Media Bias Makes All Trump Polling Useless

While largely sticking to their story that 2016 was just a figment of your imagination, another of the media’s favorite shiny objects as of late is every poll on the planet that has President Trump’s name in it.


Because they know those numbers will always be easily spun to reflect negatively on President Trump.

And as noted importantly and previously, that — working diligently to spin the news in a way that reflects negatively on President Trump — is the greatest example of media bias in 2019, the most glaring threat to our nation’s unity and progress, and the biggest reason why the political news media’s credibility is completely destroyed for at least a generation. (Perhaps several, if some of those in the media, and their critics, don’t start doing better.)

With respect to the polls, here’s the reality…

The media has now spent nearly 4 full years insisting that anybody who supports President Trump is either a racist, or an idiot.

Think about that.

We all know that, with the exception of a few voices on Fox News and AM talk radio, virtually the entire political news media are in lockstep with their persistent and dishonest attacks on President Trump. They’ve spent nearly 4 years insisting, often emotionally and amid admissions that they’re no longer even trying to be impartial, that President Trump is a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy and/or literally insane.

They’ve put 100% of their time, energy and resources into thwarting his #AmericaFirst and #DrainTheSwamp agendas — because those agendas are a threat to the status quo that our liberal media in America has relied on to survive.

So every day, all day, on every story, without fail, America’s “news” anchors and producers and writers start and end from decidedly anti-Trump perspectives. It’s not intellectually honest and fair, neutral reporting as people should expect from allegedly impartial news organizations and professionals. It’s anti-Trump (and before him, anti-Republican) propaganda. Some of them, like Don Lemon, have even gotten so shook over Trump’s continued successes that they’ve directly attacked Trump’s supporters.

All of his supporters.

Every. Single. One.

But even when they’re not attacking President Trump’s supporters directly, they’re still doing so implicitly every time they attack Trump.

And that’s not an accident.

They want to shame the President’s current supporters, and scare away the millions of new ones who have come around thanks either to the media turning them off, or President Trump’s outstanding results appealing to them.

The media’s most important objective, if they’re not able to just remove Trump from office as they’re trying to do, is to shame and ostracize anyone who supports him.

It won’t work, mind you. And there’s no better evidence than the 2016 election.

But, separate from inaccurate poll results that stem from other tricks the media use, their attempts to shame Trump supporters does work when it comes to what people tell pollsters. With plenty of help from their wildly out-of-touch and drug-addled friends in Hollywood, the political news media and Democrats have made it clear that anybody who supports President Trump is terrible. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Joe Blow in Anytown, USA who doesn’t eat, sleep and breathe politics — isn’t enthusiastic about wearing his support for President Trump on his sleeve.

“Yes! Mission accomplished!”, our fascist friends on the Left will squee.

Well, Hollywood and media and Democrats and SJW/liberal/socialist activists and the largely good people in the Democrat grassroots who recreationally go along with whatever they say, you go on thinking that what you’re doing is working.

You go ahead and keep telling yourselves that Bernie Sanders has a real shot at Texas in 2020. You go on believing that, according to the data scientists who analyze the polls, there’s akshoolee only .0007% chance Trump wins re-election. You go on thinking that the media is acting in good faith, aren’t worsened by the trust deficit they and their pollsters already suffer under, and are telling you the truth about what’s really happening out there.

It didn’t work out for you in 2016.

And it definitely didn’t work out for you when the Mueller report was finally released.

But if you’d rather feel good in a moment even at the expense of actually accomplishing any of your goals, I think I speak for the entire American Right when I say have at it!

The US political news media lie about the Right to make us look bad.

They lie to the Left to make them feel better.

But the good news for our nation, and really the entire world, is that nobody believes the media anymore. And other than shaming the less-engaged among us from actually voicing their support President Trump, or absolving the violent Left who physically attack anyone wearing a MAGA hat, the media are entirely impotent.

We showed them that in 2016. And they learned nothing.

We’ll show them again in 2020. And whether they learn from it is of little consequence at this point. The legacy Fourth Estate is already a badly-decomposing institution. Nobody has any actual use for them, except the people who make up that industry and the liberal activists who survive on a steady diet of the confirmation bias they’re fed each day.

But it’s unsurprising that the polls will always paint a worse picture for President Trump than the reality of what’s truly happening in voters’ minds. And that’s because the media have poured every shred of effort they can muster into shaming anyone who dares cross them by supporting the man who broke them all: President Donald J. Trump, who not for nothing, will win 2020 in a landslide no matter what any of the polls before then say.


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One comment

  1. Once President Trump and Ivanka made the massive mistake of swallowing the media’s definition that all “nationalism” is wrong, and especially a fake White Nationalism,” he may have lost a large slice of his base.

    Specifically, creating a national register of gun ownership (expanded background checks – the step Hitler said was vital to disarming political opponents and allowing concentration and extermination camps).

    And secondly that he is willing to possibly implement Red Flag laws that destroys innocent until proven guilty, and the right to face your accusers. Even death by cop becomes more likely.


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