, might be closer to half that. But that’s still a huge and impressive number.

“But he got a million dollar loan from his daddy and that’s the only reason he has money now,” many in the media like to argue. For those naysayers I have a very simple question: If I gave you $100, could you turn it into $500,000? Because if Trump got a million dollar loan from his dad and is worth even half what he says he is, that — in numbers more of us can relate to — is exactly what he did.

Was he a tough and shrewd businessman who took advantage of every loophole our government made available? Of course. We wouldn’t have elected him President if we didn’t want him bringing that same toughness, work ethic, and commitment to success to his America First agenda! So miss me with your “He’s actually a terrible businessman who’s basically broke” nonsense. Or, on the other hand, if you think you can turn my $100.00 into $500,000.00 then let me know. I will gladly stop supporting Trump and instead spend all of my time and energy telling everyone how awesome you are. My contact page is linked here. Let me know!


Before I get to the important stuff, I have a question for the media and Democrats who are suddenly so worried about “Russian meddling” in our elections: Tell me one single detail about Russia’s efforts to meddle in our elections that happened before 2016. You can’t do it, can you? And do you know why you can’t do it? Because you don’t actually care about Russian meddling. If you did, you’d have even a marginal interest in learning about the history of it before the 2016 election. Russia has always tried to meddle in the integrity of our institutions, including our elections. And the only thing we really learned in 2016 is that their new preferred weapon happens to be the same one the Democrats and media use to gain power and win elections: Identity Politics. The only reason the media are so focused on Russia meddling now is to explain away the 2016 election that they and their preferred candidate lost.

There’s zero evidence that Russia actually wanted Donald Trump to become President. But there’s a ton of evidence that Russia wanted to sow discord, and turn us against each other. The assessments compiled by Jim Comey and John Brennan, which were later distributed in January 2017 by James Clapper and then used by the media and Democrats to claim “Russia wanted Trump to win,” doesn’t actually provide any evidence for the claim. What they do show us is that after the Russians determined that Hillary Clinton would be the clear winner, they began attacking her with more vigor. And I guess you could argue that Donald Trump was an entirely coincidental beneficiary of that recalibration. But Donald Trump himself, personally and specifically, was in no way named by the Russians in any way as being the “preferred candidate” as the media like to dishonestly claim. Of course since the January 2017 intelligence community assessment, the media got a gift from Vladimir Putin himself when he actually said out loud to the entire world that he preferred Trump over Clinton. Let’s put that hilarious piece of “evidence’ to bed with this excerpt from a related article I recently did…

Since we’re all so interested in Russia these days, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The Russians actually have a name for people like you who, for example, eagerly believe that Vladimir Putin would stand in front of television cameras and not use such a potentially toxic question as an opportunity to manipulate you. They call you “useful idiots.” And I’m sorry you had to find out this way, Columbo, but that’s what you’re being when you bring us that laughable piece of “evidence.”

The Russians didn’t “want Trump to win.” They wanted to sow discord and disunity, and the number one weapon they used to do that was the exact same weapon that the Democrats and media use to gain power and win elections: Identity Politics. Of the 3,517 ads that the Russians ran on Facebook, less than 3% even mentioned Trump or Clinton with any specificity. The remaining 97% were largely aimed at stoking identity-based divisions, just as the media and Democrats have spent decades doing every day. The media claim “Russia wanted Trump to win” not just to advance their ongoing attempted coup and to disenfranchise the 75 million or so voters Trump will get in 2020, but also to deflect from the twin realities that would otherwise crush them: 1) Russia has always meddled in our elections and the staggering time, energy and resources spent on the Trump/Russia conspiracy hoax was just a coping mechanism for losing in 2016, and 2) Russia’s latest and greatest efforts to hurt our nation rely on the same techniques that the media and Democrats use to gain power and win elections.


I’m sure there are other narratives that I left out (like “He’s literally insane!” which honestly doesn’t even dignify its own response), but these are top-of-mind right now and so easily debunked that I wanted to get them all on paper, in one place. Hope you appreciated this and if you did, please share it across social media so hopefully some of our least favorite media members can choke on it. I’m banned from Twitter but also don’t advertise on this site (it’s through WordPress, and any ads you see are theirs, not mine), so my stuff never gets seen unless you guys share it.

Thanks, and here’s to another great night coming up in 2020 and plenty more traction draining the swamp, putting America First, and helping Make America Great Again!


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  1. Really enjoyed your article but I found it somewhat off putting when you decided you were the one who actually knew how much Trump was worth. I guess it was your crystal ball.

    I don’t really care why Trump doesn’t want the media and Dem’s to see his income tax returns but deciding it was because he wasn’t worth as much as he said isn’t anymore plausible than any other reason one could think up.

    I think because you perfectly described and explained all the other aspects of what Trump says and does and how it fits in with other politicians, etc. you got carried away with your rightness of explaining and thought it should include clairvoyance.

    You better believe I will save and pass this on though. It was masterfully done and something even some of his supporters should see. They to sometimes get petty and believe what the MSM spouts on a daily basis.


  2. Good rebuttal. You’d make an excellent debater.

    One small quibble. From the context, it seems as though it should be tack (nautical change of direction) or tactic (strategy) where you say Trump took a strongman “tact” with Chairman (not Chariman) Kim and…Putin wouldn’t have fallen for that tact. Trump has never been associated with tact – i.e. super-polite diplomacy. He uses strong arm tactics and tacks this way and that trying to seize an advantage.

    As for the Prez who loved “murderous dictators” that was Obama, who bowed to the Saudi King like an obsequious head waiter, listened approvingly to a two hour anti-American rant by Chavez in Venezuela, handed Iran’s mullahs a billion dollars for useless promises not to build nukes and opened up channels to the bloody Castro family.


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