Beto Ad Suggests Spanish-Speaking Voters Don’t Care About America

An ad on Beto O’Rourke’s website revealed an embarrassing and highly unfortunate glimpse into how Democrat politicians view their Spanish-speaking base versus those who speak English.

An image of O’Rourke with a young boy reads “BETO PARA TODOS,” which translates to “BETO FOR ALL.”

Sounds harmless enough, right?


Here’s the thing…

The English version says “BETO FOR AMERICA.”


So if you speak English, you’re a fan of America.

But if you speak Spanish, not so much.

This, of course, per Democrats like O’Rourke.

I wrote long ago that there is no greater conduit to unity than a shared language. And the disturbing revelation from O’Rourke’s poll-tested political marketing suggests that we need a lot more people making that case out loud.

As if it’s not bad enough that millions of people living in the United States can’t speak a word of English, we’re now getting slapped in the face with a reality that many suspected but rarely if ever articulated: People living in the US who don’t speak English simply don’t care as much about our nation.

Is that always how it is? Of course not. But many American citizens have long suspected that to be the case broadly, and the gaffe on O’Rourke’s website lends bulletproof credence to that suspicion.

I legitimately don’t care if it’s English, Spanish, French, Finnish or Farsi. But we should pick one language and let it be okay to set the expectation that people here learn to speak it. I’m honestly not even sure what words to use to communicate this message because it’s so stupid and so simple: If we can’t talk to each other, it’s impossible for us to ever know each other. And you’re under no obligation to know me, or vice versa. But it’s not okay that as tens of millions of illegals flood our nation, millions of them don’t even care about learning English.

What’s worse, the Democrats and their mainstream media allies pander to these people. They want them to believe that it’s perfectly okay to give our country the finger by not learning English. We are, after all, according to most of them, an inherently evil and racist country that probably deserves to be socially spit on by entitled illegals.

I want people in America to know each other. I want us to talk to each other. I want to be able to communicate with my neighbors. That doesn’t make me a racist. Quite the opposite, in fact…

You — Democrats and media — are the ones telling brown people that they need lowered bars, and are entirely helpless without your bravery and support. You’re the ones telling them they don’t even have to bother learning English, and that anyone who says they should probably just doesn’t like their skin color.

Do you have any idea how destructive and hateful that is? Of course you do. You thrive off of destruction and hate, don’t you?

I’m the one who doesn’t think someone’s skin color should be a factor when considering how they immigrate and/or assimilate here. I’m the one who would like to be able to communicate with everyone in this country, even if they don’t look like me and weren’t born here.

And to be clear, I don’t think those who haven’t learned English are bad people. Just like I don’t think illegals are bad people. As noted in the past, I believe most were seduced here by bigoted Democrats in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme. And the ones who don’t learn English are largely informed by Democrats and media who signal to them that them there’s no point in it, and/or that people who expect them to learn English are just racists.

The liberal initiative starting decades ago was to bend over backwards making sure Spanish-speaking people didn’t have to learn English. And of course the feckless idiots in the Republican party, just like always, couldn’t wait to chase Democrats’ narrative (and lose) rather than lead with our message (and win). So they all lined up eagerly catering to people who don’t care enough about our nation to learn the language that most of us speak.

And as O’Rourke’s website unwittingly revealed, there’s a real problem with that. Those people never actually become part of our nation. They don’t enjoy the same meaningful sense of patriotism and community. And the reason is no mystery: It’s because they literally aren’t speaking the same language as 9 out of 10 people they meet in a day.

Again, if you want it to be Spanish or something else — I’m legit good with that. I think English is beautiful and I love its many complexities, but I’m admittedly biased because it’s the only language I know. We should pick a language though, and not apologize for setting the expectation that those who aspire to be our neighbors and co-workers learn to speak that language.

I vote for English because the vast majority of us already speak it. And it’d just be great if we could promote that out loud, in the interest of unity, without the media and Democrats insisting that the mere suggestion is a Hitlerian act of violent racism. An insistence, by the way, that only creates more of the disunity and hate they purport to combat.

H/T Charlie Kirk for originally spotting this

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  1. I live on the border and several of our radio and television stations have transmitters in Mexico. Consequently, the stations — though they serve an English-speaking audience in the United States — are governed by Mexican law.

    The stations broadcast the Mexican national anthem at 6 AM and midnight. There is an upcoming election in Baja California so there are a lot of political ads for various Mexican candidates airing on the U.S. side of the border.

    It’s rather odd, really, but the ads are targeted at Mexican citizens living in the United States who, by the way, are entitled to vote in Mexico. (Democrats would permit them to vote here as well.)

    The curious thing, though, is that the ads are broadcast in English — to a Spanish-speaking audience. Yet, the state I live in provides election material in Spanish to Mexican-American citizens.

    When a Mexican — or any foreign national, for that matter — applies for American citizenship they have to demonstrate a proficiency in the English language. Why, then, are public services — including the aforementioned election materials — offered in Spanish?

    Especially in light of the fact that political ads from Mexico are broadcast in English.

    There are communities in my state where English is never spoken. People can live and work their entire lives speaking only Spanish.

    When my family legally migrated from Europe through Ellis Island, grandpa would not permit anyone to speak our native language. “We are Americans,” he said, “We only speak English.”

    Incidentally, people who were sick or had no sponsor were shipped back to Europe.

    There are residents of Baja who actually believe that Los Angeles is a city in Mexico. Those who come here have no desire to assimilate. The Southwest, after all, was stolen from Mexico.

    Through illegal immigration, Mexico is slowly annexing Aztlan (Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado).

    That is the cold, hard reality from someone who has lived here for nearly seven decades.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, sir, you will have to find a different audience for your rant. No one cares about your truth, honest. At least no one cares in Aztlan. So this is not annexing, this is voluntarily giving away. No one is making americans give away their country, NO ONE. They made this choice. Thank GOD they voted for Trump this time. It will be much more difficult next time.


  2. Really need psychoanalysis of these self-hating freaks with low self esteem.
    “white privilege” is CHILD ABUSE ….. it is is a deliberate RACIST attack on the self image of White children.
    “white privilege” is pure Racist Bullying …… tearing down others rather than lifting yourself up.
    “SJW” spreading the White privilege” MYTH are bullies and mind rapists who use their position of “authority” to create Low Self Esteem, and Negative Self Worth in the minds of those entrusted to their care. They are deliberately damaging your children. These SJW’s are the “kin” of priests and athletic coaches who use their positions of “authority” to sexually assault their wards and SJWs also belong in prison. Those who promote this HATE-message are Passive Aggressive cancers attacking the Healthy Life cells around them. Any professor spouting this “mind rape” should be hung off their Ivory Tower.


  3. There’s nothing authentic about Beto. He is a white man (Irish-American) who is presenting himself as a Mexican.

    ‘Beto’ is a nickname for Roberto. His given name is Robert Francis O’Rourke. I don’t recall Robert Francis Kennedy using the name ‘Beto’ when he campaigned in the Barrio in 1968.

    The first time I heard O’Rourke’s name was in the 2012 Texas primary when he defeated the Democrat incumbent, Congressman Silvestre Reyes, an authentic Mexican-American.

    The nickname helped him win the 16th Congressional district in Texas. When he opposed Ted Cruz in 2016, I still thought ‘Beto’ was Mexican-American.

    It wasn’t until Cruz ran an ad about the deception that I learned ‘Beto’ was Irish. Calling himself ‘Beto’ is just as unauthentic as Senator Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American.


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