This Part Of The Mueller Report Will Hurt CNN The Most [VIDEO]

Since May 2017 the media and Democrats have falsely claimed that President Trump “admitted he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.” Their evidence for the claim is an interview the President did with NBC’s Lester Holt.

To summarize:

In a May 2017 interview, President Trump told Lester Holt that he was thinking about the Russia investigation when he fired Comey. He was thinking about it, he explained, because he knew people might think the firing was intended to obstruct the investigation. As a result, Trump noted, he expected the investigation could even be prolonged, but he had to fire Comey regardless because it was the right thing to do. He also said he wanted the Russia investigation done thoroughly.

What CNN and the rest of the media, Democrats, NeverTrumpers and Resistance heard: “TRUMP ADMITTED HE FIRED COMEY TO END THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION!”

But what CNN and the rest heard simply never happened. Nor did anything even close to it.

The worst part has been that their lie was told so much, to so little push back, that it became generally accepted in the public dialogue. It was taken as gospel and tossed around on cable news for two years without anyone really ever pushing back on it. (Mollie Hemingway, as is so often the case, being an exemplary exception.)

“Trump actually told Lester Holt, on tape, that he fired Comey to end the Russia investigation. I mean guys, it’s right there on tape!”

That’s what they all said. But it never happened.

Still, they went to extraordinary efforts to protect their lie. Take this incident on CNN from September 2018:

Anchors Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow run a tape of Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, describing what Trump said in the Holt interview: “The entire transcript supports that the President realized when he fired James Comey that this might extend this investigation, and he said that on the tape.”

Sekulow was 100% correct.

Disgracing themselves and their viewers, Sciutto and Harlow reacted by claiming they read through the transcript and couldn’t find any evidence supporting Sekulow’s claim.

Let me show you something.

Below is a screenshot of the transcript from that interview. You don’t have to read it. Just take note of how close the highlighted sections are to each other…ex1The first highlighted section is what CNN and others hold up as evidence that “Trump admitted he fired Comey because of Russia.” The second highlighted section is where Trump drops a nuclear bomb on their claim.

And just so you can see the smug shamelessness of Sciutto and Harlow as they defend their lie, watch as they claim they read the transcripts but couldn’t find what Sekulow was talking about. And how Sciutto, to prove they read the transcript, holds up a sheet of paper and re-reads the same portion they’d already been airing several times a day. Truly an incredible display of shameless journalistic malpractice and outright propagandizing.


I’ve litigated this particular issue many times on these pages and am happy to say it’s just about over. There’s only one loose end remaining.

Because Sciutto, Harlow, Resistance Jake Tapper and the rest have been telling their base in the Resistance that this interview could spell the end of Trump’s presidency, all of their heads will explode at once when the Mueller report reacts to it with a giant “Meh.”

And I can’t wait to watch that happen.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to do an “own the libs” thing, but thinking about how many in the media spread this easily disproven lie — and watching Sciutto and Harlow do it with such little regard for the truth that they appeared outright sociopathic — I can’t help but eagerly await the fallout from their irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

In fact, let’s not wait. Here’s a link you can set aside to watch the Trump haters crying about that interview, and a few of the most recent examples for good measure…

Okay, enough fun for now.

Watch for it: The Mueller report will refer to the Holt interview just enough to call it a total non-factor. The CNN hosts will be forced to explain to their viewers why. And that explanation will be hilarious. “As it turns out, if you play the tape a little longer, he actually makes an entirely different point. And that point actually helps, not hurts, Trump’s case.”

Their viewers hate Trump and his supporters just as much as the hosts and staff at CNN do. And when they find out CNN has been lying to them for two years about the implications of that interview, the dejection they feel and subsequent embarrassment for CNN will be well-deserved and a joy to watch.


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  1. Oh, how I love watching TDS heads explode, and this is just the beginning. … Notice how Crazy Maxine hasn’t been sayin’ much ’bout her “insurance policy” lately an’ how she gonna “‘peach’ him”?

    It’s just gonna keep gettin’ better an’ better. … MAGA

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With all due respect (and love), I think you’re wrong. MSM will not be “hurt”. IF they’re not born psychopaths, then they are formed sociopaths. Either way they lack conscience and emotion, and guilt. Somehow, Trump and we–his base–are at fault for everything under the sun/moon/stars. And Marx has his base, too. Filthy Communists have grown in numbers since barak & wife. We have to pray for them and continue to fight the good fight.


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