Media To Trump Supporters: ‘Shut Up, Or Put Your Family In Danger’

Thanks to CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, WaPo and NYT, I have two choices: Either hide my support for the President of the United States, or put my family in danger.

The media did this.

It wasn’t the Democrats who, without the media’s unwavering support, would be entirely toothless.

The U.S. political news media, and no one/nothing else, are the reason why:

a) The MAGA hat makes people so unhinged, and

b) Those people then feel justified attacking anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

And those are the two elements that created this new social virus, where simply wearing a MAGA hat means you’re putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

The media did this when they repeatedly absolved the violent AltLeft, calling them “Peace Protesters” and “Freedom Fighters” and comparing them to the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy.

The media did this when they repeatedly said that any violence or aggression involving a Trump supporter is always the Trump supporter’s fault.

The media did this when they repeatedly said that everyone who supports President Trump is either an idiot or a racist, with the vast majority being the latter.

The media did this when they abandoned objective journalism and began demonizing anyone who supports Trump, and deifying all who resist him.

The media did this when they emotionally blamed Trump and his supporters for every hate crime story that came their way, before quietly changing the subject when that hate crime turned out to be a hoax.

The damage was already long done.

The media did this when they spent two years whipping our nation into a frenzy over the preposterous conspiracy theory that President Trump is a Russian spy.

The media did this when they invested literally all of their time, energy and resources into painting President Trump as a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy, and/or literally insane.

They don’t just spend 24×7 attacking Trump. They spend 24×7 putting targets on the backs of anyone who supports him.

I don’t understand how they can be so flagrantly partisan, inspire so much hatred and violence and discord, all predicated on a 24×7 flood of entirely fake news, and still sleep at night.

What could possibly be their motivation?

Are they truly social/political radicals who have no shame about what they’re doing because they believe in “the cause” that much?

Are they just doing what they’re told to do by their higher-ups who, like much of corporate America, inexplicably think the side that brags about being broke and wanting everything for free are the ones they should be pandering to?

I don’t know what truly drives them, but I know they’ve made our nation exponentially less safe and less free. How do I know? Because I recently became a father, and I can’t wear a MAGA hat in public unless I get a conceal/carry to go with it. And while it crushes me because I’ve been fighting for Liberty and freedom for more than a decade, was one of President Trump’s earliest supporters, and am still among his biggest — I can’t even wear the hat because it’s not worth putting my wife and son in a position where I have to pull out a gun in order to protect us from the media’s unhinged audiences.

The Democrats didn’t do this. Weak, feckless establishment Republicans and their NeverTrump whipping boys definitely didn’t do this. Billionaire donors who fund far left groups didn’t do this. The media are what made hatred for Trump and his supporters translate to violence, and further made that violence a palatable-enough act of social engagement. They will point to rare instances where they denounce violence against Trump supporters as proof that I’m wrong. What they forget is that we still have access to the 99.9999999999928% of the other content they’ve produced.

I’ve long said President Trump should stop saying “Enemy of the American people” and start saying “Enemy of a united American people.”

Tonight, as I write this and come to grips with this sickening new reality, I think Trump might be right again. I’m an American citizen, and I can’t wear a MAGA hat because the media have made it far too dangerous to do so.

The media is my enemy. And for the first time since that incredible November night in 2016, I feel like I’ve lost a battle. They’ve successfully stripped the full measure of my free speech.

I didn’t think anything could be sweeter than destroying them in 2020. But now that doesn’t feel good enough. Now I’m legitimately excited to see most of them lose their careers and be left with nothing except a rudimentary course on how to code.

They put my family in danger, lest I cede my right to free speech. I have no qualms about putting theirs in the poor house. And laughing the entire time.

The media did this.


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  1. The media is barely smart enough to read their script.
    The world has to work harder because of us,
    They can’t compete with us.

    So the elite rich can’t dumb done the the general population because of us.
    Most of those elite entities are American based companies and people.
    The only way to beat us done is ultimately by force.
    They would lose decisively.
    Our enemy has put their greed and lust for power against human life.

    Unfortunately for greedy power mongers, our Founding Fathers knew of this possibility.
    And encouraged the country of individual freedom and self-reliance to arm itself,
    And we have.

    The American citizen has a larger Army than all the worlds armies 10 times over.


  2. The motive for all of this theater is the dissolution of our sovereign country. Look closely and you will see.

    The world has fallen for the idea that the central bank is necessary, but is the downfall of all economies.

    The rothschilds and their ilk have held power for centuries and we think that somehow they are going to relinquish those reins? Not likely. Its like wresting prey from a lions mouth, you pretty much have to kill the lion.

    The democratic experiment is over, the handlers are bored with this foray into freedom and would like to recover their royal places among us. They are professionals and are promising the biden/clinton/obama and so many more people regal status in this new world order, and no ordinary serf is going to keep them from having us as slaves.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That brings us to the disease itself, rather than the symptom; the Ruling Class. We’re programmed at birth to accept their “necessity”, even though they for the most part enjoy no superior attributes to support their moral right to lord over us and that WE THE PEOPLE have the moral obligation to obey them. Erstwhile the masses, taught to adore authority and crave the security of servitude, continue to exert their superiority in numbers (I VOTED, HAVE YOU?) as a means of keeping lovers of liberty enslaved.


  4. “Have a concealed weapons permit, any leftists attacking me are the ones in danger.” That “permit” of your is little more than a target that you’ve voluntarily placed upon your own back, for when push ever comes to shove, it will surely be disregarded by the state as they slap you with additional trumped up charges in their zeal to make an example of you. And best of luck scraping up the $100+ grand in legal fees fighting it, only to LOSE anyway, since the state indeed has unlimited resources in the matter and you DON’T.

    Only the Ruling Class is allowed to defend themselves from the psychopaths they’ve created in their counterproductive and absurd Great Society/Social justice programs, the very programs that transformed the impoverished into the wretched poor/underclass.

    But hey, so long as there’s cold beer in the fridge and a game on the Idiot Box (for us to blather about later) who really cares about all that? Seems that that LazyBoy in which you keep your fat ass parked didn’t come as cheap as you thought it would be, now did it?

    When you spend 60+ years placating scum and dancing with the devil, don’t be surprised when the fiddler turns up wanting his money.


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