Race-Hustling Media & Democrats Create New Generation Of White Supremacists

Many of us saw this coming for years, as the media and Democrats worked so diligently trying to convince the world that our country is full of racism and hate.

In doing so, their first sin is that for generations they’ve crushed the individual liberty of black and brown people — both citizens and illegal aliens — by vehemently insisting that they’re all victims who are incapable of getting a fair shot. That’s not love, compassion, or reality. It’s soul-crushing loser talk that could seduce and destroy anyone’s spirit. And it’s the most destructive consequence of the media and Democrats’ decades-old decision to exploit race and perpetuate division.

But yet another consequence of the media and Democrats trying to “help” is that white people — or “whiteness,” as is lamented by teachers in K-12 and college classrooms all across America — were scapegoated as the cause for all racial inequity and outcomes.

I’ve written for years that younger generations of white people are unfortunately going to start taking these attacks personally. I’ve warned that using “white” as a pejorative is flagrantly racist and probably won’t end well…

“It’s just a bunch of white people.”

“It’s just a bunch of old white men.”

White people be like [fill in the blank with something racist].”

Meanwhile academia, Hollywood, the mainstream media and Democrat politicians and activists tell us how wonderful it is to celebrate #BlackGirlMagic, or to shout from the rooftops that #BlackGirlsRock.

For my part, as a forward-thinking and progress-inspired American who is the wide woke realization of Dr. King’s dream, I’ll let you in on what shouldn’t be such a well-kept secret among the more evolved…

I don’t respect black people.

I don’t respect Hispanics.

I don’t respect white people.

I don’t respect women. I don’t respect men.

I don’t respect Jews, Christians, Muslims, agnostics or atheists.

I don’t respect straight people. I don’t respect gay people.

I don’t respect rich people or poor people, fat people or thin people…I don’t even respect Democrats or Republicans.

I respect individuals. I respect people based on the character they show me, and what they have inside of them. Because as soon as you judge people based on their exterior identity (good or bad), you’ve allowed bigotry to obstruct your view of what matters most: Character.

And what’s really dangerous is that sometimes when people go down these bigoted paths, they forget what’s on the inside entirely and judge people solely based on their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.

And that’s led to some pretty bad things throughout history.

What’s on the outside doesn’t matter.

And no amount of liberal psychobabble or academic mumbo-jumbo about intersectionality, or media and SJW-driven pleas for me to become racist, will convince me that judging people by their identity instead of by their character is a good thing.

But that’s what the Democrats, mainstream political news media, academia, and Hollywood are pushing on our nation. They’re forcing everybody to focus on identity. And they’re trying to convince everyone that all black and brown people are victims, and all white people are the reason why. And I’ve warned about it for years and now it’s happening: a lot of younger white people are growing up and instead of judging character rather than color/identity, they’re now defensive about their race. And they’re being taught by the media and Democrats to view the world only through racial lenses. And they are trying to defend their race from what they in many cases accurately perceive to be attacks against it.

The problem is they’re fighting fire with fire, and that fire is racism.

They’re responding to the racism being manufactured and promoted by the media and Democrats, with yet more racism.

So now there’s just a whole bunch of brand new racism flying back and forth on all sides.

And it’s all thanks to Democrats and the media trying to “help.”

Unfortunately nobody is really talking about this in a meaningful way. And the media, of course, blame Trump for the increase in racial discord. And they get away with it because the typical response from the GOP and Trump supporters is “BUT CHICAGO!” or “BUT ROBERT BYRD!” But if history is the guide then maybe in ten years or so our side will finally start calling the media and Democrats out for their role in creating so much race and identity-based disunity, disparity and destruction. We’ll see. It’s tough to watch in the meantime.


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