James Clapper Says The Problem With Mueller’s Russia Investigation Is That It Didn’t Investigate Russia. Yes. Really. [VIDEO]

Friday night on CNN, a resolute James Clapper explained to a badly beaten Don Lemon why Trump’s problems will persist even though the Mueller report exonerates him.

He spends around 25 seconds bragging about how he’s had this mystery concern “from the outset.” And he seems like he might really be on to something. What does he know that we don’t, that will leave this scary “cloud” hanging over our country — as he also asserted.

And then comes the big reveal…

James Clapper doesn’t think the Mueller report will help because, according to him, it failed to cover “the Russia dimension.”

I’m dead serious.


The only possible explanation for such a ridiculous claim is that he thinks his fellow Trump haters are stupid and will believe what he’s saying just because he said it.

He goes on, “I doubt that the Mueller report is going to explain the strange and disturbing deferential behavior towards Vladimir Putin, his refusal to call out the Russians for their meddling in the election to the extent that, as I assert in my book, I think the Russians actually turned the election.”

Well no, Jim. The Mueller report isn’t a Dr. Phil episode. It’s not going to explain the subjective psychology behind your subjective concerns. The Mueller report is the product of an objective investigation. And do you know what they investigated, James?

They investigated everything you’re talking about, and exponentially more.

Anyone remember the movie PCU?

Protester 1, excitedly: “FREE NELSON MANDELA!”

Protester 2, discretely: “They freed him already.”

Protester 1, dejected: “Oh.”

James Clapper is Protester 1.

Still, I’ll be happy to explain the psychology behind your concerns, James. But I can’t believe how you in the media — because that’s what you are, James…you’re a swamp-over-country media whore now, and nothing else — I can’t believe how many of you pretend not to understand this…

  • You keep your friends close. And you keep your enemies closer.

Get it now? I mean come on: it’s day one stuff.

This was just really one for the record books. With a straight face haha, he basically said “The problem with Mueller’s investigation into the possibility that Trump colluded with Russia, is that he didn’t investigate the possibility that Trump colluded with Russia.”

These poor souls are entirely deluded at this point.

As for Trump supporters, it feels like election night 2016 all over again.

Still not tired of winning!

Oh — and apparently, because taxpayers paid for it, we should be able to see the complete Mueller report. That’s what all the CNN people keep saying. Listen, I want to see it also. I’d love for it to be entirely unredacted. But that won’t happen. Still the the “We paid for it!” argument is stupid. We also pay for the FBI, CIA, etc. It doesn’t mean we have a right to see and know everything they’re doing.

Finally, from an earlier piece, this important reminder in the wake of this whole mess…

-Idiots who host CNN programs

If I were to investigate CNN and their employees for colluding with Russia to divide our nation and conspiring to carry out a soft coup against the sitting US President, I guarantee I’d bring back a lot more indictments and guilty pleas than Mueller did. Because as we all know, the Mueller indictments and guilty pleas had nothing to do with the original charter. It’s easy to just walk in a building, investigate anyone and everyone associated with the people in that building, and uncover a lot of wrongdoing in those peoples’ lives. And that’s not even factoring in the part where any one of those people might fall into a perjury trap during the course of my investigation.

Got it? Good.

Okay. I’m out! Enjoy the schadenfreude, folks!


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One comment

  1. It’s too bad these idiots can’t let it go. They are possessed. After a 2 year investigation by a man they all admired and lauded, they still can’t grasp that it was all a made up bunch of nothing. It was all about sneaky little toads looking for a crime to pin on someone they are jealous of. They are so despicable.


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