Racist CNN Hosts: ‘Brown Skin Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry’

CNN’s entire lineup of bigoted Democrats (aka hosts and producers) have spent a solid 3 days claiming that it’s not okay to criticize people who have brown skin.

Seizing on President Trump’s perfectly kosher suggestion that people who hate America should leave, the CNN regulars have spent virtually every minute since then weeping into the camera as they try to convince Americans that we should all hate the duly-elected President of the United States as much as they do.

Of course, as usual, they’re taking his comments entirely out of context in order to frame them — i.e. manufacture fake news — in a way that fits their persistently anti-Trump, pro-swamp, pro-socialist agenda.

President Trump called out the liberals who do nothing but talk about how terrible and evil and awful America is. And as anyone who’s being honest knows, that’s basically every liberal on the planet.

Let’s just be clear and honest with some real talk: If liberals “love” America at all, they love only what it might someday become if they can just fundamentally transform it into something entirely different. But since they can’t be honest about their true feelings because voters would laugh them out of office (as is the case with literally all of the Left’s initiatives), liberals instead lie and pretend to love America.

But they don’t love America.

They hate our nation.

They think we’re a stain on human history.

And they just hope they’ll eventually convince people that “loving America” means knocking our great country down several pegs and investing all resources in atoning for generations-old sins that would be relegated importantly and solely to the history books if Democrats weren’t so committed to keeping those wounds open.

On one hand the liberals say our nation is a racist hellhole built on white supremacy and sexism, and that our entire founding and everyone involved in it were terrible people who should bring us all to our knees with shame.

On the other hand they say we need to open our borders so people can come pouring in because, apparently, our racist hellhole nation built on white supremacy is still light years better than literally every country in South America and Africa, where the vast majority of illegals are coming from.

For people who pay close attention to the Left’s social and political posture, their hatred for the USA is no surprise. They cry about our founding, they cry about our history, they cry about our present, they insist that we’re a terrible place, and we always have been, and that we should be ashamed of our flag rather than be proud of it.

So President Trump called them out, with specificity on Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who hates our nation with a passion, but comes from Somalia where things are exponentially worse than even the most destitute and corrupt cities in the USA.

And the media, led by the bigoted Democrat propagandists at CNN, said President Trump was “RACIST!!!1!” for telling the truth about these America haters who come from terrible places and have much better lives here than they ever would in the countries they came from.

There’s just one glaring problem with CNN’s predictably partisan and dishonest hosts trying to spin this fake news: They’re clearly saying that if you have brown skin then you can act with impunity and never have be held accountable for your words or actions.

That is racist.

And it’s the only conclusion one could draw since Trump’s comments/tweets weren’t about race in any way.  They were about people who hate our nation having the freedom and indeed motivation to go ahead and just leave it already.

To put a finer point on it: If you’re asking me about the guy who says “If you think America is so terrible, then leave” versus the one who says “You can’t say that to someone with brown skin” — I’m telling you right now, the second person is the racist in that conversation. I know a lot of people unfortunately can’t grasp that. But it’s the truth.

Of course the type of bigotry we’re seeing in response to Trump’s tweets isn’t uncommon for the historically-consistent Democrats who have a long and tortured history of seeing the world only through racial lenses.

In 1863 and 1964, the Democrats asserted their racism based on hatred.

In 2019, they assert their racism based on pity.

Both assertions of Democrat racism and bigotry crush individual liberty while inspiring division and racial disparity. It doesn’t matter that in the old days Democrats were inspired by hatred, and today they’re inspired by pity. It’s all racism, and it’s all destructive.

And now they’re saying that if you criticize a person with brown skin, then it’s automatically racist. It doesn’t matter if that person hates America and you’re very candidly saying, “Okay, then leave.” If the person has brown skin, according to CNN and their Democrat allies, you’re not allowed to say anything.

It’s yet more racism from the people who claim most loudly to abhor racism. And it’s the reason why the Democrat party, along with their media handlers, are circling the swamp’s drain and are — finally — on their way down it, never to be heard from again. The entirely feckless Democrat party would’ve been wiped out decades ago if not for their powerful handlers in Hollywood, academia, and the mainstream political news media. It’s a small miracle that they survived this long. But like any bad science experiment that relies on false data and bastardized samples, the reckoning was imminent as the Left now is rife with cannibals who can’t stop eating each other.

And it’s a joy to watch.

And given the media’s culpability in terrorizing our nation with their flagrant partisanship and dishonesty, it’s just as much fun watching them get destroyed as it is watching the Democrats they work so hard to prop up.

No matter how hard the Left and media try to make us all as racist as they are, we will not succumb to it. You shouldn’t judge people — yourself or others — based on skin color. But the media and Democrats legitimately have no idea how to view the world without their bigoted, skin color obsessed lenses. They not only condone putting color (and more broadly, identity) over character — but they demand it, and say anyone who refuses is a hateful bigot. It’s insane! And their own bigotry and racism is really starting to show now, along with the hatred they have for our nation and anyone who unapologetically stands up for it.

Still not tired of winning!

UPDATE: While I was writing this piece, President Trump reinforced his original, very simple, easy-to-understand point. Everyone knows what he’s saying. But the media pretend not to because they’re blinded by their own racism and hatred.


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  1. Democrats are just proving how very little legitimacy they have in modern society. The hilarious part is that their echo chamber has convinced them that Americans LIKE AOC and her Islamists Trifecta’s hate. Americans won’t accept America-haters for much longer…

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