America-Hating CNN Fumes Over Trump’s Fourth Of July Celebration

President Trump is orchestrating the most awesome Fourth of July since 1776, and the America haters at CNN are furious about it.

For two full days now the CNN producers, hosts, and guests have taken turns having panic attacks over what promises to be an unapologetic celebration of our nation’s independence, and the strength which today secures that independence.

Of course a large part of the animus is predicated on their well-documented Trump Derangement Syndrome, wherein literally every angle of every story must always be spun to reflect negatively on President Trump. But their anger over his planned Fourth of July celebration — which will include military flyovers and prominently placed tanks — is also rooted in their quiet but clear hatred of our nation.

I remember the whole “Does Obama love America?” conversation that happened so many years ago. Someone in the GOP said Obama doesn’t love America, and the media went to work attacking that claim and defending then President Obama. At the time I made an important distinction that never really took hold, but still holds true…

If they love America at all, leftists like Barack Obama, Jake Tapper, Dana Bash (and so many others in the media and Democrat party) love only what America might someday become if we rubes would just get out of the way and let them turn us into a socialist hellhole. They love the idea of fundamentally transforming America into something different. And in order to achieve that objective, as is the case with all of their pursuits, they have to lie to us in order to succeed. So they tell us they love America. They wave the flag. They talk about how much they love and respect our troops.

But in reality they think our nation is a stain on human history. They pity our troops because they think they’re all mindless fools who just love guns and don’t know any better. And they think the people who don’t realize these things are just uneducated bigots with no concept of history or concern about “what really happened.”

Newsflash, folks: There isn’t a country on the planet that wasn’t founded through the assertion of might, be it their own or others’ on their behalf. So yes, we took America from the Native Americans who were here before us. We won that war, and several others, to establish our nation. If the Native Americans or anyone else want to take it back, they’re free to try. But I’m not going to pretend to be ashamed of our nation’s founding just because it took wars and fighting to make it happen. What’s the alternative? Does anyone honestly think there would be a USA today if we didn’t fight for it, and instead just asked nicely to share the land? (And I’m sure smarter people than I will argue that, in reality, that actually is a part of what happened.)

And as for slavery, it was around long before our nation’s founding and exists still today all across Africa and other parts of the world. That early Americans weren’t immediately woke enough to reject it, also doesn’t make me hang my head in shame. (And here’s a spoiler alert for all the black supremacists who say if it weren’t for America’s founding, they’d all be Kings and Queens like their ancestors were: An infinitesimal fraction of your ancestors were Kings and Queens. Many of the rest were slaves who suffered under them. Sorry you had to find out this way.)

My ancestors were being wiped off the face of the earth in Armenia while black families in America were starting businesses. Cry me a damn river because your great grandfather couldn’t vote, endured scorn, had to stand on the bus, or had to use a different drinking fountain while mine were being marched into the desert by the hundreds of thousands with no food or water until they couldn’t march anymore and were left with no option but to literally lay down and die. And I’ve personally been jumped for being too white, and for being too brown. Racism in America — and everywhere in the world — is alive and well. It’s not a problem that ever was or is unique to America. But that Americans who happen to be black endure disproportionate disparity today is, as noted many times on these pages, a product of the staggering instances of broken homes they come from compared to every other race. (By design mind you, at the hands of their Democrat “helpers.”) Not “RACISM!!!1!”, as the historically-consistent, race-obsessed Democrats work so hard to make everyone believe thus creating only more division and disparity.

But at CNN and throughout most of the media and Democrat party, issues about racism and slavery and use of military force all culminate to make America a terrible place that we should all be ashamed of. They won’t/can’t say it out loud, but it’s how they feel.

And so when President Trump decides to throw the most awesome Fourth of July celebration since our nation’s founding, dunking on the rest of the world who would love to take what we have, the media and Democrats collectively freak out.

We’re supposed to be ashamed of our nation. We’re supposed to pretend to celebrate it, but the adults in the room are supposed to remain mindful of just how awful and evil our nation truly is, and how much sin we must atone for before we can truly call America “great.”

This is utter and complete garbage and like many Americans, I’m thrilled that we have a President who is about to put on one of the greatest celebrations of America in our nation’s history. I said long before he even got the nomination that President Trump would help make it okay to again be proud of our nation without any caveats. His Fourth of July celebration is yet another manifestation of that prediction, and so the America-hating CNN people and Democrats are furious.

Meanwhile, we’re still not tired of winning.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


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