Chuck Todd Gives Glimpse Of Media + Democrat Model: Dems Lie, Media Allows It [VIDEO]

In a snapshot of what’s been happening for the last two years, a Democrat on television just made an absolutely absurd claim that the media moderator clearly knew was untrue but refused to actually call out.

It happened on NBC when Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell called into ‘Meet The Press’ to discuss the completion of the Mueller report with host Chuck Todd.

What makes this moment newsworthy is that Todd accidentally revealed knowing the claim was absurd. He even mockingly rejected it, but Swalwell was unaware because he was on the phone and couldn’t actually see what was happening.

The claim, per Swalwell: “The American people will see every word, every comma, every period of this report.”

This is insane and nobody actually thinks that will happen.

That’s why Chuck Todd, who hates Trump and his supporters just as much as Swalwell does, mockingly and dismissively mouthed the words “No they wont!” in response to Swalwell’s claim.


It would’ve been great if Todd actually had the courage, and respect for his viewers, to call out Swalwell’s ridiculously angry, half-cocked, fantastic albeit inconsequential claim. But Todd and his pals in the media have spent the last two years backing up the Democrats’ insane claims despite knowing they were all patently untrue, and I guess we have no reason to think they’ll stop now just because the Mueller report is out.

On to the Southern District of New York!


Media & Democrats Unwittingly Prove Trump’s Point: It’s A Witch Hunt!

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