The Advice Of CNN Idiots Who Said Trump Can’t Win & Then Spent 2 Years Calling Him A Russian Spy When He Did

Two of CNN’s resident morons — Kate Bolduan and David Chalian — offered President Trump some advice on Monday morning.

Here’s the thing, Kate and David…

You guys have literally been wrong about everything.

You’re nothing but anti-Trump propagandists masquerading as objective journalists. And it’s offensive that you gaslight our nation by claiming to be impartial. And while the media’s credibility was hurting before you swamp parasites bubbled up to take Trump down, it’s now effectively extinct and CNN is the biggest reason why. (All our hits on CNN at this link, which I invite you to scroll through later.)

You are the bane of the entire nation’s existence right now, and it will be that way for a generation or more because it’s obvious that none of you colossal morons will learn anything from this yet another in your long line of gargantuan public failures and embarrassments with respect to your attacks on President Trump.

Here’s the best part: Their advice for Trump basically amounts to, “Please don’t go snooping around under the hood of this whole Russia hoax.”


This marks the second time I’ve seen one of CNN’s propagandists try to tell President Trump how to behave now that the Russia garbage is behind us. (And the first one sounded a lot more like a threat.)

That’s not okay. We’re not bargaining with you, CNN. You’re not part of our discussion. You don’t speak for anyone. You’re not a politician. You’re not an activist organization. You’re a news network, and a lousy one at that because you’re all partisan hacks.

Stop trying to give Trump advice. Stop trying to pivot from your own disgraceful behavior by inviting President Trump to play nice with you and the rest of The Resistance.

You failed miserably in 2016 and then spent the next two years spreading conspiracy theories and obstructing the duly-elected President in order to cover up your failure. And now that your conspiracy theories have blown up and your obstruction has been exposed, you still think you’re the smartest people in the room and Trump should be listening to you.

I’m sorry you had to find out this way, CNN: But we rejected listening to you way back when we crushed you in the 2016 election. Why you think we’re going to start now is beyond me, but indicative of the reality that you’re incapable of learning anything and we the people are thus correct in calling you the enemy.

Keep it up, Kate, Resistance Jake, and the rest.

See if things get better or worse for you and your swamp.


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