Mueller Report: 2 Very Quick Points About Media Reaction & What Comes Next

First, I’ve long predicted that the Mueller report will include a single sentence or paragraph that the media can hold up as evidence of serious wrongdoing, or even just the possibility of it. Something that makes Chuck Todd and Resistance Jake Tapper look inquisitively into the camera as they beg, “That one sentence. That one sentence leaves a lot of room to speculate about just how terrible Trump truly is.”

Second, they don’t even need that sentence anymore because now they have the Southern District of New York. And here’s the reality about that…

Everyone said Mueller is a man of integrity.

Nobody has ever said that about the SDNY.

The good news is, apparently they can have the rug pulled out from under them by the Trump Administration. And it sounds like that’s what will end up happening. But the SDNY will still press on even if their teeth are removed, and they’ll leak to the media any details they can to hurt Trump.

So, that’s what I think we can realistically expect.

The media will find something in the Mueller report, or not in it, to dismiss its findings as exculpatory for President Trump. And with the help of the SDNY, they’ll spend the next two years doing the same thing they’ve done for the last two years: Everything in their power to destroy President Trump and disenfranchise the 63,000,000 people who voted for him.

Bring it on. We’re not tired of winning or fighting.

BY THE WAY: From an earlier piece, this important reminder in the wake of this whole mess…

-Idiots who host CNN programs

If I were to investigate CNN and their employees for colluding with Russia to divide our nation and conspiring to carry out a soft coup against the sitting US President, I guarantee I’d bring back a lot more indictments and guilty pleas than Mueller did. Because as we all know, the Mueller indictments and guilty pleas had nothing to do with the original charter. It’s easy to just walk in a building, investigate anyone and everyone associated with the people in that building, and uncover a lot of wrongdoing in those peoples’ lives. And that’s not even factoring in the part where any one of those people might fall into a perjury trap during the course of my investigation.


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