If You Think ‘Black Lives Matter’ Must Be Stipulated But Still Claim To Love America, You’re A Liar & Coward

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has long exposed the modern American Left’s offensiveness and unseriousness, and today it’s yet more proof that they hate America.

Many of us just want the Left and their marketing team (the mainstream political news media) to admit it: You hate this country. And if you love it at all, you love only what it might someday become if we the people would get out of the way and let you fundamentally transform it into something completely different.

You hate our founding.

You hate our history.

You hate our present.

You think our nation is full of racists, rubes, idiots and a**holes who aren’t as “woke” as you because we won’t adopt your bigoted demand that we judge everyone first and foremost by skin color. Or ethnicity. Or gender. Or sexual preference.

Whether it’s Columbus Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving — you’re armed to the teeth with laughably childish insights about how ignorant and awful the people are who honor these holidays.

And of course, you think that Americans are unaware that black lives matter and so that offensively obvious insight must be stipulated for us.

Just like you shouldn’t cry at 10AM that black kids endure disproportionate disparity, and then blame “RACIST COPS!” when you’re crying again at 2PM because black adults (who were once those kids) are now disproportionately ensnared in our criminal justice system — you shouldn’t cry at 10AM because you think a large chunk of our nation doesn’t know that “black lives matter,” and then cry again at 2PM when we call you out for your belief that the USA is a terrible place.

Yes, black kids do endure disproportionate disparity. But it’s not because of “RACISM!” as the Left and media love to claim in tandem with their blatantly obvious efforts to literally segregate and metaphorically enslave the people of America. It’s because 72% of black kids grow up in single parent homes where time, energy and resources are exponentially depleted when compared to two-parent homes. As a result, many of those kids struggle to keep up with their peers and when they grow up they often have fewer opportunities and less hope. And for adults, a lifetime of fewer opportunities alongside hopelessness is a brutal combination that lends itself to desperation and crime. That is why black people in America are disproportionately subject to our criminal justice system and, at times, bad decisions and statistical awareness by the law enforcement community who put their lives on the line to protect us all.

But to people who hate America — like Nancy Pelosi, Ayanna Pressley, Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd — math and science be damned: It’s “RACISM!!!1!” that creates the disparity endured by so many Americans who happen to be black. And I guess to be precise, it actually is because of racism. But it’s racism asserted by the liberals who claim to “help” and think race-obsessed pity and subsequently lowered bars are the best way to do that. (I reject the Democrats’ insistence that having black skin makes a person uniquely less capable of getting and/or keeping an ID, or that people from South America lack the wherewithal and integrity to immigrate legally.) It’s because of racism from “helpful” liberals and Democrats who completely ignore the math and science about broken homes and claim instead that “It’s all just because America is a racist country.”

That position is why literally all of the related problems keep getting worse: Americans who happen to be black continue enduring wildly disproportionate disparity compared to their white, Hispanic and Asian counterparts because nobody is even talking about the actual root of the problem (broken homes). But also, racism keeps getting worse, and divisions keep growing, because people like Resistance Jake Tapper and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are out there telling the world that our nation is racist when in fact the most prominent racial disparity is a result of broken homes, which aren’t even being discussed let alone addressed.

And if you do bring up broken homes, I’ll give you one guess how they respond…


These are the people who think that America is so terrible, and so racist, and so ignorant, that our entire citizenry needs to be told that black lives matter.

Literally everyone knows that black lives matter. And that the mainstream media along with Hollywood, academia, and the small faction of liberals they support think that we need to be told as much, is a really offensive and unserious position. And I lose zero sleep at night knowing that I can’t and won’t find even an inch of common ground with these people.

If you say “I love America even though the people who live there need to be told that black lives matter,” you’re a coward. And I’d bet good money that you’re also a liar.

How can you love a country where you think a large swath of its people are unaware that black lives matter? And if you don’t think we’re unaware that black lives matter, then why would you make such a defamatory claim against our nation?

Don’t spend virtually every minute of your life telling me how terrible this country is, and how unforgivable our past is, and how irredeemable we are in the present, and how ashamed we should all be, and how it’s patriotic to burn our flag or replace it with flags from other nations…and then tell me how much you “love” this country.

You don’t love America.

You love what America might someday become if only you can hide your hate long enough to convince us that your ideas about destroying and then rebuilding it are good ones. You love what it might someday become if only you can hide your hate long enough to convince us that putting identity — race, ethnicity, gender, etc — above character while eating the rich and sliding steadily into a posture where everyone is equally miserable, is what real “progress” looks like.

Stop telling me what a racist, misogynistic, greedy, awful, terrible country this is — and then acting real surprised when I accuse you of hating it. You’re liars and cowards, and while you believe you’re doing good and moving things forward, you’re not. You’re blights on both progress and unity, and you’re the reason why division, disparity and destruction continue to plague this great nation that so many of us from all racial and ethnic backgrounds truly do love without caveat or qualification.


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  1. It will all be resolved once reparations to BLM organizations are completed. WAIT. WHAT? Higher income blacks of means will have to pay out reparations to BLM and their ilk? That’s right concluding studies show that slave reparations are well deserved reparations and all those of wealth status must pay. We need to make the USA whole again. Its all worth it in the end. Thats what the studies conclude.


  2. Zhu responded by saying that “what is ‘insensitive’ is that women in the Middle East are
    getting STONED TO DEATH for refusing to obey their husband’s orders to wear hijabs. A
    Muslim woman tried to FORCIBLY put a hijab on my head without my permission. I tweeted
    about it on my social media, and it got the attention of the media. Almost everyone was
    supportive of me refusing to be put in that situation.”


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