As A Trump Supporter, I Recognize & Oppose Racism On The Right

I write a ton about racism and the ensuing division, disparity, and destruction it creates. But 99% of the time I’m writing about how liberals (Democrats, SJWs, CNN, NBC, progressives, socialists, NYT, WaPo, etc) are responsible for that racism. I note that while these historically-consistent Democrats have forefathers who asserted racism based on hatred, the modern Democrat party does so based on pity. (In both cases, it’s always been done in pursuit of power.) I write about how, while typically well-intended, the people who support the Democrats today are doing far more to crush liberty than to enable it, far more to divide us than to unite us, and far more to create wounds than to heal them.

I write about this because, in the most simple possible terms: It’s all 100% true, and too few in this emotional and morally cluttered moment can even yet see it let alone articulate complete thoughts around it.

Moreover, the racism conversation has only grown louder over the course of my 42-year lifetime. And I recognize that most on my side of the conversation haven’t yet landed where I have in terms of observing the Left’s good intentions, and seeing how their words and actions carry tremendous unintended consequences that end up depleting racial and ethnic unity and equality.

So that’s what I most often focus on.

But I should be really clear about something at least somewhere along the way…

Racists on the right are absolutely alive and well, and their numbers are growing, and they’re completely psychotic dirtbags who have no place anywhere near the causes I care about.

I know that by promoting brown identity supremacy, and scorn for so-called “whiteness,” the media and Left are creating a lot of brand new white supremacy. I know they’re basically goading many of you to become as racist as they say we all already are. And I know there’s a persistent undercurrent of “anti-racism = white genocide” garbage that’s been permeating the internet for years. I’m not sure who’s behind it, but I know it’s very deceptive. They’ll float a few ideas that sound pretty mainstream, and next thing you know you’ve clicked through to an appeal for full-on white supremacy that’s shrouded in some distorted and contorted brand of patriotism and progress.

None of it is okay. And while I pity the people who were conditioned to become racist by the clearly bigoted efforts of the mainstream political news media, academia, Hollywood and the Democrats/SJWs they promote — the people on “my side” who succumb to it are casualties to me. I can’t take the time to try to fix them, and there’s absolutely no way I’ll make room for them. So if you’re one of those people, you’re not socially and politically dead to me. You’re not a project I hope to help with.

You’re my enemy. 

The Left thrives off of division, disparity and destruction. These three combine to create the water, sunlight and oxygen for their “big government over small individuals” design.

Not only are the racists on the right repulsive in their beliefs about race and identity, but they’re actually the best advertisements the media and Democrats could ask for.

So while it’s day 1 stuff and takes exactly zero courage to say, let me again be very clear: I hate everything about white supremacy and racists on the right. I know they’re real, I know they’re growing, and I have my own thoughts on why. But since I mostly write about racism and division that stems from the Left, I needed to be clear that like everyone else in the world, I too am aware of the racism on the right. And I’m not at all okay with it. And the people who subscribe to it have no place in my tent, and are my political and social enemies.


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  1. The ‘send her back’ chant began about 5 feet from where I stood during the rally.The people who started it were quite probably democrat plants in the audience.They didn’t respond to anything else and didn’t interact with the Trump supporters there.You’re being played by democrat fraudsters if you start denouncing conservatives over the Greenville rally chant.


  2. If you think “diversity is strength,” you’re a 100% leftist tool. “Diversity” is a weapon used to destroy western nations and remake them into globalist zoos. Science, religion, and history all refute your idiotic virtue signals that all creatures and cultures are equal.

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  3. You include no examples of racism on the right. You just repeat multiple times that you know it exists and is growing. Based on what? As far as I can see the obly racism in this country is from the left- both anti-white and anti brown as well as anti jew. It seems only to be pro muslim. Every story of racism on the right is either redefining racism to include everything done or said by any white person or conservative, or else ends up being a hoax perpetrated by leftists for propaganda. Thenyou make an absurd attempt at sounding tough by declaring this imaginary army of supremecists YOUR ENEMY. Oooooooh if you won’t stand for it then I guess it will have to just give up it’s cause. You’re taking on an enemy of your own creation. There’s nothing here but lies, hype, propaganda and false bravado. Lame.

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  4. Obama’s invitation to Mexican communists and Islamic terrorists to immigrate was never going to result in any kind of peaceful “diversity.” There is no such thing as a successful multicultural society. Their program is white population replacement. The evidence: look up the Coudenhove-Kalerghi plan to turn Europe into a continent of brown slaves by eliminating the white race. Look up the large number of European rabbis who favor white population replacement on You Tube. Jews are racial supremacists who believe all other races should and will become their slaves. Illegal immigration is human trafficking, and they are not coming here to become good citizens. If you don’t prefer your own race, which race do you prefer? How exactly do you justify being a race-traitor? The term “racist” was invented by Lev Trotsky (Jew Communist Bernstein) right before he massacred millions of white Russians. Why do you want to go along with genocidal Jew Communists and destroy the white race?


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