CNN’s Joe Walsh Is A Coward & I’m Calling His Bluff

Most people don’t know who Joe Walsh is and those who do understand he’s a useless grifter whose greatest contribution to America was inspiring the “deadbeat parents bill” which would’ve prevented citizens who owe more than $10K in child support from running for office. (Walsh at the time owed his ex-wife more than $100K in back child support.)

But since his sensational time in the spotlight, he’s faded into obscurity and is now feigning a crushing case of Trump Derangement Syndrome to hopefully get some attention from the dishonest, divisive, partisan mainstream media.

And today on CNN, he made a really ridiculous claim and I’d love for him to back it up.

He said that behind closed doors, most Republicans agree that President Trump should be impeached. But, Walsh angrily claimed, they simply don’t have the courage to admit it in public.


Okay, Joe.

Be courageous.

Name names.

They’re all cowards, right?

They’re all contributing to the downfall of our nation, right?

They’re all complicit in letting a criminal serve as President, right?

Well, if you’re so brave and this is so important, then name names.

I’m sick to death of these idiots on CNN — and there are a ton of them, all day, every day — talking about how many Republicans hate President Trump but “will only admit it behind closed doors.” It’s worse than the anonymous sources that the media has relied on for much of their reporting. These “behind closed doors” claims not only lean on anonymous sources, but also hearsay as Griftin’ Joe Walsh isn’t held even to the shallow vetting standards enforced by liberal outlets like NYT or WaPo.

This is one desperate idiot claiming that Republicans tell him privately they hate President Trump, and he’s furious because they don’t have the guts to say so publicly.

I’m not buying it.

And if Trump is as bad as Walsh says, and if things are as dire as Walsh claims, then there’s absolutely no reason he should protect the people whom he believes are too cowardly to help “save” the United States.

So I’m calling your bluff, Joe.

I think you’re a grifting idiot who maybe once had sincerely good intentions, but that was so long ago that nobody can even remember any of them. It’s clear to virtually everyone at this point that you’re a man without a home, and likely a very thin and fragile paycheck, and you’re trying to buy your way back in to some kind of reasonably viable standing for your own financial well-being. And that’s fine. I don’t begrudge anyone who makes a living within the confines of the law.

But I also know that if the pro-Trump movement wasn’t excellent at spitting out grifters like you, you’d eagerly be part of that movement. Instead, you took the gamble of joining #NeverTrump, and now you’re just out there making a fool of yourself.

So spill it, Joe. Name the names of these supposedly cowardly Republicans who cry on your shoulder in private, but don’t have the guts to tell the public their true feelings.

Literally everything is at stake. Right?

What are you doing to keep it alive, Joe? Cowardly going on CNN and refusing to call out by name the Republicans who you attack for refusing to call out President Trump by name?

Sounds like you’re not doing your part, Joe.

Man up, Joe.

Show us your courage, Joe.

Be the brave patriot that you claim your former colleagues don’t have the guts to be, Joe.

Stand up, Joe.

“Save” our Republic, Joe.

Name names, Joe.

Because I think — I know — you’re absolutely full crap.

Either you’re lying through your humorously dull teeth, or you’re the exact same coward that you say everyone else is.

Which is it, Joe?

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One comment

  1. Lazy, uninvolved, and uninformed got us G. W. Bush and Barack Obama. Finally waking up got us President Trump.


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