CNN’s Julie Pace Casually Admits Dems Are (Still) Abusing Gov’t Power To Do Oppo Research On Trump

Thursday on CNN, anti-Trump propagandist masquerading as an impartial news professional — Julie Pace — casually admitted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are less interested in pursuing any legitimate legal inquiries into President Trump, and more interested in drumming up opposition research that they can use against him in 2020.

This would be a troubling abuse and molestation of power on its own. But couple it with the increasingly clear revelations about the Obama administration colluding with John Brennan’s CIA, Jim Comey’s FBI, the DNC, Hillary’s campaign, and the Russian government (from which much of the infamous “dossier” was sourced) to damage President Trump and disenfranchise the 63,000,000+ people who voted for him, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing in its recklessness and audacity.

Pace made the stunning admission while sitting with 4 other allegedly impartial journalism professionals, and not a single one even batted an eye.


It wasn’t okay for the Obama-era IC Chiefs to use the awesome powers afforded to them for political hit jobs, and it’s not okay for Congress to do it either.

No judge anywhere would sign off on the Democrats’ requests if he/she were told that Democrats wanted to obtain the information so they could use it as a political weapon in an upcoming election.

So the Democrats are couching their efforts in more nuanced terms.

But apparently it’s a wide open secret among the media that this is exactly what Pelosi is doing. In fact, Pace — who in addition to working for CNN also works for the Associated Press, which, like CNN, also goes out of its way to inspire hatred and racism — actually endorsed Pelosi and her hilariously ineffective caucus abusing their power to drum up opposition research.

Let’s just be real clear about something…

Without the media, the Democrats and their regressive, bigoted, centuries-long obsession with skin color would be a distant and ugly memory in our nation’s history.

With the media, the Democrats still can’t get the job done.

And so they have to abuse their power at every turn, weaponizing any levers of the U.S. government they can get their hands on to go after political opponents who would otherwise clean their clocks unimpeded.

They did it with the IRS during the Obama administration. And then again through the DOJ by absolving Hillary despite, at a minimum, flagrant evidence that she obstructed justice when she deleted the still-unrecovered 33,000 emails. They did it with the laughable assertion, per the then-not-so-intelligent intelligence community, that President Trump is actually a Russian spy bent on destroying America. And after all that failed, Democrats in Congress are now doing the exact same thing: Ignoring the awesome responsibility that comes with the power they’re granted, and instead abusing it for purely political reasons with the intent of meddling in the 2020 election and disenfranchising any voter who dare support the duly-elected President of the United States.

And nobody in the media, certainly not on this panel, even batted an eye.

Way to speak “truth to power” there, team.

President Trump will win 2020 in a landslide, and our aggressively stupid media will learn nothing. That’s why it’s such a joy to see their entire industry decomposing with all the stench and deterioration of a long-dead donkey carcass.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I chose “CNN’s Julie Pace” for the title because CNN is so off-the-rails terrible that I want to tarnish any journalist who goes on there with the same stench. If you go on CNN claiming to be an impartial journalist and the only thing you do is trash Trump and defend The Resistance, you’re nothing but CNN.


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  1. Lets be clear, this is an orchestrated effort to dissolve our country, it is not just dems or rinos.

    This is a global push to take our country from without and within.

    Some people have been promised big things to sell us out and Trump is in the way.

    Fomenting a civil war is part of that effort. The Blaze comes to mind as does the import of illegals and muslims to mingle diametrically opposed populations. The Blaze is a wolf in sheeps clothing meant to foment violence between people.

    All meant to cause dissent and violence between Pro Life, Pro Abortion, Muslims and everyone they hate, illegals and citizens, radical homosexuals and sane people that understand that there are only two sexes and that transgenderism is psychotic.

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