Because Nobody Watches CNN, Few Know How Terrible It Truly Is

CNN has become a 24×7 anti-Trump propaganda operation but, because so few people tune in, the majority of Americans don’t know how truly off-the-rails the network has gone.

If you have the stomach for it, tune in some hour (any hour) and see for yourself.

Here’s what you’ll find…

Every segment they air is selected because they think/hope it will damage President Trump and disenfranchise the tens of millions of Americans who voted for and support him. They don’t report news. They select only stories that they think will damage President Trump, and ignore or otherwise downplay and dilute the stories that don’t.

The allegedly impartial hosts will add their own dramatic effect to the already-bastardized anti-Trump hit pieces, not uncommonly with tears in their eyes or rage in their voices.

When the allegedly impartial hosts interview someone who supports President Trump, they do everything they can to humiliate, discredit and/or otherwise dismiss that person’s perspective.

When the allegedly impartial hosts interview someone who opposes President Trump, they do everything they can to celebrate, support and otherwise bolster that person’s perspective. (A few examples here and here.)

There will be several hours throughout the day where CNN doesn’t have one, single voice on that offers a fair and accurate representation of views held by President Trump and his supporters. (Wolf Blitzer gets two hours every day, and I legitimately can’t remember the last time I saw a single person who doesn’t hate President Trump — and his supporters — on one of Wolf’s 4-6 person panels.) He’s the duly-elected President of the United States supported by 63,000,000 voters and likely to win in a crushing 2020 landslide, but CNN will literally go hours at a time without having one single person on who supports him amid the dozens of voices they promote who hate him.

They outright lie to their viewers and here are several examples I’ve documented in my spare time:

Frustrated CNN Host Lies To Viewers (Poppy Harlow)

CNN Anchors Continue Lying To Terrorize Our Nation (Jim Sciutto)

At CNN, Words DON’T Matter (John Berman)

CNN Isn’t Even Trying Anymore (Erin Burnett)

Wolf Blitzer Caught Red-Handed Creating Fake News (Wolf Blitzer)

Resistance Jake Tapper & Pals Lie To CNN Viewers About UN Speech (Resistance Jake Tapper)

CNN Lies To Viewers To Continue Pushing Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory (Brianna Keilar, Phil Mattingly, Abby Phillips, Wolf Blitzer)

CNN is an absolute joke.

And if you’ve never tuned in to see for yourself, I promise it’s worse than you think.

They truly are that bad.

All day, every day, on every story, without fail, the CNN hosts and virtually all of their guests don’t even pretend to be engaged in honest journalism or good faith analysis. The network’s anchors, employees, analysts, contributors and other guests have conversations that are entirely indistinguishable from a Democrat party strategy session focused on how they can defeat President Trump.

I monitor the network because, as noted many times on these pages, I consider CNN to be the most egregious of all the shameless propagandists masquerading as impartial media. And I like to keep my messaging sharp. And there’s no better way to do that than to immerse yourself in what your opposition is saying.

But an allegedly impartial news outlet shouldn’t be “the opposition.” Still, that’s exactly what CNN is. And any Democrat who goes on there knows that he/she will be entirely supported, while anyone who supports President Trump will be ganged up on by everyone else on the set/panel. Including the host.

Every single anchor they have — from early in the morning with John Berman and Poppy Harlow, to afternoons with Brooke Baldwin and Wolf Blitzer, to evenings with Erin Burnett, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper — absolutely hates President Trump with a passion, and goes out of their way to cast him and his supporters in the worst light possible.

They’re not a news network.

They’re a propaganda arm for the desperate and deluded anti-Trump swamp, and the enemy of a united and well-informed American people.


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  1. “He’s the duly-elected President of the United States supported by 63,000,000 voters and likely to win in a crushing 2020 landslide.

    He WAS supported by 63M voters. Less than that now. And the likelihood of him winning in a landslide is about zero. “Crushing landslide” is less than zero.

    I hope he wins but the myth that he’ll win easily is self delusion.


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