PREDICTION: Top 3 Ways Media Will React To Mueller Report

Anyone paying attention knows exactly how the media will respond when the Mueller Report is finally released.

A quick recap of what the media has shown us these last two years…

They hate and will lie about President Trump

They hate and will lie about President Trump’s supporters

They ignore or worse yet justify the now-normalized violence and bigotry perpetrated against Trump supporters by the media’s faithful audiences

They don’t report the news. They pick stories, no matter how ridiculous or insignificant, that they can hype to fit their anti-Trump narrative

They characterize every story so it starts and ends with a pro-swamp, anti-Trump narrative

They will gladly collude with Democrats and dirty assets in the intelligence community to carry out a soft coup against the duly-elected President of the United States

They are shameless in their abandonment of journalist integrity and subsequent promotion of partisan propagandizing

With zero regret or remorse, they have already destroyed the credibility of the Fourth Estate (media) for a generation or more by exploiting the once-great institution for their own political hackery

They are the enemy of a united American people

Nobody can, in good faith, deny any of the above realities. And I’m quick to paint the entire institution with this unfortunate brush because virtually nobody in it is willing to hold the rest of their peers accountable.

From a piece called ‘The 3 Types of ‘Journalists’ Who Destroyed Media Credibility”…

Group 1 is aware of their bias but happy to lie about it because they think what they’re doing is morally just. (These are the traditional liberals, as many in the grassroots and leadership roles adopt the same ends-justify-the-means rationalizations.)

Group 2 is so deeply consumed by their partisan leanings that they can’t even cope with the reality that they’re manufacturing propaganda as opposed to reporting straight news. (These are the more dangerous liberals who are so married to their beliefs that they’ll often promote violence and attack free speech all in the name of “progress.”)

Group 3 is the least egregious and also the least densely-populated category. They’re hostages who toe a line they dare not step out of lest they be ostracized from the industry and forced to find new careers. (This group may or may not be liberal at all, but they’re entirely neutered either way. They’re witnesses to the media’s Trump-era trust descent, yet they say nothing. They’re also not true believers in, or sufficiently committed to, the other two groups’ partisan mission. They have no credibility on either side of the debate, and are effectively impaled on fence they’ve chosen to ride.)

There isn’t a fourth group. There are exceedingly rare exceptions like Kim Strassel, Byron York, Mollie Hemingway and Sharyl Attkisson. But these intellectually honest and fair voices are so rare that in 2019, outside of citizen journalism, they’re more of an anomaly than anything else.

But the vast majority of the US political news media is one of these three: They know they’re being partisan hacks and don’t care, they don’t know they’re doing it because their partisanship is so great that it blinds them, they know they’re doing it and care but they can’t say anything because they’ll be ostracized by their peers.

That is who the media are today. And when the Mueller Report finally comes out, we know exactly how that media will respond.


No mystery here. Everyone gravitates toward that which they find most desirable. But with the media, “most desirable” is anything that can be used to damage President Trump. And “least desirable” is anything that can be used to help him, or damage his opponents. So, as everyone with a pulse already knows, watch for the media to blast the headlines they can package as bad for President Trump while whispering or ignoring the details that are good for President Trump.


No matter how stupid or small the detail is, the media will sensationalize and overhype it to help spread yet more disinformation and disunity across our nation. Every detail, no matter how insignificant or innocuous, will be injected with the media equivalent of steroids as CNN trots out panel after panel of allegedly impartial journalists who will uniformly take turns pretending to clutch their pearls because “this is clearly devastating for Republicans and my sources are telling me that this time the walls are really closing in around President Trump and he’s furious and it’s total chaos in the White House and him and his whole family might actually go down this time and get the perp walk in handcuffs and orange jumpsuits.” (Watch CNN for a day. I dare you. If you do, that’s the type of “reporting” you’ll hear the entire time.)


And of course, again — the easiest thing in the world to predict — the media will downplay, dismiss or outright ignore anything in the report that bodes well for President Trump. We see it already as the bad actors in the media pretend they didn’t just spend two years leaning heavily into the notion that Trump was a Russian spy. We see it as they chortle among each other when a Trump supporter points out that the President has been exonerated of collusion/conspiracy: “That’s a pretty low bar,” they mock. It doesn’t matter what it is. There could be a section in the Mueller Report that details President Trump single-handedly saving the lives of 500 transgender 6 year old brown people from Mexico who want nothing more than to end climate change and create a healthcare system that ensures nobody anywhere ever has any negative consequences from being sick. It wouldn’t matter. Even if it hits all the notes that the political and social activists in the media care about the most, they’ll still find a way to dismiss or ignore it if it means even briefly conceding that Trump isn’t Hitler.


Again — it’s the easiest thing in the world to predict. The Mueller Report will come out, the redactions will initially meet the media’s approval because there will be plenty of unredacted material for them to spin and waste our country’s time obsessing over, and for months that’s exactly what they’ll do. They’ll cherry-pick every detail they can use to damage Trump and his supporters (even if they know they’re lying), they’ll breathlessly report about “bombshells” that are anything but, and they’ll ignore, mock or dismiss anything that doesn’t make Trump look bad.

It took the Russians and a very gullible John Podesta to get a behind the scenes look at Hillary’s operation (courtesy of the hacked emails). It took a vengeful swamp — Democrats, NeverTrump/establishment GOP, political news media, corrupt and disgraced intelligence community crisis actors — to basically hack Donald Trump’s entire life. And they’ll soon eagerly spread their findings through what Twitter users might aptly call #MediaLeaks.

In the weeks leading up to the release, that’s not a bad analogy to point out. This will basically be a drip drip drip of whatever details the media can create 24 hour cycles from, including the details behind the details. And the details behind those. They will assign breath taking urgency to any links and clumsily-connected dots they can, while using this behind the scenes look at Trump’s world. A view, mind you, that they would never have access to if not for the witch hunt they helped orchestrate and execute.

The good news is, the world already sees through the media’s lies and partisanship. By claiming to be impartial news professionals, political activists like Chuck Todd and Resistance Jake Tapper have destroyed the media’s credibility for a generation or more. They are parasites in the swamp that President Trump promised to drain, and also the propaganda arm for that swamp. They are the enemy of united American people, and — along with the Democrats — they are in lock step with every Russian effort to sow discord and disunity across our nation. That’s why they keep getting crushed by President Trump and his supporters. It’s not because we simply hate the media. It’s because the media today are nothing but political activists who deserve to be crushed, and their easily predictable reaction to the soon-to-be-released Mueller Report will be yet more evidence of that reality.


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