While Denying His Own Bias, Resistance Jake Tapper Plays Defense For Democrats [VIDEO]

Resistance Jake Tapper this morning tried to convince CNN’s literally tens of viewers that Republicans’ questioning of Mueller wasn’t even newsworthy, and also that he and his media peers aren’t partisan actors who ultimately make those determinations.

This unfortunate hybrid of deception, dishonesty, and flagrant media bias happened while referencing solidly newsworthy moments harvested by House Judiciary Republicans, when Resistance Jake pretended to wonder inquisitively…

I don’t know that those are going to be headlines out of this report.


This posture has been part of their anti-Trump approach from the start. They always pretend that they have nothing to do with what actually ends up in the headlines.

Here’s the problem with that: They literally write the headlines.

In the past this has sounded more like, “Sure we’d love to be talking about the economy and other great things that are happening for this nation and its people. The problem is President Trump said or did [X] and now we have no choice but to focus only on that for the next 5-10 days or until he does something else that presents a similar opportunity for us to attack him while claiming it’s not our fault that that’s all we do.”

Of course they hope viewers don’t notice that they only focus on things that reflect negatively on President Trump, and that everyone from the producers and anchors to the analysts and guests are all leaning exclusively into whatever spin is most damaging to President Trump. But many people do notice. And that list is rapidly growing.

And today, in an effort to swat away and dismiss Republicans’ observations and revelations, Resistance Jake pretended not to know if their focus was even newsworthy.

That’s not the wonderment of an inquisitive journalist intent on funneling complete information to the public. It’s a strategic suggestion for the dismissal of narratives and facts that would hurt Resistance Jake and his pro-swamp, NeverTrump friends politically. Period.

For any who missed the three “not newsworthy” lines of questioning he referenced, the videos are below. Spoiler alert: Contrary to what Resistance Jake wants you to believe, they’re all extremely newsworthy and well worth your time.

Congressman John Ratcliffe on Mueller’s dereliction of duty:

Congressman Louie Gohmert on Team Mueller’s bias:

Congressman Jim Jordan on Mueller’s legal hypocrisy:


The US Media: Useful Idiots Colluding With Russia To Divide America

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