AG Barr Ruins Day For Democrats & Media: ‘I Think Spying Did Occur’

While testifying before Democrats in Congress who are pretending not to know if the Mueller report will be released, when it will be released, which parts of it will be released, to whom, why, and consistent with what laws — Attorney General Bill Barr dropped a hammer that stunned his Democrat questioners and the dishonest, partisan media covering him.

Throughout the entire Trump/Russia collusion hoax drummed up by the media and Democrats with a critical assist from dirty assets in the intelligence community, ridiculous questions were asked of Trump defenders not because anyone cared about the answer, but just to make President Trump and/or his supporters look bad.

Do you think it’s a witch hunt?

Do you think investigations into Russian meddling are a waste of time?

Do you think the Mueller team is secretly working to take down the President?

The media (and sometimes Democrats) would try to box individuals in, as every question asserted the same premise…

Either tell us the President is an idiot, or we’ll make you look like one.

Well now they’re trying that same tactic with respect to the intelligence community spying on President Trump’s campaign.

Only this time, the Attorney General of the United States just put the fear of God into Democrats and their media enablers who, for a year or more, have used mockery to dismiss the idea that the Obama-era IC leadership actually spied on a political opponent — Trump — for politically motivated ends.


If you’re a center right or right-minded American, then for years you’ve watched elites in DC abuse their power for political means. For at least a small group of those corrupt, entitled, destructive, swamp-over-country snobs, the day of reckoning is coming.

Looking at you Jim Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok! And your politically partisan operatives at CNN and Washington Post should be worried, too! And how about Adam Schiff and the rest? We’re coming for all of them! And we’ll spend two years doing it, and any time they push back we’ll say it’s because they hate America and are clearly puppets for Putin and Russia.

: )

Still not tired of winning!

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  1. He said spying occurred. He also said he didn’t know if it was illegally predicated but that he’d look into it.
    OTOH, Democrats Know it was, so they have begun to smear him,


  2. LOL! How can you tell when a Republican is on the right track? The more APESHIT the Democrats go over the information, the more positive you can be that the information is FACT!


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