When You Claim To Be Impartial But Your Anti-Trump ‘News’ Is Too Fake Even For The Resistance, Starring Resistance Jake Tapper

Saturday morning was a rough one for Resistance Jake Tapper and CNN, as their latest round of fake news attacking President Trump proved too fake even for their anti-Trump audience and peers.

At issue was President Trump responding to a question about Meghan Markle’s negative feelings toward him.

You can get the story from the Trump War Room below, but the gist of it: As usual, CNN fabricated a narrative designed to make President Trump look bad. And as usual, they got called out for it.

Nothing too unique going on there.

But here’s what made this particular incident a lot more interesting. This time around, Resistance Jake Tapper actually got dunked on several times by his own supporters who hate President Trump just as much as he does.

Try to let that sink in…

Jake Tapper claims to be an impartial journalist. He works at CNN, which claims to be an impartial news network. Today they attacked President Trump with fake news that was so glaringly dishonest, even their anti-Trump audience scolded them for it.

There are several screenshots of the Resistance-on-Resistance violence in the tweets below (just click on one, and you can scroll through the screenshots of CNN’s own supporters attacking them for this), and you can find many more by clicking here and going directly to Resistance Jake’s tweet.

And a few more examples that popped up…

Even one of the most well-known leaders of “The Resistance” is telling Tapper and CNN that their fake news isn’t helping anyone…

Quite a feat, CNN. But it’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this. There have been other times that CNN’s anchors/hosts went too far even for their equally anti-Trump, on-air guests. (Examples here and here.)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m back on Twitter after what appears to have been a one-year ban on my mobile phone and IP address. If you’re on there and want to keep up in real time, click here.

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