After Mueller Report, Media Write Their Own Epitaph: ‘Our Reporting Was Accurate’ (It Wasn’t)

With every last bit of oxygen now exhausted from their Russia collusion delusion, the US political news media are working desperately to salvage their decomposing reputations and find some kind of silver lining.

Their sad, final refrain is a woeful throwback to that which has defined their entire existence for the last nearly 3 years: Intellectual dishonesty fueled by rank partisanship.

That refrain, as the title suggests…

The biggest reveal from the Mueller report is that the media is awesome because we got a lot of details right.

I’m not sure how many times exactly the media has moved the goal posts during their attempted soft coup of the duly-elected President of the United States, but this is one of the sadder stops for them.

To borrow their logic from just last week, with respect to Trump being exonerated of collusion: You’re celebrating the fact that you didn’t literally make things up in your reporting? That’s a pretty low bar.

Far more importantly however, the media is leaving out one important detail…

In terms of the actual story, they got everything wrong.

The reporting from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post and New York Times all presumed the President was guilty, chased only stories that would reinforce that narrative, and characterized every shred of their reporting in blatantly partisan terms that reflected negatively on President Trump. Every 3-4 days they insisted with breathless enthusiasm on the veracity of some new “bombshell” that they claimed lent yet more credence to their overall narrative: Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. And there isn’t a person on earth who could in good faith deny that that’s exactly what the media did.

So the 3 years’ worth of time and money spent pushing a partisan narrative that divided our nation, destroyed the entire Fourth Estate’s credibility for generations, and turned out to be totally false…they got that wrong.

As noted recently in another piece about media bias, they don’t have to lie to get things wrong and fail at their jobs…

The real news ends where the partisan characterizing begins. When Resistance Jake [Tapper] reports factually that (for example) someone in Trump world lied about their contacts with Russia, he does so with scary images of Trump and Putin in the backdrop while leaning heavily and exclusively into the most nefarious possible implications and giving zero deference to the possibility that Trump’s foes might have ulterior motives and/or Trump might not be a Russian spy.

That’s the real example of the media’s most persistent bias in 2019.

There’s simply no way that every person Resistance Jake interviews who supports President Trump deserves to be mocked and treated like a criminal, while every person he interviews who opposes President Trump deserves softball questions and to be treated like a hero. It’s just not possible that in every situation, for every story, that’s the appropriate approach and/or demonstrates objective and impartial journalism.

It’s the fomenting of “fake news,” because what you get when you watch CNN has less to do with the actual facts and more to do with how they want to package and deliver those facts.

The grim reality: Not only can they get 100% of the facts right and still demonstrate flagrant media bias based solely on how they package and present those facts, but most of the time that’s how it occurs.

But I mean, yeah: You kids go ahead and celebrate that amid your attempted overthrow of the sitting US President, you didn’t actually get caught pulling too many stories out of thin air.

So all you did was not get caught completely fabricating things, and then also…

everything you could to attack this President and his supporters.

And, in the end, now that it’s over, the entire world is painfully aware that you lost.


And so now you’re going to keep doing everything you can to attack President Trump, and his supporters.

And you’re going to keep losing.

One thing I know for sure…

We Trump supporters are nowhere near tired of winning!

But you in the media…all this losing is clearly starting to take a real toll on you. And who knows. Maybe your increasingly flagrant partisanship and desperate clinging to insane conspiracy theories will help tomorrow’s media more quickly regain the credibility you cost them. One look at your fantastically unhinged last few years, coupled with your reaction(s) today after being so totally exposed as frauds — nobody could watch you and believe there isn’t a broad strain of psychological instability and delusion.

We’ll give Mollie Hemingway, who took a lot of slings and arrows for being intellectually honest and fair these last few years, the last, very appropriate word…


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