CNN Lies About Their Own Poll In Order To Push *squints* THE RUSSIA COLLUSION CONSPIRACY. Yes. Really. STILL.

Less than a week since they were humiliated by the Mueller findings, the crack team at CNN have just released a poll that they’re misrepresenting so they can continue pushing the now-debunked Trump/Russia conspiracy theory.

I’m not making this up.

The claim is that 56% of Americans do not believe the Mueller report exonerates President Trump of collusion with Russia.

The CNN/SSRS poll came out at 4:00PM ET.

Here’s a short mash-up of their hyping it so far.


If you find that a little hard to believe, you should. Because it’s completely untrue. Nobody in the poll was actually asked that question. Nobody was actually asked if they think the Mueller report exonerates President Trump of collusion.

Here is what they were asked (emphasis mine):

Q2. Based on what you have heard or read, do you think the report finds:

The President and his campaign have               43%
been exonerated of any collusion with

The President and his campaign have                56%
NOT been exonerated, but collusion 
could not be proven

Notice what CNN is omitting from their broadcast coverage of the poll? That little extra piece, “but collusion could not be proven.”

And the reason CNN is purposefully omitting “but collusion could not be proven” from their live broadcasts is because they don’t want viewers to know that part of the respondents’ answer. They don’t want to give the impression that in order to capture that surprisingly big 56% number, they had to hook them with “but nothing was proven.”

They want viewers to believe 56% of Americans think there’s proof of collusion out there. . . somewhere.

They want to keep pushing the Russia conspiracy theory lie.

And so, as they do so often, CNN simply makes things up in order to keep their insane, credibility-killing #CollusionTruther lie alive.

Notably also from the poll: 19% of respondents said they already planned to vote for President Trump. A whopping 50% said they already planned to vote against President Trump.

That’s quite a sample CNN found to help turn out their not at all fake news.


Here’s a stat, CNN: Based on your own questioning, exactly 0% of the people you polled believe there’s proof that Trump colluded with Russia. They either believe he was exonerated, or they believe it couldn’t be proven.

Is that what you were going for? Exactly zero percent of Americans believe there’s proof of collusion? Because by getting cutesy with your poll question, that’s what you revealed. And if you were honest with your viewers about what your poll asked, that would be the only conclusion your literally tens of viewers would walk away with as well.

Your question. Your rules. I’m just giving people the full context because…what’s that strawman expression you guys like to throw around?

Oh yeah…

Words matter.

Side note: They’re also helping play the dirty bomb word game that Mueller dropped on our country with his “does not exonerate” garbage, but the fact is: He’s the Special Counsel. If he doesn’t recommend charges, he did make a decision. And for all the “Mueller is all powerful and whatever he decides, goes!” stuff the media has been pitching us for so long, they sure seem to lack faith in him now that he decided not to recommend obstruction charges.


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  1. This what happens when you poll a democrat convention inside the CNN building.. Polls are like rear ends…everyone has one and they are all full of crap.


  2. Zucker laid it out for everyone. CNN is not an news organization, it is a propaganda organization. They don’t investigate anything, They just report what they are told to report.


  3. LOL! The funniest part is that, in Maddow’s jaundiced mind, it MATTERS if her viewers “think” the report didn’t clear Trump!


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