Team Trump Must Get Better At Calling Out Bigoted, Divisive Media & Democrats

I’ve spent over a decade writing about the division, disparity and destruction created by Democrats and the media who thrive together by pushing identity politics. And as we head into 2020, and the media and Democrats are in full-gear saying “Trump is dividing us!”, it’s particularly painful to watch our side do such a terrible job pushing back.

So last night, amid some frustration, I wrote a letter to a well-connected friend to let off some steam on this topic. That letter should be seen by President Trump’s campaign team and others in the GOP who are given the awesome opportunity to push back on the Democrat and media’s dishonest and divisive accusations. So I’m sharing an excerpt from that letter below.

And for what it’s worth, I unfortunately suspect many of you won’t be real impressed with this. I’ve been pushing it for over a decade now, and literally every person on the right with whom I’ve shared my findings ends up with their eyes glazed over by the time I’m done with my 2-3 minute summation. But the people on the left who I’ve had a chance to make my case to have a different reaction. They curl up into a fetal position and are totally unable to respond in any meaningful way. It’s really pretty remarkable. But that’s not why I’m pushing it. I’m not pushing these ideas simply because they’re politically expedient and stop my opposition dead in their newly-ashamed tracks. That’s just a welcome byproduct. I’m pushing these ideas because they’re true, and we have to quell the growing divisions that create so much damage to our nation and its people. And I’ll just be real honest about something else: My writing and ideas aren’t really geared toward most of you. I’m glad you’re here and appreciate it greatly! (Though, please note: I don’t advertise or make a dime off of this and never will. So I’m happy you’re here just because I value your time, and am honored anytime a great patriot takes time to hear me out.) But I call you “the already-faithful.” And I’m right there with you. I don’t need any convincing that President Trump is anything other than an excellent President, and person, who is doing tremendous things for our nation. And I already know that the media are nothing but a marketing arm for the Democrats and regressive left. But there is a small section of our country who make game-time decisions in Presidential elections, and there’s a large section of the Democrat party who we could peel off, if only we got better at defending our side against the Democrat and media’s dishonest allegations, and also — even more importantly — exposing the Democrats and media for their part in exacerbating racial divisions and even violence.

I digress. The letter capturing some of my frustration, that I hope will resonate with those who are afforded large platforms with which to defend President Trump, is below.


Have you read my stuff about how the left’s efforts to mitigate racial disunity and disparity just end up exacerbating both?

I mean it’s really the only thing I write about when I’m not writing about media bias.

Well actually…I’ll either write about that, or our side’s inability to effectively level that indictment.

There’s just nothing more frustrating to me than watching somebody with a platform on the right respond to allegations of racism by saying “What about Chicago?!” and/or “But Robert Byrd!”

But I’m watching the Sunday shows — just getting started here very, very late — and already I can see them really turning up the dial over the assertion that President Trump is trying to divide our nation by racial lines. And I’m sorry but it’s just so incredibly damn painful for me because it’s not just strong politically, but it’s also the absolute truth: The modern American left — with tons of help from the mainstream political news media, Hollywood, and academia — thrive off of division, disparity, and destruction. Many, even most, in their base are entirely well-intended. They don’t mean to be doing such harm to our nation and its people. But many of the higher-ups in the media and Democrat party know exactly what they’re doing, just as the Russians did when they realized the Democrats’ greatest asset for winning elections would also be the Russian’s greatest tool for destroying us: identity politics.

It’s just so painful as we head into a presidential election that nobody on our side is out there making this case effectively. The left are literally teaching our children that it’s racist not to pay attention to someone’s skin color, ethnicity, gender, and/or sexual orientation before making judgments about their character. They’re actually teaching this as a virtue. They, along with the feckless Republican party that for decades has chased the Democrats’ message instead of leading with our own, insist that black people have different needs than Hispanic people, or white people, or Asian people. They are tearing our nation apart with claims that we are racist in our entirety, and they make that claim largely to explain away the horrific disparity endured by Americans who happen to be black. But that disparity is painfully obviously the product of 72% of black kids growing up in single-parent homes. Not “racism” as the left and media incessantly and destructively claim.

I just can’t believe that we don’t have anybody pointing out every single one of these things. They should be top-of-mind for every Republican and/or conservative messenger out there. They should know it all chapter and verse by now, but it instead appears that none of them are even aware such a catalog of ideas exists.

I’ve been at this for north of a decade and when I do finally hear somebody from our side at least start down this path, I usually hear them where I was many, many years ago.

I just wish there were a way to get our messengers together and give them a good talking to about this. I’ve written about it a million times and that’s not working. I’d love to sit down with them and explain it out loud. They need to see it in action. They need to see somebody on one of these Sunday panels flip the script so cleanly that it literally leaves the anti-Trump guests and host speechless; without any semblance of a rebuttal because there’s just way too much truth and plain sight evidence of the allegations I’ve long leveled at them. Nobody does more to divide our nation and exacerbate racial and ethnic disparity, than the Democrats and media who purport most loudly to combat both. And nobody paves the way for them to do that with such consistency and ease and lack of accountability, more than the Republicans who they dishonestly call “RACIST!” every chance they get.



So there it is. As noted, I don’t think this will have most of you jumping out of your seats with enthusiasm to share this piece. It’s not really “red meat” material. It’s kind of boring, in terms of compelling political and/or social writing. But I guarantee with 100% certainty that someday the ideas I’ve long asserted will be absolute rocket fuel to help usher in our nation’s next great civil rights push which, like every meaningful civil rights push in our nation’s history, will be led by the GOP. And I’ve got to keep doing what I can to make that day get here sooner, rather than later. Because the Democrats and their media allies — CNN, Shepard Smith, NBC, WaPo, NYT, ABC, Chris Wallace, CBS, etc — are leaving a massive amount of destruction in their wake. And our nation needs the meaningful contribution of all our citizens. So someday, God willing, we’ll get better at calling out the media and Democrats for their flagrantly obvious culpability in stoking racial and ethnic division, disparity, and destruction. And until that day comes, I have to keep finding ways to try to get that recipe out there so our side can finally start cooking with it.


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  1. I am very frustrated with repubs that are not helping Trump. They should be screaming to high heaven about all the crap the demoncrats are doing. Nary a word and nothing gets done.


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