Media Will Say Trump’s Rising Poll Numbers Mean ‘You’re RACIST!’

The thoroughly deluded and discredited mainstream political news media will undoubtedly say President Trump’s rising poll numbers aren’t an indictment of their own flagrant partisanship and dishonesty, but rather a reflection of just how racist America truly is.

It’s the easiest prediction in the entire political universe.

Despite the media’s non-stop meltdown over “President Trump’s RACIST tweets” (that weren’t actually racist at all), Resistance Jake Tapper and the rest will be forced to reckon with the reality that the more dishonest and partisan they in the media are, the more popular Trump becomes.

I say “reckon with” but the truth is they’ll do the opposite. They’ll double down on their ugly, divisive, bigoted and dishonest partisanship.

“America’s biggest problem isn’t that our President is a racist,” they’ll claim. “Our real problem is the vast majority of Americans who either don’t care that he’s a racist or like him more because of it.”

Rather than come to grips with the glaring reality that Americans no longer trust them, the media will instead inspire more of that distrust.

Rather than grow from the revelation that Americans respond to the media’s dishonest partisanship by increasing our support for President Trump, the media will take turns having panic attacks over their united belief that we’re just all too stupid to accept the “wisdom” they hilariously fail at indoctrinating us with.

As they’ve demonstrated literally every minute of every day since that fateful night in November 2016, the media will soon demonstrate yet again that they’ve learned absolutely nothing about the wisdom and fairness of the American people. Frustrated and completely destroyed in every meaningful way, the beaten-to-a-bloody-pulp mainstream political news media will ultimately conclude that you don’t hate President Trump because you’re just as racist as he is.

And they’ll encourage all of their analysts, panelists, guests and “experts” to say the same thing.

They’ll have spent days or even weeks insisting falsely that President Trump was being “RACIST!!!1!” when he said people who hate America should leave. They’ll have convinced themselves and the small contingent of liberal activists who still trust them that this time their dishonest and unfair attacks on President Trump will stick. And when they find out the hard way through many of their own polls that Trump’s numbers continue to rise — they’ll claim that it’s because most Americans are either too uncaring or too hateful to sour on this President. (And that’s despite the additional reality that President Trump’s actual approval ratings are always much higher than the polls show, because a lot of respondents have been conditioned by the media to conceal their support for this President.)

That’s what they, just like the socialist and communist politicians they prop up (i.e. Democrats), truly believe.

They truly believe our nation is a terrible place, packed with terrible people, and that we should all be very ashamed of ourselves, and our founding, and our history, and our present. They truly believe that we’re all rubes, too stupid and greedy to know what real “progress” looks like. And they truly believe that we’re too stupid to see right through all of their bs, and to know that they’re lying to us just about every minute of every day.

When they say they “love America,” they’re lying.

When they say they don’t think all white people are racist, they’re lying.

When they say they don’t think all brown people need pity, lowered bars, and the freedom to be identity supremacists while openly mocking with impunity white people who don’t eagerly embrace their flagrant racism, they’re lying.

When they say they’re not responsible for the racial, ethnic, and identity-based divisions that are creating so much disparity and destruction in our nation, they’re lying.

When they say they believe capitalism is good and that nobody actually wants to destroy our system and replace it with something far more socialist, they’re lying.

When they say they respect Trump supporters but are just doing their jobs when they inspire violence against us, they’re lying.

The media, along with the feckless and otherwise entirely helpless Democrat party they support, are forced to be pathological liars because if they ever told the American people the truth about what they really think and want, we’d put them all out of business so fast their heads would spin.

And so they have to lie. And this time around, after their latest attempt at destroying President Trump and his supporters fails, they’re just going to lie some more.

I noted in the past that the mainstream political news media will lie about Trump supporters to make us look bad, while lying to Trump’s critics to make them feel good.

And we’re about to see a lot more of that when, despite their best efforts, President Trump’s numbers keep going up while trust in the media continues to crater. They’ve already cost the entire Fourth Estate its credibility for a generation or more. I’m not sure why they’re so committed to making things even worse for themselves and their peers and the future of their once-storied profession — but watch for it. Because it’s the easiest thing in the world to predict, and it’s right around the corner. The media are right now putting forth one of their most robust efforts to-date at painting President Trump as a racist. And when it fails miserably and his numbers only go up, they’re not going to blame themselves. They’re going to blame you. They’ll try to temper it with academic psychobabble, but that’s the story they’re going to package. And that’s what they’re going to instruct their guests and analysts to talk about.

Because it’s never their fault.

It always has been and always will be because anyone who disagrees with them is just “racist.”


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